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9 Law of Attraction Love Techniques – How to Manifest Your Soulmate? Does LOA for Love Apply for Specific Person?

If you desire to meet your romantic soulmate and manifest love, then this article is you. If you already met a specific person and want to find out how the Law of Attraction apply for attracting love from a specific person, read on.

Before getting into the details of the Law of Attraction love techniques, let us define some concepts that we will use in this post:

What is a soulmate?

There are many definitions out there at different vantage points. For me, soulmates are the people that we are most connected to energetically because we have shared experiences with them beyond this lifetime. Some people that are very perceptive, when they meet their romantic soulmate, they feel that they have met before.

All our family members, close friends and romantic relationships are soulmates.

From the perspective of Oneness, all beings across all time, dimensions, spaces and realities are soulmates.

It is my belief that we agree to collaborate with our soulmates to grow and learn in this playground of physicality. Our romantic soulmates, often time, are the greatest catalyst for growth.

Our beloved pet are also our soulmates

How many romantic love soulmates do we have?

My belief is that every single human being on earth has hundredths or thousands of soulmates with many potential romantic love soulmates. I back-up this statement with the following facts:

The nature of the Universe, creation and earth is Abundance. Therefore there is abundance of potential romantic love soulmates for you.

We have existed as souls for eons. Therefore, we have developed abundance of love connections on earth and beyond.

You have an abundance of potential romantic soulmates

What is perfect partner? What is ideal love partner?

There are many definitions of perfect partner or ideal love partner and ultimately you have to define the qualities that you desire and value from the soulmate you want to share life with.

Let us settle with the definition that perfect partner is the soulmate that, at this point of his/her growth, embodies the qualities that are “must have” for you, plus a good percentage of the qualities that are highly desired by you from your love partner. You have many potential romantic soulmates and not all of them have reached the growth to be the ideal love partner that you desire.

You might refer to your romantic soulmate as the love of your life. However you might meet and come together in this lifetime with more than one love partner. Some romantic soulmates are meant to last just for a few years or decades and at some point they might grow apart. Others are meant to last for lifetime. There is no right or wrong, just opportunities of growth and expansion.

I would suggest to you to include, as non-negotiable (must have) the following partner qualities in your list for manifesting love: Honesty, trustworthiness, kindness and lovingness. For a more complete list of qualities that ideal partners embody, check out the article titled: What qualities ideal partners have? – Are ideal relationships real? – Poisons of relationships

Nine  (9) Law of Attraction love techniques to manifest your romantic soulmate

All your present relationships or lack of them are a result of the vibrational broadcast that you are emanating presently. That is the secret of the Law of Attraction for relationships.

Therefore, to manifest the romantic love that you desire the only thing you need to do is to become a vibrational match to your ideal romantic soulmates. Sounds easy? Well, not so much. It does require some effort and focus and I know you can do it.

My intention is to provide in this post, all the key Law of Attraction love techniques for you to manifest your perfect romantic soulmate. Let us dive in the Law of Attraction relationship techniques:

Become clear of your “why’s” you desire to manifest love

This is the first Law of Attraction love technique and it is also the first step. You need to become clear of all the reasons (WHY) you desire to manifest and build your life with your romantic soulmate. Most importantly, you need to become clear on how do you desire to feel throughout the different interactions with your future perfect partner.

Write down all the “whys” underlying your desire to manifest and share your life with your ideal love soulmate. These statements need to be worded in terms of positive uplifting emotions you desire to move toward.

Due to our default survival programming, we tend to focus and express in terms of what we desire to move away from. When we do that, we attract more of what we do not want. We attract more lack of relationships, lack of love and more loneliness. For that reason, make sure your “whys” are expressed in terms of positives you desire to move toward.

If you are challenged to directly come up with the list in terms of positives, you can use your list of negatives you want to move away from as a bridge. In other words, you take your list of negatives and re-write them in terms of positive emotions.

Examples of how NOT to word the “whys”

In reds are examples of words to avoid. You might use it just as a bridge to the positive wording.

