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Are Your Goals in Life Supporting or Stealing Your Happiness? Avoid 7 Pitfalls of Goal Setting and Achieving

If you like to know how to choose, set and achieve goals in life that are aligned with your happiness and fulfillment – and how to avoid chasing goals in life that are burdensome and unsatisfying, this article is for you.

For overview of the content of this article and ease of navigation, Table of Content is provided for you.

Introduction- Goals in Life

We all know that most companies, organizations and businesses have their mission, vision, goals and objectives. This is very important for the success of businesses because it provides a directional guidance that is shared by all the teams and individuals working in the business. In this way everybody belonging to the organization is rowing into the same direction.

Now the question is at the personal level. Do you feel that setting goals in life is a waste of time? Or Do you feel that setting goals in life is beneficial? Are you wondering what are some good goals in life to have? Are you wondering whether or not you are chasing the right goals in life? Do your life goals feel uplifting or burdensome?

In this article I will do my best to answers the questions that you might have about your goals in life.

In addition, I also talk about mission, vision, life dreams, objectives and self-awareness because there are directly related to the theme of goals in life.

My intention is to provide information to help you to choose, set and achieve goals in life that are fulfilling and joyful for you.

What is a vision?

Vision is the movie of your ideal life or dream life in the different areas of your life:

  • Health and fitness
  • Romantic relationship and immediate family relationships
  • Extended family relationships
  • Friends’ relationships
  • Career and money
  • Personal and spiritual development
  • Environment you are living in: Your community, city/town and house
  • Travel, fun and recreation
  • Planet, this is your vision for the entire world

Your personal vision is the picture or movie in which you are both the director and the start of your ideal life movie. In your dream life movie you are feeling and envisioning yourself living your heart desires. If you have a business then your personal vision will include your role in the vision of your business.

Your business vision is the picture or the “what” you intend to achieve with your business. It answers questions such us:

  • What benefits are you providing to your clients?
  • How many people are benefiting from your products or services?
  • What is the rate of growth of your business?
  • How much yearly income is your business producing?
  • What is the impact of your product and services for your clients and the world?
  • How is your business benefiting humanity and mother earth?

For questions to help you design your personal vision or dream life, go to: List of deep questions about dreams or vision of your ideal life

A great free resource is the program titled: Make Your Vision Your Life. It is a FREE 3 part class that includes topics such as Creating a Vision, Creating your personal Power Vortex, Developing a Road Map for your Success and more. Check out the description of this valuable GIFT: Make Your Vision Your Life

What is the difference between vision and dreams?

Both words usually are used interchangeably. Some people argue that is better to use the word vision for the movie of our ideal life because it has a more realistic connotation.

Others, including myself, prefer the word dreams because it has an association of being more magnificent. It gives an association of really stepping outside the boundaries of our present reality into our wonderful ideal life.

In my opinion vision of our ideal life and dream life are synonyms. Vision is the term used in corporations and businesses. Just choose whatever term best resonates with you.

Martin Luther King used to phrase “ I have a dream that ….”, to describe his desired vision of race equality. He described an ideal version of reality and inspired others to join him in his dream (vision). By doing that he set into motion changes for a more open-minded society. That is an example of the power of dreams.

You are worthy of the magnificent vision of your dream life. Raisefrequency

What the difference between mission and purpose?

Mission is synonym of purpose. The difference is that organizations, corporations and businesses normally use the word mission rather than purpose. Mission is the purpose or reason for an organization or businesses to exist and operate. It is the “why” an organization or business is created and why it continues to exist and operate

As opposed to organizations, each human being is intrinsically fulfilling the purpose of contributing to the expansion of Source.

Therefore to ask the question “Why do we exist?” from the perspective of justifying our existence is only applicable to organizations, corporations and businesses.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Just by the fact that you were born you are already automatically contributing even if you are not conscious of it.

It is not a requirement for you to become aware of your life purpose or mission because – no matter what you do, you are valuable to Source. However becoming aware of your specific life purpose or purposes helps you to be more enthusiastic about life.

