Importance of forgiveness- Are you forgiven?- How to get forgiveness?

In this article you will be inspired by the importance of forgiveness as your path to happiness. You will discover if you are forgiven, who have you not forgiven, why is so hard to forgive, why forgiveness is for you, how to get forgiveness plus much more.

14 key questions on this essential topic of forgiveness are covered. For ease of navigation, Table of Content included below:


Forgiveness and being forgiven is a subject addressed in all major world religions, from more ancient time religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism to more recent times religions such as Islam and Christianity. The art of forgiveness is a theme included in all spiritual and mystic teachings, in some way or another. Regardless of New age teachings or Ancient teachings, the importance of forgiveness is highlighted.

The art of forgiveness is applied in many energy-healing modalities. The importance of forgiveness has also been recognized in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and medicine. Some cancer treatment centers have added the practice of forgiveness as complementary to the conventional treatments with positive results.

The details about the application of the healing power of forgiveness in the field of cancer treatment can be found in the book, titled: The Forgiveness project: The Startling discovery of how to overcome cancer, find health, and achieve peace. The author is Dr. Michael Barry.

A book about the importance of forgiveness in the field of psychotherapy is titled: Forgiveness therapy: An empirical guide for resolving anger and restoring hope by Richard P. Fitzgibbons and Robert D. Enright.

Another pioneer in demonstrating scientifically the healing power of forgiveness is Dr. Fred Luskin known for his Stanford Forgiveness project and for his books and workshops on the importance of forgiveness. He is author of the book titled Forgive for good: A proven prescription for health and happiness.

Since ancient times, in Chinese medicine, the art of forgiveness has been an essential component to healing. Traditional Chinese medicine has known the importance of forgiveness to restore the free flow of life-force energy circulating through our energy centers (chakras and meridians). This free flow of energy restores balance and healing to our bodies.

What is forgiveness?

True forgiveness is clearing the toxic emotions that you are holding onto. These toxic emotions, also called negative emotions, are either directed toward yourself or toward others.

  • Examples of toxic emotions directed toward self are guilt, shame, self-loathing, self-hatred, regret and self-anger.
  • Examples of toxic emotions directed toward others are anger, resentment, bitterness and hatred.

The uploading of negative toxic emotions toward others is the result of your feeling hurt or betrayed or abandoned or wronged in any way, shape or form. To be able to clear completely the negative toxic emotions, you need to be able to release all desire for payback from your wrongdoer.

The uploading of negative toxic emotions toward self is the result of your feeling that you did something wrong or that you made a mistake in the past or that you hurt or caused harm to yourself or somebody else.

When you release the negative toxic emotions that you are holding onto, you are raising your vibrational frequency. Forgiveness is for your own benefit, forgive and harness the healing power of forgiveness.

True Forgiveness is your path to the treasures of your heart, a place called heaven.

What is unforgiveness?

Unforgiveness is the resistance and refusal to forgive others or yourself. Unforgiveness is simply not forgiving, often times because we do not know how or we do not know the importance of forgiveness.

It is rare to find somebody on this planet that does not experience some degree of resistance and refusal to forgive. In the next segment of the article I will talk about why  is so challenging to forgive.

Why is so hard to forgive?

There are multiple reasons that the art of forgiveness is so difficult for most people. Following 4 reasons of why forgiving others and ourselves is so hard:

  • We are not taught at school of the importance of forgiveness for our own and collective benefit
  • We are not taught true forgiveness techniques that are effective
  • We are not provided with effective tools to help us melt the resistance and to help us transform all the toxic negative emotions beneath our unforgiveness
  • We are not taught that by holding onto unforgiveness we keep locked in our hearts and fields low vibrational frequencies. Then, by virtue of the Law of Attraction, we keep attracting again and again similar painful scenarios.

In addition there are specific reasons of why is so difficult to forgive others and a different set of reasons of why is so challenging to forgive ourselves.

Why is so hard to forgive others?

The reason it is so hard to forgive others is the resistance that stems from the following misunderstandings or false beliefs:

1)”If I hold onto grudges toward those who hurt me, eventually justice will be made and the wrongdoers will pay”

The reality is that the wrongdoers are not paying or suffering because you are holding onto the toxicity of negative emotions. You are the one that continue to hurt yourself by refusing to harness the healing power of forgiveness. Even if you have covered up the toxic emotions by detaching from your feelings, you unknowingly are causing suffering for yourself.

