What is Manifestation? 7 Manifestation Blockers of Your Dreams and a Supercharger

Do you know that you are continuously manifesting your life in autopilot? Do you know that you can take conscious command of your manifestation process to create the life you desire? This article is intended to give you understanding of what manifestation is, manifestation techniques and practical tips to help you to become a master in manifestation.

What is manifestation?

Manifestation is bringing into physical existence any thought, idea, concept or desire. Every physical creation or manifestation starts from an idea or thought that is projected in our eyes mind through the process of imagination or visualization.

Manifestation is the creative capabilities that all beings have, including human beings as the extensions of Source that each of us are. Our power of manifestation allows us to demonstrate a thought in physical form, so that we can experience it through our senses.

Many of us are unaware that we are collectively and individually manifesting in every moment of now, everything that we perceive with our senses as physical forms. We are continuously manifesting our physical realities through the power of our subconscious or unconscious mind, weather we are consciously aware of our doing it or not.

Manifestation is the process of creation or projection of all physical forms: our bodies, mother earth, the elements, trees, animals, planets, galaxies, the universe etc.

You probably heard this phrase before “You are the center of your Universe; the Universe is inside you, the Universe and you are One”. The first time I heard this phrase was from a Qigong master, later I found the same concept, or variations of it, in multiple teachings.

This phrase is describing that you are creating or projecting your entire Universe from inside you with your power of manifestation. You are manifesting your abundance of money or lack of it. You are manifesting abundance of loving and supporting relationships or lack of them.

The raw material of manifestation is the energy of our thoughts and emotions that is slow down to become solid or liquid matter. The raw material is infinite. Our minds can choose from an infinite number of thoughts and emotions to create our physical reality. In other words, there is infinite number of potential parallel realities.

Quantum physics and manifestation

Scientifically, in the field of quantum physics, is have been proven that a physical object does not exist independent of the observer. In other words, our act of observing causes the object to be there. The reason is that we are the projectors and by observing an object, we continue processing the thought of the existence of the object.

The physical world we human beings live in is a hologram that is being projected individually and collectively by us through our minds and energy systems. Our physical world is flickering in and out at a high speed and we are the projectors of the movie we call our physical reality. Our eyes are not design to perceive the gaps; it works similarly to the projection of sequential frames of a movie that our eyes interpret as a continuum.

Another interesting scientifically proven fact is that our physical world that appears solid to our senses is actually more than 98 % empty space. Under a high-powered microscope, a solid is seen as a web of empty space.

This is a demonstration of the limitation of our senses. The paradox is that most human beings declare that what they perceive through their senses is the truth. We all know that animals see, hear and smell a different spectrum of frequencies; their reality is different to ours. We keep forgetting that human senses are very limited and get lost and enchanted in the movie of our own projection.

Manifestation is the process of slowing down the energy of thoughts and emotions to form particles and solid matter. Quantum physics have demonstrated scientifically that energy waves and particles are interchangeable.

This quantum physics observations gives an understanding and scientific demonstration to what has been know by multiple ancient teachings: Our thoughts (energy) becomes our physical reality (particles) through the power of manifestation.

Power of manifestation

Our physical world appears to our senses as solid and only changeable through physical action. The truth is that our physical reality is very fluid and very malleable. You have the power to mold your physical world through your thoughts and emotions.

You have the power to manifest anything and everything you desire. In fact, you are the creator of your physical reality. You might be asking why then I keep manifesting what I do not desire.

The answer is that your dominant thoughts and emotions are not aligned with your desires. Another reason is that your subconscious mind is running with non-beneficial programming of limiting beliefs and fears.

To understand how your beliefs influence your thoughts and how they are shaping your physical reality, you might like to read: What are beliefs? How does the system of thoughts and beliefs work together?

What is Manifestation through conscious creation?

Manifestation is being run by default by your subconscious mind. If you do not like your reality, you need to take command of your creation through your conscious mind. This is referred as deliberate creation or conscious creation.

Manifestation through conscious creation requires a high degree of self-awareness of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. You might like to check out: Why self-awareness of thoughts, emotions and beliefs are important?

Manifestation through conscious creation means that you are generating the movie of your physical world with awareness of your thoughts and emotions. You are deliberately choosing thoughts and emotions that are in alignment with the physical reality that you desire to experience.

Manifestation through conscious creation requires clarity of your desires, dreams and goals in life . In addition, it requires  your focus and attention of your thoughts and emotions to be in alignment of your desired manifestations.

What is the Law of manifestation?

You might be asking: What is the law of manifestation? Is law of manifestation different to law of attraction? What about law of creation?