You were born because you are valuable to Source Raisefrequency

What is the difference between vision and mission?

For organizations and businesses, the difference between vision and mission is:

Vision is the “what” the organization is aiming at accomplishing in the future. Mission is the “why” the organization or business is created and is operated.

Organizations usually describe vision and mission in a few phrases that form the vision statement and mission statement. This helps to inspire and align all team members and stakeholders to a common understanding.

For individuals, the difference between vision and mission is:

Vision is the movie or narrative of your ideal life that you desire to reach. It is the “what” in term of experiences, feelings and possessions you intend and desire to live in the future.

Mission or life purpose is the specific ways that you desire and feel inspired to contribute, to serve and to expand your understanding or who you are at your core.

Vision and mission are related because the specific ways you desire to contribute or serve can be incorporated in the movie of your vision. For example if you desire to contribute by teaching parenting to large audiences, the movie or picture of teaching parenting becomes your vision in the area of career.

In this example if you are already living your purpose and teaching parenting to large audiences and you desire to expand even more, you could incorporate in your vision even larger audiences or publishing a book in the subject.

Do I need to know my life purpose or mission to define my goals in life?

Before answering this question, allow me to clarify the following:

  • You can have multiple specific purposes or missions in life and your life purposes might change with time. For example, a beautiful life purpose for parents is to provide their children with happy childhood and teenage years while empowering them to grow up to be happy, joyful, healthy and confident adults. Once the children grow up, the parents might or might not take on an additional life purpose.
  • Having a specific purpose in life or multiple purposes is not an obligation or requirement. Rather, knowing your purpose, it is a gift to you because it adds to your fulfillment and satisfaction in life.
  • You recognize that you are living your life purpose or an aspect of your life purpose because you feel inspired and it adds more meaning to your life.

To answer the question, it is very helpful but not essential to know your life purpose to define your goals in life.

You can still design your vision and define your life goals based on your vision or dream life. Don’t let not knowing your purpose to stop you from designing and visualizing your dream life. On the contrary, as you design and fine-tune your vision and goals in life, you might discover or become aware of your life purpose.

What are goals?

Goals are different targets about being, doing, expressing or having that you desire to reach in the different areas of life. Goals are also referred to as wishlist.

There are 3 main categories of goals. The first one are the goals about physical manifestations: Manifesting money, manifesting love relationship, manifesting perfect health, manifesting a dream home, manifesting weight loss etc.

The second category of goals is about experiences we desire to live. Some examples are: Travelling to specific countries or locations, learning to play piano, hike Mount Everest etc.

The third category of goals targets our personal and spiritual growth. There are the personal development goals. Examples: Become more confident, releasing phobias, change limiting beliefs, become more joyful, become more fearless etc.

These 3 categories of goals are related. The more you grow personally and spiritually; the easier is for you to manifest anything you desire. Then as you manifest the resources – you have more opportunities to have the experiences that you desire.

What are goals in life? Is it a wishlist?

When we use the term goals in life we are referring to the list of activities and manifestations you desire to experience during this lifetime.

Your goals in life are everything you desire to be, to do, to have, to express and to manifest in this life. You can also think about goals in life as your wishlist of what you desire to experience in this lifetime.

The basis of your goals is your vision or movie of your dream life. Therefore before setting your life goals, you need to design your vision.

Goals in life and wishlist can be used interchangeably. However, if you prefer the term wishlist make sure that you think about your wishlist as attainable. Anything is possible and dreams do come true.

Anything is possible and dreams do come true

How to set life goals?

Your goals in life flow out from your vision or dream life. In your vision you are imaging or visualizing yourself, as the hero or main start of the movie, being, doing, having, enjoying and living your life goals.

To set your life goals, follow this three (3) steps process:

1) Clarify your values: Your vision is influenced by your values. In other words, it is shaped by what is important to you and why is important to you. For more information about values and type of values, you might like to read: What are values?