2)”If I forgive I will be hurt again”.

This belief is contrary of how the Universe works. If you do not forgive, you will be hurt again by virtue of the Law of Attraction. The toxicity of unforgiveness continues to vibrate in your field making you a vibrational match to being hurt again.

Why is so hard to forgive yourself?

If you have done forgiveness work, you know that forgiving yourself is even harder than forgiving others.

The reason that is so hard to forgive yourself stems from deep-seated beliefs in your unconscious mind. Examples of potential beliefs you might be holding onto that makes it so hard to forgive yourself are:

  • I do not deserve to be forgiven
  • I am not worthy to be forgiven
  • I deserve punishment
  • I am not allowed to forgive myself
  • If I forgive myself I will repeat the same mistakes or wrong doings
  • I have to pay for my sins

How do I know God has forgiven me?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? You are not alone.

This is a question that many people wonder about when they feel that they have done something wrong and they feel any of those self directed toxic emotions such as guilt, shame and regret.

The answer for you and everybody else who have wonder whether or not God have forgiven them is in one of the bible verses about forgiveness:

This means that the God of your understanding (Source, Higher Self, Universe, Jesus, Allah, Krishna … etc.) has never judged you or condemned you. Source loves you unconditionally, which means Source always love you no matter what you have done or not done. Real love is unconditional love and keeps no records of wrongs.

The above image of the Sun shaped as a heart radiating love represents unconditional love. The Sun is always gifting us its light no matter what. The Sun does not keep records of wrongs of humanity. It never withdraws its light as punishment for our sins.

Why sin means missing the mark?

The word sin came from the translation of a Greek archery term word meaning “to miss the bulls-eye”, “to miss the mark”.

Missing the mark means that we have failed to align ourselves to Source and our true divine self. It means that we have failed to harness the wisdom from the experience. When we hurt others, or ourselves we miss the mark (sin) and we feel one or more of the negative toxic emotions. The feeling bad or painful emotions indicate that we are dis-aligned with Source or the God of our understanding.

The human experience is a learning playground for our souls to expand through the experience of duality. Our emotions are a guiding system that tells us whether or not we are aligned with Source and our true self. For that reason, self-awareness of our emotions is important.

Are we forgiven for all our sins?

Are we forgiven for all our future sins? The answer is that Source or the God of our understanding has never condemned us in the past and it will never condemn us in the future. Source always sees us through the lenses of compassion and understanding of our human nature. Source always loves us and it will always continue to do so regardless of how many times we miss the mark.

In conclusion, we are forgiven in advance for all our sins. A more correct statement is that Source does not judge or condemn us in the first place; therefore does not have anything to forgive. This is the way that our sins are forgiven in advance.

Why I don’t feel forgiven by God?

The next logical question is that, if all our past, present and future sins have already been forgiven: Why I don’t feel forgiven by God? How to get forgiveness?

There are two reasons contributing to your feeling as if God had not forgiven you and to your feeling as if you would need to get forgiveness:

1)You have not forgiven yourself and therefore your own unforgiveness toward yourself feels to you as if God has not forgiven you.

2)You have bought into false beliefs such as:

  • I do not deserve to be forgiven by God
  • I am not worthy to be forgiven by God
  • I do not deserve God love
  • I am not worthy of God love.

What to do if I don’t feel forgiven by God?

If you feel that God has not forgiven you, do the following:

  • Be assured that God has never judged you in the first place and is looking upon you with unconditional love, always no matter what.
  • Release the thought of needing to get forgiveness. God has already forgiven you.
  • Work on self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love. Work on loving yourself unconditionally as God does. To feel forgiven, you need to be forgiven to yourself.
  • Work on changing false non-beneficial beliefs to beneficial beliefs.
  • Work on forgiving others. Once you do that, it becomes easier to forgive yourself
  • Read “Little soul and the Sun”. This is a short story packed with wisdom. More info about it in a later segment of this article called “How to learn the art of forgiveness?”

If you are like many people, you judge, you critic and you beat up yourself in ways that you would not allow others to do so. Therefore, if you are finding challenging to forgive yourself and feeling forgiven by God, start by forgiving others.

Is forgiveness for you?