Law of manifestation is a synonym of Law of attraction and Law of creation. In addition, it is also equivalent to Law of vibration and Law of resonance.

The most popular term to describe the universal phenomenon that each human being is creating his or her own individual and collective physical reality is Law of Attraction. Law of manifestation is just an alternate term, as well as Law of creation.

Law of manifestation is also called Law of vibration because all physical manifestations are initiated at an energetic level of vibration.

Law of manifestation is also called Law of resonance because what you attract has the same frequency of that what you send out. Vibrations are in resonance when they have the same frequency.

The Law of manifestation process plays out as follows:

  • You process a thought with your mind
  • You attach an emotion to the thought
  • The thought-emotion produces a vibration that you can feel in your body
  • You send out the energy of the vibration through your auric field
  • You attract thoughts, opportunities, people and circumstances that are in resonance with the vibration that you sent out.

An alternate description of how the Law of manifestation or Law of attraction works can be found in the article about manifesting money: How does the Law of Attraction works?

What is the meaning of “You are what you attract”?

You might have heard the phrase: You are what you attract. Or you might have heard the longer version: You attract what you are, not what you want. What was your reaction to this phrase?

For many people that have not dive into the understanding of Law of manifestation or Law of attraction, this phrase does not make sense. Furthermore, it might seem ridiculous. “I am my debt and my abusive partner, no way!”

In a way the phrase “You are what you attract” is slightly misleading. In my opinion is more accurate to state: “You attract what you are being”.

In the highest truth, you are an infinite being of light and love. At your core essence, you are limitless and you are abundant.

You just forgot and through the human experience bought into fears, limitations and lack. By doing so, you adopted being lack and limitations and that is what the Universe mirrors back to you.

You bought into being unworthy and therefore having low self-esteem. You bought into being incapable and therefore having lack of confidence.

You attract what you are being means that you are attracting people and opportunities that are a match to the vibrational frequency that you are being.

Your vibrational frequency is your state of being that radiates out and manifest your physical reality, including finances, relationship, body weight and health.

You attract what you are being not what you want. This phrase is accurate when your physical world is not what you want. The good news is that you do have the power and freedom to raise your vibrations to the frequencies that are a match to what you want.

When your being and your desires are one, the Universe or life diligently delivers to you opportunities and people congruent with your desires.

What is instant manifestation?

Your physical reality has the potential of changing at the speed of light. This is referred as instant manifestation.

In this physical dimension at the level of social consciousness that we human beings are at, instant manifestation does not occur. However a very low percentage of human beings on this planet that have reached a high level of consciousness do have the capability of instant manifestation.

In our history an example of a human being that reached the highest level of consciousness that can be sustained in physical form is Jesus. This highest level of consciousness sometimes is referred as Christ consciousness.

At this level of high consciousness, Jesus demonstrated what instant manifestation is. For example he was able to instantly move a mountain. He manifested instantly food through his thoughts, seemingly out of thin air. He was able to accelerate the particles of his body and ascend, days later he was able to descend his body again. He was able to instantly transmute water into wine.

Instantly manifesting a physical object from just energy probably is not the level that you are at and neither I am. It is great to know that we all have that potential as we work on advancing our level of consciousness.

Sometimes the term “instant manifestation” is used to describe that a desired outcome or opportunity is manifested in a short period, such as 1 day or 1 week. That is doable for you and me, at the level of consciousness we are at. The caveat is that we need to believe and trust 100 % that the desired outcome will materialize in the time frame we are intending.

For you and me, at the level of consciousness we are at, manifestations of our desires are delivered through opportunities and people. Usually is delivered through a sequence of events and opportunities that inspires us to act upon.

Manifestation techniques

You are manifesting continuously through the music that you are sending out to the Universe in every moment of Now. Your music is the vibrational frequency you are radiating out through your auric field. In other words you are already manifesting through the thoughts and emotions you are generating.

Manifestation techniques are tools to help you consciously choose thoughts and emotions with vibrational frequencies that are in resonance with the manifestations of your dreams. Some of the most powerful manifestation techniques are:

Visualization or imagination

This manifestation technique consists in seeing in your eyes mind the movie of the dreams you desire to manifest. In addition is very important to feel with intensity uplifting emotions as you imaging your dreams playing out.

To do the visualization or imagination, you sit down in a comfortable position; take few breaths to relax completely and then run the movie in your eyes mind. In my case, before I do my visualizations, I look for a few minutes to my personalized Repairing Core Fractures frequency codes. This custom tailored frequency codes not only helps me to relax but also simultaneously repairs and heals fears and doubts in the way of my manifesting my dreams.