To help you gain clarity on your values, you can use as resource: List of deep questions about personal values.

2) Design your vision: To design your vision, write a narrative of your dream life. Describe as vividly as possible what you are being, doing, having and experiencing in your ideal life. In each scene of your movie describe your emotions. “ I feel…” is an important phrase in the narrative of our vision.

As a resource in designing your vision, go to: List of deep questions about dreams or vision of ideal life.

If you do not have all the answers to the questions do not worry. For example, if you do not know what your dream career is, you can still define what type of environment you would like to work on. Is it a beautiful corporate office? Is it a beautiful home office? Is it an outdoors job? How do you feel in your dream career?

3) Set your life goals: This is your wishlist of everything you desire to experience in this lifetime. It is based on your personal life vision. Design your vision and set your life goals with the mindset that anything is possible. When you are designing your vision and setting your life goals you do not need to know the how, you only need to know the what and why. What are your authentic desires?

To manifest a fulfilling life is important that you set your life goals based on your authentic desires as opposed to based on society rules and others expectations.

If you are not clear about your authentic desires or you feel limited by rules, or life circumstances – then you will greatly benefit from a deep teaching titled: Winning the Game of Life

Through this course you learn: How to move powerfully into authenticity? How to play in life in your authentic, expansion position? How to move from stagnation into fulfilment? and much more. Check out the description of this course and see the amazing content, from one of my favourite teachers at: Winning the Game of Life

What goals in life are good goals to have?

The goals in life vary among people because of the diversity of values and beliefs. In addition, goals in life differ because we all have our unique preferences, talents and activities that we love to do.

For example, although many people love travelling not everybody does. In addition, among the people who love travelling there are many variables and aspects of travelling that they love or not.

Another example is relationship. A high percentage of people desire to experience being in a long term romantic relationship; therefore a happy love relationship and family life is an important goal in life for them. For others, the goal in life is to have a happy solo life for a variety of individual preferences.

Therefore what is a good goal for your best friend might not be a good goal for you.

Having said that, there are some overarching goals in life to have that are good goals for everybody to have:

  • Attain and/or maintain perfect health and fitness and vibrant physical wellness throughout all our life
  • Maintain youthfulness, body flexibility, agility and vitality up to the last day of this life
  • Become more and more steadfastly anchored in the vibration of calm, peace, love and joy. The goal is to be able to stay calm and peaceful even in the middle of external chaos and challenging events and people.
  • Increase more and more the percentage of time that we are in the state of happiness plus turn on the volume of happiness to bliss more frequently.
  • Increase more and more self-awareness. Knowing ourselves at a deep level and becoming aware of the desires of our heart.
  • Transmute fears into love
  • Dissolve lack of confidence if you feel you could benefit from more confidence
  • Build self-esteem. In other words, free yourself from subconscious programs of Unworthiness

Good goals for you are those goals that inspire you, that are aligned with your authentic self and with the desires of your heart. If you do not know what goals are aligned with your authentic self, set as goal to engage in practices and teachings to increase self-awareness, increase confidence and release unworthiness.

A great course about rediscovering and embracing your authentic self is titled: Healing Shame and Unworthiness. In this empowering teaching discover the amazing truth about your birth-day and your authentic self and much, much more. Check out the content of this empowering course at: Healing Shame and Unworthiness

Do not choose and set your goals in life based on “should” or “supposed to”, or “everybody else does” or “have to”. Instead set your life goals based on “I would love to”. Brainstorm asking yourself: What I would love to be, do, have, express, experience and why?

Do you 100 % believe and know that you are worthy of doing, having, and experiencing, everything that you love doing, having and experiencing? If not, then you would benefit from Healing Unworthiness.

Also be wary of choosing and setting goals in life as a means to prove to others your worth or to gain recognition or to fit in. Instead choose and set goals in life based on what you love to do and experiences you desire to have because they light you up. Heal Unworthiness to empower yourself to choose and achieve goals in life that are aligned with your authentic self and fulfillment.