I desire to manifest and share my life with my ideal love soulmate:

  • To get rid of this feeling of loneliness
  • To get rid of the belief and feeling of being unlovable
  • To not have to feel unsafe when going out to jog by myself
  • To not have to feel unsafe when going out to the theater
  • To not feel the fear and worry of running out of time to have children
  • To get rid of the feeling of boredom
  • To not feel the pain of being unsupported and isolated
  • To not feel the void of emotional and physical intimacy
  • To not feel the void of being accepted, seen, heard and loved for who I am
  • To not feel the pain of not having somebody close to share my challenges
  • To not feel the pain of not having somebody close to celebrate my triumphs
  • To avoid being criticized by family and friends for not having married yet
  • To avoid feeling awkward when invited to couples reunions and parties

You probably noticed that the last 2 statements are not authentic reasons to wanting to meet the love of your life. The reason is that they are based on judgment of others as opposed to your authentic desire to meet your love partner and share life with him/her to enrich each other lives.

Examples of how to word the “whys”

I desire to manifest and share my life with my ideal love soulmate:

  • To feel the joy of connection to my love soulmate and deepen this connection
  • To feel the joy of giving and receiving love
  • To feel safe and protected by the company of my love partner jogging with me
  • To feel safe and protected by the company of my love partner going out to the theater with me
  • To feel and share the joy of having and raising children with my love partner
  • To feel excited to get home after work and share conversations with my love partner
  • To feel the joy of being supported and encouraged by my love partner to follow my dreams and be my best
  • To feel the joy of emotional and physical intimacy
  • To feel the joy and freedom of being transparent and vulnerable with the knowing that I am accepted and loved by my romantic soulmate for who I am
  • To feel the comfort of my love partner gaze listening to my challenges with understanding and empathy
  • To feel the joy of sharing the celebration of my triumphs with my love partner
  • To feel the wonder of discovering new layers of my love partner that reflects back to me disowned parts of myself as we grow together

 Make a list of the qualities, values and interests of your ideal love partner

To make this list of the qualities of your perfect partner, first you need to become aware of your values and desires. This is a process of self-awareness of your core values and self-awareness of your desires.

It starts with gaining clarity of what it is important to you, what are your desires. From there, you can define the characteristics of your ideal relationship and the qualities of your ideal love partner.

In one hand, your definition of ideal relationship and ideal love partner is unique. Therefore your list of qualities of your perfect partner is personal based on your values and desires.

On the other hand, there are some core heart based qualities that would be wise for you to include in your list of “must have” qualities of your ideal life partner. These qualities are foundational pillars for every happy romantic relationship.

It is also important that your potential partner shares many of your values and interest. Therefore write down the list of the following:

  • What is important to you (values)?
  • What is important to you about finances? How do you want to handle finances in your relationship? How much do you want to save versus spend on non-basic expenses (traveling, eating out…)?
  • What is important to you about family? Do you want children?
  • What is important to you in regards to eating habits? If you are vegan, are you ok with a meat eater partner or vice versa?
  • What is important to you in regards to lifestyle choices?
  • What is important to you in regards to religion and culture?
  • Which of those values are must have for your partner?
  • What activities do you desire to share with your partner?
  • Which activities are “must shared” with your partner?
  • What is your ideal picture of work-family balance? Are you ok if your partner works 60 hours per week?
  • What is your ideal balance of non-work activities not shared (Example: wife activity in women club) versus non-work activities shared (Example: couples dancing)?

Brainstorm and work on your list multiple times for more clarity and completeness. You can ask a friend to brainstorm with you. Once you are done, divide your list in two categories of qualities, values and interests for the partner you desire to attract: Non-negotiable versus preference.

 Prepare a script of the activities and experiences you would love to share with your romantic soulmate

Write down a description of the activities and experiences you desire to share with your future love soulmate that you are calling in.

As a basis of your script look up what you wrote in the previous 2 steps of Law of Attraction for love techniques. In other words, include in your description the following:

The activities and experiences, you desire to share with your life partner, based on the values and interests you wrote in step 2 of Law of Attraction for love.

The emotions you desire to feel while sharing experiences with your soulmate, based on the list of “WHYs” you wrote in step 1 of Law of Attraction for love.

Make your script as rich and as complete as possible. This script is the basis for the next step in this sequence of Law of Attraction love techniques.

 Visualize your life with your ideal love partner

To use the Law of Attraction to manifest love and meet the love of your life, you need to generate from the core of your being the vibrational frequencies that are the energy equivalences of the love and life you desire to share with your soulmate.

The tool to generate the vibrational frequencies that will attract your romantic soulmate is visualization or imagination.

Now that you have your script that you prepared in step 3 of Law of Attraction for love, you are ready to do visualizations based on your script.

Everyday, at least once a day, imagine in your eyes mind sharing experiences with your ideal partner. The most important aspect of the visualizations is the intensity of the emotions that you can conjure while visualizing. FEEL the joy of dancing with your soulmate. Feel the delight of having dinner over an amazing conversation with your future life partner etc.