The forgiveness quote by Buddha shown in the image below gives a powerful metaphor about the effects of anger on the person who does not forgive.

Forgiveness is always for you, it is always for your own benefit. True forgiveness is clearing and releasing from yourself the burden and the shackles and the heaviness of the toxic negative emotions you are holding onto. Forgiveness is for you because when you forgive others and yourself, you raise your vibrational frequency. Forgiveness is a gift from you to you. When you forgive, you are giving yourself the gift of the healing power of forgiveness.

To embrace the fact that forgiveness is for you and not for your wrongdoers, you need to understand what forgiveness is not.

What forgiveness is not?

1)Forgiveness DOES NOT mean to reconcile with your wrongdoer. Once you have forgiven your wrongdoer, you need to evaluate whether or not it is in your highest good to restore or continue the relationship.

For example if you are in an abusive marriage, get out of the relationship and forgive your spouse. In this example, you would forgive your spouse to release the poison of the toxic emotions from your system. You would have forgiven your spouse for your benefit. You would not return to an abusive relationship because that would be self-abuse.

2)Forgiveness IS NOT condoning the wrongdoers acts or offences. Instead forgiveness is compassion of the human exploration of darkness. The art of forgiveness is about an understanding and showing compassion for the low vibrational state that the wrongdoer is at. For example, an abuser often time was abused as a child and is repeating the behavior that it was modeled to him/her.

Please never confuse compassion, understanding and true forgiveness with allowing yourself to continue or get into an abusive and/or disrespectful relationship. If you are asking the question: How to forgive someone who keeps hurting me?, then you need to ask yourself: How to gather the strength and courage to get out of an un-healthy relationship?. A powerful resource to recover strengths and to gain the courage to set healthy boundaries is the program called Repairing core fractures.

Please also be wary of trying to be a savior for your wrongdoers, they themselves need to be willing to work on raising their vibrational frequency. Until they do, they will continue to repeat their wrongdoings. Forgive them for your own benefit and keep them away from you, or at minimum, keep them at a distance.

In conclusion, regardless of your belief systems shaped by your culture, lineage and religion, forgiveness is for you. No matter what religion you belong to or do not belong to, no matter if you consider yourself religious, spiritual or atheist or purely science oriented, there is a constant for all human beings:

Every human being needs and is capable to master the art of forgiveness for his/her own happiness, wellness and freedom.

Why forgiveness is important?

Religion, spirituality and science all agree in the importance of forgiveness and in the healing power of forgiveness. The importance of true forgiveness is extraordinary both at a personal level and at a collective level.

You as individual are part of the collective and you are connected with all. Forgiveness starts with you at an individual level. You have the power of free will and therefore it is up to you making the choice of forgiveness. It is not easy but the personal benefits are immense.

Why forgiveness is important at a personal level?

The more you have forgiven others and yourself and the more forgiveness work you do, the higher will be your vibrational frequency. Then, you will harness the following personal benefits. Forgiveness is for you.

Personal benefit of true forgiveness # 1

You will feel happier. As you clear the toxic negative emotions, you feel more peace, more love, more joy, more optimism and more of all uplifting feel good emotions. One of the reasons that forgiveness is important is because it is essential for happiness.

You will experience more and more all the feel good positive emotions, that are characteristic of the state of happiness, such as love, peace, harmony, joy, enthusiasm, contentment, delight, bliss, optimism etc.

Personal benefit of true forgiveness #2

You will feel more freedom. As you release toxic emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, hatred to name a few, you will feel the heaviness and the burden of these toxic emotions leaving you. You will feel liberated. You then might wonder: Why did I wait so long to let go of guilt and forgive myself? Why did I wait so long to let go of anger? Why did I wait so long to forgive my past mistakes? Why did I wait so long to forgive my ex for breaking my heart?

Personal benefit of true forgiveness # 3

You will turn on the healing power of forgiveness for you body. In clinical studies it has been shown of the importance of forgiveness for the healing of your body. The University of Stanford Forgiveness project demonstrated the benefits of forgiveness in the physiology of the body.