Heal Unworthiness to discover the magnificence of who you are

What are personal development goals?

Often time personal development goals are defined as those goals that make you a better person. I do not agree with that definition because my belief is that you and every being at its core is perfection. Yes, you can learn and acquire more knowledge and skills and that is great. However, more skills or knowledge does not make you a better person, it makes you a more skillful or knowledgeable person.

Therefore, from this perspective, there are 2 categories of personal development goals:

  • First category of personal development goals is aimed at learning skills and knowledge.
  • Second category of personal development goals helps you to remember and re-discover your perfection and magnificence. It helps you to uncover your innate power.

Personal development goals of learning

The skills and knowledge that you set as personal development goals or sub-goals, apply to career life goals, as well as to sports and hobby life goals.

Based on the vision of your dream life and life goals, you reverse engineer and determine the knowledge and skills that will support your life goals.

In other words, the knowledge and skills are personal development goals or sub-goals that support your life goals.

To illustrate, let us list some examples of personal development goals or sub-goals – supporting a career life goal of teaching parenting to large audiences:

  • Take a public speaking class
  • Work with a public speaking coach
  • Take the following marketing courses: x, y, and z
  • Read the following books about parenting: a, b, c, d and e
  • Take course X about book writing, promoting and pushing

As examples of personal development goals or objectives supporting a life goal of participating in a singing competition, we can list:

  • Take singing lessons
  • Take guitar lessons
  • Learn multiple songs
  • Join a community or church choir

Of course, sometimes a hobby can become a career. For example a hobby of singing can become a singing career.

Personal development goals to step into your authentic power

This category of personal development goals is about transmuting fears, doubts, toxic emotions and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from achieving your life goals.

Through the process of self-awareness by paying attention to your thoughts you can reverse engineer what fears, doubts, toxic emotions and limiting beliefs are in the way of taking action steps to move toward the achievement of your life goals.

When you work in this category of personal development goals everything becomes so much easier and fluid. It not only makes it easier to take action steps but also you attract opportunities and people that support your life goals.

This category of personal development goals raises your vibrational frequency and by the Law of Attraction – you become a match to more abundance of support and resources to make your dreams come true. You uncover your innate power. You become fearless and powerful in manifesting your dream life goals.

Some examples of personal development goals of this category to support a life goal of speaking to large audiences about parenting are:

  • Transmute performance anxiety of public speaking into ease and confidence
  • Transmute fear of judgment into self-worth
  • Transmute fear of failure into the knowing that all life supports me and failures are just stepping stones
  • Transmute fear of love into joy of love
  • Change limiting belief “I am not capable to deliver a speech to thousands of people” to “I am capable..”
  • Change limiting belief  “ I do not deserve to be paid for public speaking” to “I do deserve to make an abundant living from public speaking”
  • Change limiting belief “People are not willing to pay for parenting information” to “People get great value from the information I share and they happily pay for it”
  • Change limiting belief “I am not worthy of being heard” to “I am worthy of being heard”
  • Transmute toxic emotion of Shame to emotion of self-love

Similarly, as examples of personal development goals step into your authentic power that support a life goal of entering a singing competition, we can list to overcome the following:

  • Transmute fear of being seen into confidence
  • Transmute fear of being heard into joy of sharing my talents
  • Transmute fear of criticism into self-worth and self-esteem
  • Transmute fear of failing into the knowing that failures are just stepping stones to success
  • Transmute fear of success into joy of success
  • Transmute fear of being in the public eye (fear of fame) into joy of sharing
  • Transmute fear of embarrassment into self-love
  • Change limiting belief “I am not capable of singing in front of thousands of people” to “I am capable..”
  • Change limiting belief “I am always rejected” to ” I am loved”
  • Transmute toxic emotion of rejection to the emotion of self-love

Know your why- I feel is the answer

When you are designing your vision and then setting your life goals you do not need to know the how. On the contrary, if you know the complete roadmap of the how you are going to reach all your life goals, then you are being very conservative and not dreaming big.