If you like to check out the description of the Repairing Core Fractures program and may be order your own personalized frequency codes go to: Repairing Core Fractures

A variation to the manifestation technique of visualization is vision board. This is a collection of images that represent the dreams you desire to manifest. You can either prepare a physical vision board by printing out the images and stick them on a cardboard or prepare a digital vision board. I personally use a digital vision board, which is simply a collection of images that represent my dream life and the image of my Repairing  Core Fractures frequency codes.

The theme of imagination as a manifestation or law of attraction technique has been addressed in some LOA famous quotes, you might like to read them to expand on this subject: Use imagination to manifest your dreams, Use imagination to change your life.

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination”                               Henry David Thoreau


Prayer is setting the intention of the manifestation of your dreams. For this manifestation technique to be effective, you need to pray from a place of absolutely certainty that the manifestation of your dreams is a given.

One variation in this manifestation technique is to pray expressing and most importantly feeling gratitude for what you already have and for your future blessings. When you feel gratitude you are raising your vibrational frequency, you are changing your nature as S. Kierkegaard expressed in the following quote

“The function of prayer is not influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.” Soren Kierkegaard

Gandhi is teaching us through this quote, that the emotion generated in your heart is most important that the words. High vibrational frequency emotions such a gratitude, peace, love and joy are powerful chargers of your intentions

“In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without heart” Mahatma Gandhi


Affirmations or declarations or mantras are positive statements that describe the outcome that you desire or the empowering belief you wish to embody.

In order for this manifestation technique to work, you not only need to repeat the phrases but most importantly to generate a high frequency vibration as you say the words.

If you are in resistance to the affirmations, then the affirmations will not work. For example, you might repeat the affirmation: “I am wealthy” and generate a low frequency vibration because you have conscious or subconscious fears about being wealthy or limiting beliefs about not deserving being wealthy.

You can find more information about how to use affirmations effectively in the following link: Use affirmations along high vibrational frequency emotions to upgrade non-beneficial beliefs.

Holographic tools

Holographic tools are programs of light and energy that interact with your field to transform the non-beneficial patterns of energy that are blocking your desired manifestation.

The holographic tools include a holographic vision board for you to enter your manifestation goals.

These are very unique and powerful tools to align your projection of your reality with your desired ideal life. If you like to learn more about these fascinating tools, check out how to use holograms to manifest anything.

Seven (7)  blockers to the manifestation of your dreams

The Law of manifestation or Law of attraction is always on, you are constantly sending out a vibration to the Universe. Your life, including finances, relationship, and health is a reflection of the quality of your vibrational frequency.

To manifest your ideal life you need to dial in your vibrational generation to the frequency of your ideal life.

Following I will list 7 ways you might be blocking the manifestation of your ideal life and pushing away your dream life without realizing.

 Defining ideal life in terms of what you do not want

If you are defining your ideal life or dreams in terms of what you do not want and in terms of what you desire to get rid of, you are re-manifesting what you do not want. The reason is that you are giving your attention and feeding energy into what you do not want.

For example, if you define your ideal life as follows: I have no debt, I am free of my abusive partner, I have no chronic pain. This way of expressing your ideal life, keep you focusing on unwanted manifestations: debt, abusive partner and chronic pain.

The lack and painful experiences in your life have provided or are providing the contrast for you to gain clarity on what you do want.

In order for the Law of manifestation to attract your ideal life, you need to re-phrase your ideal life in terms of only positive words: I have more than 100 thousands dollars of savings, I am in a loving, supportive relationship and I am in vibrant physical health. This is a brief example, you would go into detail in each area of your life rewording into positives all your past and present negative experiences.

‘The gift of negative experiences is to gain appreciation and desire for its opposites” www.raisefrequency.com

 Feeding energy to undesired present events

If you feel you are stuck in a web of unwanted present circumstances, you need to shift your attention away from your present physical world. You need to give more energy, focus and attention through visualization to your ideal life than to your present real life.

You might now be saying: “I can’t close my eyes and visualize my ideal life all day long while ignoring my debt, my abusive partner and my physical pain”, “I can’t spend all the time day-dreaming, I have to work, I have to take care of family etc..”

I understand, it is challenging. However, no matter what is playing out presently in your life, it is changeable and you have the power to do it.

When you perceive a present situation with a strong emotional charge, you are feeding energy to the unwanted picture of your life. Feeding energy into a life circumstance causes it to persist.

In order to feed more energy to the manifestation of your ideal life than to your unwanted present circumstances, do the following:

1- Release judgment of your present unwanted circumstances being bad. Appreciate them as teachers that by contrast are showing you what you do want.