Personal benefit of true forgiveness # 4

You will stop attracting, by virtue of the Law of Attraction, people and scenarios that trigger and re-enforce in you the painful toxic emotions that you are holding onto. The importance of true forgiveness is that it stops the cycle of repeating patterns of suffering. You attract and repeat similar scenarios until you forgive yourself and others. To illustrate this point, I will use my childhood forgiveness story of losing money:

In second grade I lost the school tuition money. As a result, my father scolded me and I uploaded toxic emotions of guilt, self-anger and regret. Throughout my adult life, again and again, I found myself losing money and feeling guilt and regret for my mistakes.

To stop my repeating pattern of losing money, I went through the process of forgiving myself for all the mistakes that resulted in my financial losses. In addition, I forgave everybody involved releasing anger and resentment.

Another example, it is not my story but unfortunately is quite frequent in our society, is illustrated by the children that are abused by parents or caregivers. These children, when they grow up, tend to attract partners that repeat the abuse they suffered as children.

Even when they change partners, they continue to attract abusive partners. The cycle of attracting abusive partners stops once they forgive their parents/caregivers, forgive all their abusers and forgive themselves for the mistakes of choosing the wrong partners.

Personal benefit of true forgiveness # 5

You will raise your vibrational frequency, which by virtue of the Law of Attraction, will result in you attracting people, circumstances and scenarios that are a match to the frequencies of love, peace and joy that you are emitting.

The importance of forgiveness to have the Law of Attraction working for you is applicable in all areas of life, for example:

You desire to apply the Law of Attraction for love to attract a life partner that is loving, kind, optimistic, vibrant and joyful. To achieve that you need to be in the vibrational frequencies of love, peace and joy.

If you have forgiven others from their wrongdoings and you have forgiven yourself for past mistakes, you are embodying and broadcasting the vibrations of love, peace and joy. Therefore you will attract the loving partner that you desire.

Why when you have forgiven you benefit the planet?

The benefits for each person that chooses to learn and apply the art of true forgiveness are extraordinary. Beyond that, when you have forgiven yourself and others, you have benefited the entire planet:

1)Your higher vibrational frequency contributes to raise the average of the collective society vibrational frequency level. Do not underestimate your contribution. Fortunately, your contribution at a high vibrational frequency has a much higher weight to the average than that of individuals that are holding onto toxic emotions.

This phenomenon of positive emotions having an exponentially higher contribution to the collective average is explained in David R. Hawkins eye opener book of Power vs. Force: The Anatomy of Consciousness. In this book he presents a logarithmic scale of consciousness and he demonstrate the relative vibrational frequency values of toxic negative emotions such as guilt and shame versus positive emotions of love and peace.

2)You inspire others, by example, to learn the art of forgiveness. You have forgiven yourself and others. Consequently you are exuding happiness, you feel great and you look great. Your family members and friends might ask you to reveal them the secret of your fabulous transformation. You might respond, I learned the art of forgiveness and I am keeping my vibrational frequency high. Some of them will be inspired to learn and do true forgiveness work.

3)You contribute to make it easier for others to learn and apply for themselves the art of forgiveness. This phenomenon of how our individual learning in a specific subject makes it easier for others have been demonstrated with the Hundredth monkey experiment. Scientist observed how the learning of washing potatoes started with one monkey and spread to all monkeys in the island and then to other island.

Why forgiveness is important at a society level?

The following forgiveness quote by Mahatma Gandhi declares the painful outcome that the lack of forgiveness causes to the whole world:

Let us dive deeper on why forgiveness is not only important at an individual level but also at all levels of our society and the planet as a whole:

Forgiveness is important among family members and between families. You might have heard of family feuds that last for generations. In this family feuds, they hurt each other, they inflict pain and suffering on each other.

These families continue to suffer until they are willing to forgive and let go of anger, bitterness and hatred.

Forgiveness is important between cultures, religions, political parties, nations and all levels of organizations. In today society we organize ourselves in different groups according to our belief systems that are greatly shaped by the family, culture and religion we were born in. We rarely question our belief system that we inherited and were handed over to us. We rarely are open to broaden our horizons.

Humans on this planet, at the level of collective consciousness that we are now, cling fiercely to our boxed belief systems. We fiercely believe that our ways, our perspectives, our points of view, our values and our belief systems are the only right ones. We rather fight and even go to war causing pain and suffering to each other, than open our minds to different perspectives and forgive each other.

To defend our beliefs, we react with anger and even hate, poisoning our hearts and causing havoc to our bodies. Would you rather be right or be forgiving and happy?