You do not need to know the how but you do need to know the “what” and the why.

Become aware of what are your desires and the reasons (why’s) behind your desires.

Knowing your why for each of your life goals facilitates your achieving them. Your why is like rocket-fuel to your desired goals in life.

The ultimate answers of the why of your desires is the phrase “I feel”. For each of your life goals, close your eyes and imagining yourself living and experiencing your life goals. Then, notice your feelings and sensations in your body. Then open your eyes and write down whatever you noticed: I feel secure, I feel free, I feel excitement, I feel peace, I feel joy, I feel a sensation of expansiveness in my heart etc..

Example, if one of your goals in life is to increase your savings accounts to 1 million dollars by the age of X, then write down the chain of why’s until you get to the ultimate why which is the way you desire to feel.

For more specific examples of wording of “whys” for money manifestation, read: Become crystal clear of the “whys”; – and for love manifestation: Become clear of your “whys” you desire to manifest love

What do I want to do with my life?

You might be asking yourself: What do I want to do with my life? What are my goals in life? How do I get to know myself? If that is the case start the practice of daily journaling to increase self-awareness and self-knowledge:

  • Everyday spend 10-20 minutes or however long you are inspired to do so, journaling about: What I would love to experience and why? Think about the different areas of life and ask yourself again and again: What would I love to be, do, have and why?
  • Everyday in your imagination test out different scenarios of experiences and pay attention to the feelings. How does it feel? If the activity you are imagining lights you up (makes you feel good), then you have a good candidate for a life goal.
  • Journal about things you loved to do as a child. Journal about happy memories, what were you doing in the happy memories. You might find some clues for goals in life in the activities you use to love as a child and in the happy memories.
  • Pay attention and journal about things you care about and what moves your heart. What moves you to tears? What makes you smile?
  • Look at beautiful images and read inspirational quote while paying attention to your feelings. Which images and inspirational quotes steer up some feelings for you? Ponder about what the images and quotes mean to you and write about it.
  • Try out different activities; meet different people and journal about your experiences and feelings.
  • For your career life goal try out different jobs, talk with different people about their careers. Journal about: How could I serve others doing something that I love? What have I learned in life that I could teach to others? Would I love to do that?

In addition, as journaling prompts, there are list of questions in the following links:

Getting to know yourself deeply is the best gift you can give to yourself. Knowing yourself allows you to choose goals in life that are in alignment with the authentic desires of your heart. It takes time, focus, attention and patient to get to know yourself, but the rewards are immense. It will bring you fulfillment and joy.

On the other hand, if you do not take the time and attention to know yourself deeply, you will set your life goals based on other people opinions, on society requirements and on society definition of success. This leads to chasing the wrong goals and feeling empty, unsatisfied and exhausted.

What is the difference between goals and objectives?

The difference between goals and objectives is that goals are the components of the big picture of your dream life vision, – while objectives are specific stepping-stones as you walk toward reaching your goals.

Goals Objectives
What is know? Yes Yes
Why is know? Yes Yes
How is know? No Yes
When is know? No Yes
Timeline Longer term Shorter term

Each opportunity that you recognize as a stepping-stone toward reaching your goals in life can become an objective.As you visualize or image yourself living your dream life goals, by virtue of the Law of attraction, you will be presented with opportunities.

Opportunity becomes an objective when you decide to take action and make a plan to execute it.

Objectives might or might not be S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely). This is because objectives under personal development goals are very challenging to measure. For example: How do you measure the level of self-confidence?

Goals are not specific in the how and timelines are not defined. Depending of your present beliefs, your goals might not seem realistic and attainable; – in that case you need to upgrade your beliefs.

Coming back to our previous example of a career life goal of teaching parenting to large audiences, – let us call the person with this career goal, Liz.

Liz has identified that she is very fearful of public speaking. She remembers that as a child she was made fun when she delivered a presentation in class. A friend sends her an e:mail with a webinar link.

Liz signs up for the webinar about fear clearing. She resonates with the program and she purchases the program.