  • Your debt is teaching you appreciation and gratitude for money.
  • Your abusive partner is teaching you, the immense treasure that a kind, supportive and loving partner is.
  • Your physical pain is teaching you to appreciate the delight of physical health.

When you release judgment of your present undesired aspects of your life, then you become emotionally neutral about them. That is great; celebrate because you are no longer feeding energy to what you do not want. Once you stop feeding energy into what you do not want, it dissolves.

2- Visualize your ideal life and experience in your imagination the feelings associated to your dream life. Do that at least once a day. Before going to sleep at night or before getting out of bed are great times to do it because you are in a half sleep state of alpha brain wave.

“What you resist persist” Carl Jung

Resistance to what is

Manifestation blocker # 3 is a variant of manifestation blocker # 2, described from a different angle to give you a broader understanding. The key is the phrase “What you resist, persist”.

What did Carl Jung mean with “What you resist persist”?

The phrases “What you resist, it persists” and “What you resist not only persists, but it will grow in size” are attributed to a famous psychologist named Carl Jung. He observed that the more his patients resisted an emotional pain, the more the pain was perpetuated.

Interestingly what Carl Jung might have not realized that with his phrase “What you resist, it persist”, he was stating a foundational basis of the Law of manifestation or Law of Attraction work.

Why Law of manifestation recreates what we resist?

Our Universe, as well as our non-conscious mind, does not interpret any of the following: negatives (no, not, do not), pushing against, resisting. It simple works on the principle, that whatever we focus on (pay attention to) with emotional intensity, it re-creates.

When we resist a present unwanted situation, we are feeding energy to it and causing it to perpetuate.

Resistance is focusing on a situation with a negative emotional charge. It is our typical reaction when we are faced with unwanted circumstances in our life. Our tendency to do that keeps us in a down moving spiral of recreating and growing what we do not want.

The Law of manifestation recreates and grows what we resist because by resisting we are feeding energy to it.

It takes conscious choice of releasing the resistance and focusing on our ideal life, as described in the previous segment of manifestation blocker # 2.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” Marcus Aurelius


Fears are huge manifestation blockers. You probably are holding some fears that you are aware of, plus other fears you are not aware of. Many fears are operating at a subconscious level and are holding us back without even realizing.

Fears block the manifestation of our ideal life at two levels: Fears sabotage us on taking action on opportunities and fears will prevent us from noticing the opportunities congruent with our desires.

For example, many of us desire to manifest more money. However, both consciously and mostly subconsciously we are holding fears about having the money we desire. We are afraid, at some level, manifesting more money and usually we are not aware of those fears.

There are many fears around money that prevent us from being financially abundant: Fear of success, fear of becoming greedy, fear of losing money, fear of managing money, fear of being rejected if we become rich, fear of our kids becoming spoiled, fear of losing our present friends, fears of eliciting jealousy, fear of making mistakes, fear of been seen etc.

Likewise, many people desire to manifest love and prevent themselves to do so because of fears of being in a romantic relationship: Fear of commitment, fear of losing freedom, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of intimacy, fear of marriage, fear of betrayal, fear of abandonment, fear of heartbreak, fear of love etc.

Fears sabotage the manifestation of your desires in all areas of your life, even your body weight. At conscious level you might be having a burning desire to lose weight. However if you have sub-conscious fears about being slender, then achieving permanent weight loss is insurmountable.

Fears are inherited plus we upload fears during our own traumatic life events that fracture our field. By Repairing Your Core Fractures, you recover your strengths and become Fearless. This opens the floodgates to the manifestation of your ideal life.

Limiting or counterfeit beliefs

Beliefs are what we have accepted as our truth. We are not aware of many of our limiting beliefs because they reside in our subconscious mind.

Your beliefs, both conscious and subconscious beliefs or programs, need to be in alignment with your desired manifestation. Otherwise, they block your conscious intentions.

Holding limiting beliefs about what you desire to manifest sends out to the Universe a counter intention to what you consciously are declaring as a desired manifestation.

For example, if you believe that you are not worthy of having what you desire, then you are telling the Universe “I am not worthy of…”. You are always right in your truth (belief). Therefore, the Universe will mirror back your truth that you are not worthy by not delivering your desired manifestation.

The understanding of beliefs is key to unlock your deliberate manifestation power. For that reason, I dedicated an entire article to it: Definition, types and examples of beliefs.

Doubt and impatience

In order for a desired manifestation to be physicalized for you, it is essential that you stay in absolute certainty and knowing that your desired manifestation is a given.