To achieve collective peace and happiness on this planet, we need to let go of anger, resentment, bitterness and hate at all levels. To facilitate forgiveness we need to open our minds to broader perspectives. We need to look for the wisdom in all cultures and religions. We need to look for common grounds. We need to approach differences with curiosity and respect.

We need to practice empathy, ask yourself: If I would have been born and raised in the same place, time and circumstances than the group or person I hate, how would I be, feel and act?

The importance of forgiveness at the society level can be summarized to the following:

Collective forgiveness at all levels leads to creation of heaven on earth. Refusal of true forgiveness at different levels leads to augmenting pain and suffering and potential destruction of all life on earth.

How to get forgiveness?

In a previous segment of this article, the subject of how to get forgiveness from the God of your understanding was addressed. In this segment we are going to address the question: How to get someone to forgive you?

Sometimes we do or say things that hurt other people and then we regret it and feel guilt. Sometimes, in the heat of a discussion, we react and say unkind words that hurt other people feelings.

Sometimes, in the heat of a stressful situation, we lose our temper and go to the extreme of physically hurting others. Then we feel intense regret, guilt and shame for what we did. Often time, the people we hurt are our loved ones that are close to us. Then we wonder how to get their forgiveness. Then we wonder how to forgive ourselves for past mistakes.

The most important action to exponentially increase the probability to get someone else to forgive you is for you to learn and apply the art of forgiveness. In other words, the first step is for you to clean up your heart and your field of all toxic emotions. Ask yourself:

  • Do I carry any anger or resentment or bitterness or hate toward others?
  • Do I carry any regret or guilt or shame toward myself?
  • Am I regretting past mistakes that I need to forgive myself for?
  • Am I holding onto grudges against any of my wrongdoers that I need to forgive?

At this point you might be saying, WAIT A MINUTE, I do not wish to learn the art of forgiveness, I just want a quick formula to get the other person to forgive me. Well, if that is what you want, you might be able to trick the other person to apparently forgive you.

You might do that with some gifts, promises of never doing it again that you can’t keep. You might do that with a beautifully written “I am sorry” letter. However, without doing the true forgiveness work, you will just repeat your hurtful reactive behavior. You would continue the painful cycle of reacting, hurting and regretting. You would continue to accumulate the toxicity of guilt and shame in your field.

As you let go of anger, resentment, hate, guilt, shame and other toxic emotions, you will be less and less reactive, more and more centered and more and more happier.

Once you know that you are in a state of being that is not congruent to the behavior that led you to hurt the person you want to get forgiveness from, then you can demonstrate to that person by words and actions the new you.

You can then establish an honest and open communication with the person you desire to get forgiveness from and share your emotional healing journey. You can then express gratitude to that person for having been the catalyst of your transformation.

What is true forgiveness versus superficial forgiveness?

Many of us do not have a clear understanding of the difference of superficial apparent forgiveness versus true forgiveness. This is simply because is not taught. I myself did not have a clear understanding for many decades despite the fact that I was searching for answers for my own emotional healing. It finally became crystal clear to me with Dawn Clark teachings of Clearing toxic emotions.

True forgiveness is the complete clearing or release of all toxic emotions that you uploaded during a life event toward others and/or yourself.  True forgiveness includes:

  • Letting go of the desire of payback from your wrongdoers or desire of any type of punishment or suffering for having hurt you.
  • Letting go of the belief that you need to pay or be punished for your past mistakes.
  • Replacing, in your heart and field, the toxic emotions by love
  • Gaining expansion and wisdom

Superficial forgiveness is to bury the toxic emotions deep in our field. With superficial forgiveness we detach from our feelings in order avoid the pain of the negative toxic emotions. We use cover up emotions like apathy.

Story illustrating superficial forgiveness

To illustrate the difference of superficial forgiveness versus true forgiveness, let me narrate a common scenario in a marriage. Let us assume a couple have been married for 10 years and have two children of 8 and 4 years old. She finds out that he has been cheating for the last two years. Her heart is broken and she uploads the following toxic emotions: anger, rejection, betrayal and regret. She is so hurt that she wishes she had not married him.