Liz makes the commitment to herself to invest 15 minutes daily using the program for a year. Her objective is to clear her fear of public speaking as well as to identify and clear other fears that are in the way of her career goal.

Her plan and commitment of investing daily 15 minutes to work on clearing fears for a year is an example of an objective that supports her career life goal. This is an objective because Liz has a specific plan: Program to use (how), time commitment of 15 minutes per day for a year starting today (when) and to clear fears (what). The (why) is to gain confidence in public speaking to support her career life goal.

Why set goals? What are the benefits of setting goals?

Setting your life goals as well as setting shorter-term goals and objectives are beneficial. The only caveat is that your goals must be aligned with the desires of your heart. The benefits of setting heart-based goals are:

  • Your heart based goals help you to focus your attention in the direction that are aligned with joy and fulfillment
  • You raise your vibrational frequency by focusing daily, through your imagination, on the wonderful feelings of living your dreams – as your goals in life unfold.
  • Your daily focus on uplifting life goals is the foundation of making your dreams come true through the process of manifestation
  • Your heart-based goals help you to take inspired action with the awareness of moving in the direction of your heart desires.

What are the pitfalls to avoid in setting and achieving goals?

Setting life goals and short term goals (yearly goals) that are not aligned with the desires of our heart can be detrimental instead of beneficial. Some of the pitfalls of setting goals to watch out for are:

Setting goals based on others opinion of success

It is very common for people to set goals based on society, friends and parents definition of success. How many people do you know that set career and money goals based on society definition of success? How many of those people are happy, healthy and fulfilled? How many of those people sacrificed health or relationships or a passion for society based career and money goals?

I am not advocating rejecting money in any way. I am just reminding you that true success is holistic and abundant in all areas of life. Your heart will guide you to your unique definition of holistic success.

Setting goals to prove your Worth

If you set goals aimed at achieving fame, money and success – to gain admiration and recognition of others to prove your worth, then you will never be satisfied.

The drive to prove your worth by gaining admiration or validation or recognition from others – stems from subconscious programs and vibrations of unworthiness.

When you stand centered in the knowing of your innate self-worth, you are free from the need of any external validation or recognition.

You are inherently worthy of love, joy, peace, perfect health, financial abundance and all your heart’s desires.

Pay attention if you find yourself needing validation from others to feel Worthy. If you notice any feelings of unworthiness or lack of self-worth or not being good enough, then a great personal development goal would be to get some tools or resources to heal Unworthiness.

The course, by Julius, titled – Healing Unworthiness and Shame – is a powerful resource with teachings and practices to overcome Unworthiness.  Check out and see for yourself the Power pack content of this amazing course, go to: Healing Unworthiness and Shame.

Once you heal unworthiness you will remember your innate worth of having and experiencing everything your heart desire. You will know that you are worthy of abundance of love, joy, peace, health and wealth. Your question will be: Are my goals in life worthy of me? -instead of- Am I worthy of my life goals? Then you will choose and achieve goals with ease, grace and joy.

Stressing out about goals deadlines

It is well know that stress robs us from happiness and causes disease. Life is about enjoying every moment of now as much as possible.

If you are stressed out about any goals deadlines, first incorporate some mind-body practices, second question your deadlines and third question your goals.

The purpose of setting goals is to help you direct your life toward more happiness and fulfillment. If reaching your goals feels heavy and burdensome, then question your goals and listen to the wisdom of your heart.

From the perspective of your higher self and source, there is no obligation or requirements for you to reach any life goals and you never run out of time.

Life goals are simply choices of your free will and it is up to you to make the choices that bring you joy and add zest to your life.

Judging yourself

 One of the pitfalls to avoid when setting a deadline for a goal is self-judgment of not reaching a goal by the set date. The definition of deadline is a date when something must be finished. The word “must” is the issue. With heart based goals there is no “must” or requirement, is rather a desired and preferred target time.

Judging yourself or beating up yourself for not reaching or achieving a goal by a set date contradicts the original uplifting purpose of the goal.