A great time to do the visualizations is before going to sleep. However, it might not necessarily be the best time for you. If you are too tired when you are ready to go to bed, you might be too sleepy to generate the positive emotions for the visualizations. Just choose the time and the length of the visualization, that best suit you. An important aspect is consistency, to do every day, even if just for 5 minutes.

 Keep a love gratitude journal

Another principle of the Law of Attraction is that the Universe brings you more of what you focus on. In this case, you desire to manifest love. Therefore notice and focus on all the ways you are already giving and receiving love.

For this purpose, keep a love gratitude journal. Buy yourself a beautiful notebook and everyday journal in this notebook, what are you grateful for. In which ways you are giving and receiving love? Here we are taking about love in a broader perspective, for example:

  • The warmth rays of the Sun
  • The smile of a child
  • Somebody opening the door for you
  • An act of kindness from a friend
  • The connection with family members and friends
  • A hug from your mother
  • The connection with your beloved pets
  • Words of appreciation from friends

Also write in your journal, about all the happy moments you experienced during your day. During the journaling process remember to FEEL gratitude and appreciation for the love and happiness you already have.

Your being in a state of gratitude for love and happiness will help you to attract a life partner to augment love and happiness.

Remember, you can’t manifest love from a place of feeling lack of love. You need to feel the abundance of love from life now, so you can attract your romantic soulmate.

If you are not feeling the abundance of love, seek out ways to do that:

  • Get a lovely pet
  • Join uplifting groups
  • Do activities that you love
  • If you like gardening, feel the love from the flowers
  • Walk in nature, feel the beauty of nature

 Heal your past relationships

Since childhood we go through experiences in our inter-actions with other people that cause wounding. The degree of trauma or wounding is not only a function of the event that triggered us but also it is a function of our interpretation of the event.

Traumas result in the fracturing of our field and uploading of toxic emotions and non-beneficial limiting beliefs. Fears are symptoms of core fractures.

Very clear indications of core fracturing of our field are unwanted repeating patterns. You might have already heard of the typical phenomenon of people attracting partners that behave similarly to one of your parents and/or to previous partners.

For example: A 5 years old girl is traumatized when her father leaves home. This child girl field is fractured and develops fear of being abandoned by men she loves. When she grows up, she repeatedly marries men who abandon her. Once she heals the core fracture of fear of abandonment, the repeating pattern of being abandon by men stops.

In this step of the Law of Attraction for love, become aware of your non-beneficial repeating patterns in relationships and develop self-awareness of your fears and unwanted patterns. Do you have fear of rejection? Do you have fear of abandonment? Do you have fear of intimacy? Do you have fear of losing independence?

To transmute the fears and stop non-beneficial repeating patterns in relationships engage in a healing process. The easiest and most effective way that I know to do that is through a process called Repairing Core Fractures.

In addition, if you had previous romantic breakups, check out: How to heal from a break-up that left you heartbroken? It gives more information about discovering repeating patterns, as well as, how to upgrade non-beneficial limiting beliefs.

 Develop and strengthen in yourself the qualities that you listed for your ideal love partner

Law of Attraction for relationships, including love relationships, states that you attract relationships that mirror back to you what you are being.

What are you being? Being is the state of vibrational frequency that you emanate and it will show up in the way you think and you act.

If you desire to manifest a life partner that is kind, loving, understanding, trustworthy, honest, joyful and peaceful, then develop and strengthen those qualities in yourself.

To strengthen those qualities be for yourself what you desire your future partner to be for you. In others words:

  • Be loving toward yourself, learn and practice Self-love
  • Be honest with yourself. Acknowledge all your emotions and feelings, then allowed them to be.
  • Honesty does not mean self-judgment. Do not criticize yourself in the name of honesty
  • Support and accept yourself in the totally of who you are without judgment and without denial of any of your parts
  • Treat yourself with kindness in your self-talk and in your actions

Learning and practicing to Love Yourself is very important in the process of attracting and ideal life partner. The reason is: You will not attract a partner who is loving, kind, supporting and accepting of who you are, unless you consistently give to yourself in thoughts and actions Self-Love.

A great resource to learn to love yourself is the teaching titled: When You Love Yourself Completely. It includes a short yet very effective process to start loving yourself plus much more. Check out the description of this great course: When You Love Yourself Completely

 Practice feeling the way you desire to feel with your love partner

This is a key aspect to manifest love using the Law of Attraction. In step 4 of the Law of Attraction for love, we talk about of the importance of feeling positive emotions while visualizing sharing experiences with your future love partner.