She confronts him, he patiently allows her to vent her anger and he says, “I am sorry”. For several weeks, he makes an effort to be attentive and kind toward his wife. He brings her flowers and gifts. Then he promises her to end the affair and asks for forgiveness. She says: Erase her phone number from your cell and I forgive you.

In appearance she forgave him for breaking her heart, after all they are back together. Everything seems to be back to a normal happy relationship. The reality is that kind of forgiveness is superficial. She no longer showing her anger, she just moved her anger from the surface and buried it.

Her broken heart is not healed because her heart and field has not been cleaned from anger, rejection, betrayal and regret. She did not let go of anger she just buried and she became detached from her feelings. With time that buried anger becomes bitterness. From time to time that buried bitterness comes out to the surface and puts strain on the relationship.

On the other hand, the husband uploaded the toxic emotions of guilt and shame when he saw his cheating hurt his wife. Some people might believe that guilt and shame are beneficial in this case. They might believe that guilt and shame will prevent him for cheating again. This is a misunderstanding of the Universal laws.

His guilt and shame is buried and it might even become unconscious. The frequencies of guilt and shame became part of his field vibrational frequency. Per the Law of Attraction, the Universe will bring to him people and opportunities for him to misstep and then feel guilt and shame. It becomes a repeating pattern that gets louder and louder. The buried guilt and shame will greatly increase the probability of him cheating again and again.

You might be thinking: This is so unfair. Why would the Universe work this way? Why would God create a Universe with such Universal laws? The answer is the Universe continues to mirror us experiences that reveals us opportunities to improve. The Universe gives us awareness and clues of what do we need to clear up from our field. The Universe has patience, it will repeat the patters until we recognize them and clear the buried toxicity from our heart and fields.

Who have I not forgiven completely?

Who have you not forgiven? This is a great question for you to ask yourself. You might be thinking, I have wonderful parents and great relationships. I have nothing to forgive. I have never reacted with anger or resentment to any people or situation. I have never felt regret or guilt or shame for anything that I did or say.

Wow, if that is your case, then you are either a high vibrational frequency alien walking blissfully on this planet or you are completely detached and in denial of your emotions and feelings. In the second case, you might have not only buried the toxic emotions but also you might have buried painful memories.

In other words, if you are a human being on this planet, from time to time you are triggered with toxic emotions. Sometimes referred to as “Life happens”. The key to happiness is to keep your field at a high vibrational frequency. In order to do that, you need first to clear all the toxic emotions from past events. Then, you need to keep clearing toxic emotions whenever you are triggered.

For the first step of clearing toxic emotions from past events, list all the events where you experienced any physical or emotional hurt. For each event list who hurt you. It is important to note that you might have felt hurt and uploaded toxic emotions such as anger and resentment, even in seemingly neutral events. To illustrate this, next I will narrate a story of forgiveness.

Personal story of forgiveness, first school day

This is the story of my first school day. It is a typical life event since it is for our own good to attend school. When I was 2 years old, my parents put me in kinder-garden. The first day, when my parents were leaving me with the teacher I was crying and I wanted to stay with my mother. I felt abandoned by my mother and uploaded toxic emotions of anger and resentment toward her.

I buried those toxic emotions and for decades I did not realize I had not forgiven my mother. Once I learned the clearing toxic emotions process, I released those toxic emotions toward my mother.

This story of forgiveness illustrates how we upload resentment and anger toward others, even when they act for our own good. Of course when I was 2 years old, I did not know that going to school was going to help me with learning. I did not know it was for my benefit; my interpretation was that my mother had abandoned me.

This story illustrate that the perception and interpretation of an event is a key factor in whether or not we upload toxic negative emotions.

Who have you not forgiven yet? To help you brainstorm, following is a partial list of potential relationships in which you uploaded some toxic emotions that might still be in your field:

  • Parents, siblings and other family members
  • Romantic relationships, spouses
  • Friends, acquaintances
  • Teachers, preachers
  • Doctors, lawyers
  • God, Universe, Higher self
  • Government, Politicians

Also remember, not only to forgive others, but also to forgive yourself from all past mistakes. Let go of all guilt and shame and forgive yourself.

What did King Solomon mean with guard your heart?

In the previous segment of this article we talk about applying the art of forgiveness to pass events. Once we do that, the second step is to keep our field and our heart clean from any new toxic negative emotions.