Forgetting to enjoy the Now

Having a vision and life goals for the future does not mean to postpone enjoying life in the Now. On the contrary, being in enjoyment, gratitude and appreciation for what you are and have in the present, is a springboard for manifesting your life goals.

Somebody said, “Life is a journey not a destination”. It is true; life is about enjoying the journey. Therefore the purpose of setting goals is not only to create a grandeur future but also to enjoy the journey of getting there. Enjoy the process and celebrate every small step you take and every goal, sub-goal and objective you reach.

Using SMART goal setting method

There is a well-know approach to goal setting called SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). In my opinion the SMART goal setting method might work for corporations and businesses but is very limiting and rigid for personal life goals.

Following the SMART goal setting method for personal life goals is a pitfall because it will limit you to set goals based on your present belief of what you can achieve.

For life goals setting, dream big and create a magnificent vision. Then upgrade your beliefs until you feel, believe and know from your core: I am capable of achieving my life goals. I deserve and I am worthy of having my dreams come true. All life support me in making my dreams come true.

SMART goal setting method can be beneficial for short term personal goals (objectives) as long as you pay attention to new ideas and opportunities and – as long as you do not judge yourself for potential delays or deviations to the plan.

Being rigid about goals

Traditional goal setting such as SMART goal setting method requires a detailed step by step roadmap with timelines to get to a goal. Although having a step by step roadmap seems beneficial, often time, it blocks new unforeseen ideas and opportunities that come along.

Stay flexible and willing to take action on new ideas and opportunities that support your heart-based life goals. Being rigid about how to achieve life goals is a pitfall because it blocks creativity and it also blocks being in the flow of opportunities.

In addition, allow yourself to change your vision of your dream life and the underlying life goals whenever you are inspired to do so. Remember, you are the designer of your dream life for your own joy and fulfillment. There is no requirement for you to reach certain goals. Rather, it is a gift from you to you, to choose life goals that add more zest to your life.

Choose goals that are worthy of the magnificent being that you are.


How to achieve my life goals?

To achieve your life goals and make your dreams come true, there are 3 aspects to focus on

Work on removing the blockers to the manifestation of your dreams: This is a very foundational and important aspect. As you overcome and remove the blocks, the journey to reach your dream life goals becomes so much easier and joyful.

As you shed fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, toxic emotions and vibrations of lack, you elevate yourself to a state of power of manifestation of your dreams with ease and grace.

Therefore make sure you support your main life goals with yearly personal development goals aimed at uncovering more and more of your innate power and magnificence.

Practice daily one or more of the manifestation techniques: The manifestation techniques help you to generate and send out to the Universe the vibrational frequency of your dreams and life goals. They help you to master the process of manifestation through conscious creation.

Take inspired action on opportunities:

When you are practicing daily one or more of the manifestation techniques, multiple opportunities that are stepping-stones to your life goals will show up. For each opportunity take few minutes to get into a calm state and feel into your heart and body to decide on which opportunities to take action.

Imaging yourself taking action on a given opportunity. How does it feel? Does it feel expansive? Does it feel scary to take action? If it feels expansive and light, then it is a big “yes” to action taking.

If it feels scary or heavy, then there is still a question mark and you would need to explore more through journaling. Also you would need to work on transmuting fears. The more work you do in the area of personal development goals to step into your authentic power, the clearer your guidance system will become. Both your discernment capabilities and your action taking ease will increase.

A great program to propel you to Turn on Your Strengths, Step into Your Authentic Power is the toolkit of Repairing Core Fractures. With your Personalized Frequency Codes, you become Fearless to take inspired action to accomplish your dreams and goals. Check out this empowering program at: Repairing Core Fractures

Closing paragraph – Goals in life

May your life be filled with experiences that turn on the volume of happiness, joy, delight, love, enthusiasm and fulfillment. May your goals in life serve you as directional signs of the ever-expansive joyful opportunities that life has to offer to you.

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