This step of the LOA for love takes “feeling” further. From step 1 of Law of Attraction for love where you wrote why do you want a love partner and how do you desire to feel in the relationship, extract all the feelings that you wrote and prepare a separate list.

For example, your list might be: In my romantic relationship, I desire to feel happy, joyful, cheerful, supported, heard, understood, cared for, cherished, attractive, beautiful, lovable, enthusiastic, optimistic, encouraged to follow my passion, comfortable, trusting, peaceful, valuable etc.

This technique of the Law of Attraction for love is about you getting yourself to FEEL in the way you desire to feel with your life partner throughout the day, as often as you can possible conjure. Don’t wait for your life partner to arrive to feel the way you desire to feel, do it now. You are capable because you are the generator of the feelings.

To do that engage in practices that increase Self-love, Self-worth and happiness. You might like to check out some ideas of ways to be happier.

You can start by doing more activities that you love and by joining positive groups that share your interests. Smile and laugh more, consider joining a laughing yoga class.

Ask yourself daily: What else can I do to feel more the way I desire to feel with my future partner? Then write down ideas and decide ways that you can incorporate them in your life now. For example, you desire to feel attractive and sexy with your future partner, then buy and wear some clothes that help you feel attractive and sexy now.

You need to feel now the way you desire your love partner to make you feel.


 Feel and act with the certainty that you are going to meet the love of your life

This Law of Attraction love technique is about you staying in steadfast faith and knowing that you are going to meet the love of your life. This means that you are very patience with the Universe and you do not allow doubt to creep in.

You do not get into: Is he/she here yet? I am tired of waiting. I am tired of being alone. Law of Attraction for love does not work for me! The minute you allow these thoughts of doubt to creep in, you generate the vibration of lack of love. Therefore you slow down the process of manifesting your love partner.

Whenever impatience or doubt creeps in, do not judge yourself. Just sit with your emotions and notice where in your body you are feeling the emotions. Take a few deep breaths and have a conversation with the parts of yourself that doubt. They might reveal some unconscious fears and limiting beliefs than you can then work on healing and transmuting.

In addition to feeling the certainty that you are going to meet your life partner, act aligned with that knowing. For example, keep your apartment organized to receive your life partner anytime.

Does Law of Attraction love techniques work to attract a specific person?

If you are in love of a specific person or most probably you are infatuated with someone, then you might be wondering how to attract him or her.

First know that the reason you are in love or believe you are in love is that this specific person has qualities that you admire. Furthermore, you are attracted to these qualities in this specific person because you posses those admirable qualities.

You are recognizing your own repressed positive qualities in this specific person and you are infatuated.

For example you might be attracted to someone who is adventurous, kind, confident, compassionate, enthusiastic, optimistic and has a great sense of humor. Then be assured those qualities that you admire are waiting to be expressed by you. Take the opportunity to heal the fears that might have you repressing those wonderful qualities and start or increase the volume on their expression through you.

Going back to the question of whether or not LOA love techniques work to attract a specific person. The answer is that by focusing on a specific person you are limiting the abundance of love. You are telling the Universe, my romantic love has to come from X specific person.

Since the specific person you wish to attract has his/her own desires, life journey, agenda, priorities, free will etc., it might or might not match with your agenda of a romantic partnership with you.

Having said that, if so happen to be that the specific person you wish to attract is in alignment with being your love partner, then the Law of Attraction love techniques will help in bringing him/her to you.

It is a great idea to run through the Law of Attraction love steps with the specific person. You might discover that the specific person you are dreaming about does not share your values and interests. That will be an indication to you that the specific person you are infatuated with is not your ideal life partner.

The Universe is abundant; you have many potential romantic soulmates. You can attract an ideal life partner that not only possess the great qualities that you are admiring in your specific person but also shares your values and interests.

Closing paragraph

The vibes you radiate constitute the attraction factor. Your vibration is much more powerful for love manifestation, than your physical attractiveness.

Dial in your vibration to the frequencies that magnetize to you the romantic partnership that you desire. This is what Law of Attraction for love relationship is about.

You are worthy of a wonderful, happy romantic partnership. Enjoy applying these Law of Attraction love techniques to attract your ideal love partner.

Share your experiences with the LOA for love. Share your love stories.


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