The famous bible Proverb 4:23 attributed to King Solomon advises:

What did King Solomon mean with that statement? He was advising to practice emotional hygiene. In other words, to keep our hearts clean from all negative toxic emotions.

To guard your heart and keep your heart clean, you need to pay attention to your reactions and emotions. Each time you notice that you are triggered by any toxic emotions, let it be ok and apply the art of forgiveness using a process to clear the toxic emotions.

You will notice that the more you clear all the toxic emotions from past events, the less reactive you will become and you will be less prone to upload new toxic emotions.

When you keep your heart clean from all negative toxic emotions, you are emanating vibrations of high frequency of love, joy and peace. You attract people and circumstances that are a match to the positive emotions you are broadcasting. Your being and your doing are aligned with happiness and physical well-being. Everything you are doing flows aligned with the high frequencies that your heart is being. No wonder, King Solomon advises, “Above all else, guard your heart

King Solomon “Guard your heart” statement can be misleading in the sense that it can be interpreted as placing a shield or protection wall that does not allow negative energies into your heart. This can be misleading if is interpreted as suppressing the negative toxic emotions. When you try to suppress the negative emotions you end up burying them deeply.

Whenever you suppress negative emotions, you detach from your feelings but the low vibrations are still within you. The protective shield metaphorically speaking is your own high vibrational frequency. The higher are the frequencies of love, joy and peace that you emanate from your heart the lower is the likelihood of letting in any low vibration energy. Plus with your heightened self-awareness you would notice it and clear it promptly.

Guarding your heart is practicing the art of  true forgiveness to let your light shine.

How to learn the art of true forgiveness?

If you have read this far in this article, you might be thinking: OK, I get the importance of forgiveness. I get that everybody has forgiveness work to do, including myself. I get that most likely I have not achieved complete true forgiveness toward those who broke my heart. I get that I have not forgiven myself for all past mistakes. But, how do I learn the art of true forgiveness?

I learned the art of true forgiveness through Dawn Clark program of Clearing Toxic Emotions (CTE). This CTE process consist of 2 stages and each stage consist of 7 steps. Clearing Toxic Emotions process comes with personalized Antidote codes that help you bridge the different steps of the process.

I have tried many emotional healing modalities and forgiveness techniques before CTE. However, I had never felt and seen such an evident difference, as with the CTE process. I felt lightness in my body and my face lighted up. The release of the negative toxic emotions with Clearing Toxic Emotion with the Antidote process is very palpable.

To start learning the art of true forgiveness, read the children story of “The little soul and the Sun”, written by Neale Donald Walsch. He is well known for his books of Conversations with God.

The little soul and the Sun is a beautiful story of forgiveness. It narrates how souls agree with each other to play different roles to gain experiences. In this story the little soul chooses to become human to experience forgiveness.

As souls we decided to experience physicality as human beings. We choose that because the contrast of duality expands our perspectives and wisdom. For example the experience of guilt and shame expands our appreciation of the contrasting emotions of self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth.

Experiencing and uploading toxic emotions is not an issue by itself, it is part of the human experience that allows us to learn and grow. The problem is that we bury our toxic emotions and then we get stuck in louder and louder cycles of pain and suffering. We get stuck in not knowing how to forgive. We get stuck in resistance to forgiveness. Reading the story of forgiveness “The little soul and the Sun” will help you start to melt your resistance to forgiveness.

The little soul and the Sun is a heartwarming, mind opener forgiveness story. I was deeply moved by this story, I think you will be as well.

To go deeper in the understanding and application of the art of true forgiveness, you might like a profound teaching by Julius called Moving Beyond Forgiveness

Closing paragraphs

Probably you have heard the statement: Peace on earth starts with peace in your heart. Or the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

This quote means that a world of peace, happiness and harmony starts within each of our hearts. We need to be, we need to embody the vibrations of love, joy and peace. In order to do that, we need to learn the art of true forgiveness and clean our hearts and fields from the toxicity of negative emotions.

The rewards of the healing power of forgiveness are immense both personally and collectively.

When you have truly and completely forgiven, you allow the divine light of your true-self to shine through and be a powerful contributor to create the world you want to see, your heaven on earth. I invite you to grant to yourself the gift of true forgiveness.

I invite you to share in the comments: Who have you not forgiven? Have you forgiven yourself for past mistakes?

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