It is essential that you believe, without any doubt that your desired conscious creation already exists in a parallel reality. Furthermore, accept and trust with steadfast certainty that with your intention and joyful focus you are bringing it to your space-time physical world.

For that reason, it is important that you set intentions that are believable for you. The more believable the desired manifestation is for you, the easier is for you to keep doubts out of your mind.

Each time you have thoughts of doubt about your intentions becoming a physical reality, you are sending to the Universe the message: May be I will not get what I intended. The Universe mirrors back to you: “You are right, may be you will not”.

Your thoughts of doubts delay and decrease the probability of the manifestation of your desires.

An example is when we are doing our daily visualizations, weeks go by and we do not notice any signs of our desires being manifested for us. We start having thoughts of doubt: Is it here yet? Law of manifestation works for others but it does not for me, etc.

Impatience goes hand in hand with doubt. When we get impatient we are sending out vibrations of doubts.

In order to gain confidence and trust in your manifestation power start with small intentions or goals, visualize them and celebrate when it shows up. It is important that you acknowledge yourself for every win, no matter how small.

When you acknowledge and celebrate small manifestations, you are building up your belief and confidence in your manifestation power. Then you can slowly increase the magnitude of your intentions. It is like building your manifestation muscle.

Vibrations of lack

When you are visualizing, or praying or intending, it is essential that you FEEL having and living your ideal life.

For example, if you pray: “I want more money.” “I want a loving relationship”. The “wanting” carries a vibration of not having, which is a vibration of lacking.

Alternatively, you can pray: “I am enjoying financial abundance and I am immensely grateful.” Then feel the vibration of abundance and gratitude in your body. It is essential that you feel the vibration of abundance; the words by itself are not enough. The language of the Universe is vibrational frequency, not words.

You might ask, how does the vibration of abundance feels like? That is where self-awareness of your feelings comes in.

It is your personal experience. Discover it by paying attention to your feelings while you wonder and entertain thoughts of abundance in nature: Abundance of leaves in a tree, abundance of starts in the sky, abundance of drops of water in rain, abundance of sand in the ocean etc.

Where do you feel it in your body? Do you feel it as expansion in your chest? Does it make you smile? There is no right or wrong way to feel abundance. It varies among people. Discover your own way of feeling the vibration of abundance.

In addition, if you desire to manifest abundance, you need to upgrade your limiting beliefs of lack to beliefs of abundance. You need to break free from the social consciousness of lack.

“There are more than enough resources for all physical beings on earth to live in joyful, peaceful and harmonious comfort” www.raisefrequency.com

Set aside the ego and the logic mind that will come up with evidences of lack of food, lack of water, lack of land etc. Our physical world reflects our personal and collective beliefs.

If the collective conscious shifts to beliefs of abundance, creativity will unleash and there will be abundance of resources for all beings on this planet. In the meanwhile upgrade your beliefs to abundance and you will manifest abundance in your reality.

“There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed” Mahatma Gandhi

Manifestation supercharger

The most powerful supercharger for the manifestation of your desires is to align your intentions and desires with the good of the planet.

Dawn Clark calls this principle “Triple bottom line”: Good for you, good for others and good for the planet.

Include in your visualizations, intentions and prayer; how others and the entire planet are benefiting from you manifesting your desires. Ask yourself, how your desires and intentions are aligned with the highest good of all. By doing that, you are supercharging your desired manifestation.

Some of the reasons behind this manifestation supercharger are:

  • Multiplication of the amplitude of the energy wave of the intention you are sending out from your field to the Universe
  • Higher vibrational frequency generated from your being because the good of all is congruent with the desires of your heart. It is congruent with the knowing of oneness of your soul.
  • Your heart rejoices and generates a high intensity emotional carry wave for your intentions.
  • Your intentions are more powerful because they are sent out on a high vibrational frequency wave of energy of Love.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God, calls this manifestation supercharger phenomenon as “Multiplier effect”. He explains that if you desire to be wealthy, help others to get wealthy. Help others to achieve what you desire to achieve for yourself. By helping others, the energy of wealth will flow through you and you will become wealthy with ease as you help others do the same.

Closing paragraphs- Manifestation

Dreams do come true when you learn conscious creation through the power of manifestation.

Work on transmuting and clearing your manifestation blockers plus add the manifestation supercharger and you will be manifesting your desires with ease and joy.

Your manifestation power is applicable to all areas of your life. What dreams do you have? Do you dream manifesting money? Do you dream manifesting love? Do you dream manifesting weight loss?

Go after your dreams and manifest them with ease and joy!

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