12 Law of Attraction weight loss secrets: #1 Align LOA with motivations to lose weight

I reveal in this article, 12 actionable Law of Attraction weight loss secrets. I start by showing you how to word your motivations to lose weight to have the LOA working for you. Losing weight is a goal that so many of us pursue for years, even decades. I certainly did and I learned a lot.

You will discover in these LOA weight loss secrets, why you keep gaining weight, how to stop sabotaging your weight loss, what is body weight set point, how to stay motivated to lose weight and much more. My intention is that you find, in this article, the insights and solutions you need to achieve and maintain with ease your body weight goals.

I would love you to read the entire article. However, if you prefer, you can jump directly to specific sections in the article, by clicking on the sub-header of your choice in the Table of Content:

Introduction Law of Attraction weight loss

In the last few decades the obesity rates have grown alarmingly due to, among other factors, a variety of environmental causes such as food processing and the long list of chemicals, toxins, synthetic hormones, GMO, pesticides, herbicides introduced in our food. With the lack of proper food labels and sometimes conflicting information of healthy vs. unhealthy eating, it is challenging to navigate our way to healthy eating. I have found The Food revolution network as a great resource to learn about healthy food choices.

However, the challenges of overeating and/or being over-weight in any degree, are much more complex and healthy lifestyle is just one important factor among others.

Some of you are highly motivated to lose weight and you are already following a very healthy lifestyle with exercise, enough sleep and healthy food choices and still asking: Why can’t I stop eating? or Why am I gaining weight? On top of that, you might be eating smaller portions than the people around you and still not losing weight.

Or, alternatively, you find very challenging to keep yourself motivated to lose weight. Therefore, you go on and off with the healthy lifestyle choices. Either case can be extremely frustrating.

I am glad that you are exploring solutions in this arena of the Law of Attraction for weight loss. I trust you will find solutions; after all, Law of Attraction is the cornerstone of all your physical manifestations including your body weight.

I like to acknowledge Esther Hicks for being such a great messenger of Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction weight loss teachings. As far as I know, the application of the Law of Attraction to weight loss reached a large audience thanks to Esther, Jerry and Abraham Hicks.

Let us dive deep into the understanding of the Law of attraction for weight loss.

How to use the Law of Attraction to lose weight?

Law of Attraction states that your physical manifestations (including your body weight) are the result of your vibrational frequency that you are broadcasting. Furthermore, your vibrational frequency is the result of the thoughts and emotions you are processing, both consciously and mostly unconsciously

To use the Law of Attraction to lose weight, you need to adjust/upgrade and raise your vibrational frequency. In other words, you need to upgrade your thoughts and emotions (both conscious and subconscious) about everything that can influence your body weight. To help you to do that and manifest your healthy body weight, I explain specific Law of Attraction weight loss secrets in the following segments of this article.

Twelve (12) Law of Attraction weight loss secrets

According to the Law of Attraction, everything exists first at an energetic vibrational level. The vibrational frequency that is not perceived with your senses precedes your physical manifestations including your body weight.

The generation of your vibrational frequency that is commanding the regulation of your body weight is going on automatically. The underlying thoughts plus emotions are being processed mostly through your subconscious mind. In other words, your brain is regulating your body weight mostly outside your conscious awareness.

Following, I am describing 12 actionable Law of Attraction weight loss secrets that will help you to align your subconscious mind with your desired body weight goals.

#1  Align your motivations to lose weight with the LOA

To align your motivations to lose weight with the LOA for weight loss, the vibrational frequency of your motivations need to be high. In other words, if you feel positive emotions, when you think about your motivations to lose weight, then you are in alignment with the LOA. The following few paragraphs and the examples below will help to clarify this concept.

How do you motivate yourself to lose weight?

In order to motivate yourself to lose weight, identify your authentic motivations to lose weight. Your authentic motivations are the big “whys” or underlining reasons of your desire to gain a slender body, that are originated from within as opposed to media and other people opinions.

Identify and clarify your authentic motivations to lose weight by spelling out the “ whys” of your desire to be slender. Even if you are highly motivated to loss weight and the reasons seem obvious to you, it is still very important to do this step. Get clear about your motivations to lose weight and write them down. Please word your “whys” in terms of positives, you desire to move toward; as opposed to negatives, you desire to move away from. For each of your motivations to lose weight, write down the associated positive emotions and feelings of being slim.

More details about the concept of authentic motivations to lose weight can be found in the section 5.1 of this article titled “Get in touch with your authentic motivations to lose weight”.

How to word your motivations to lose weight to have the LOA for weight loss working for you?

To have the Law of Attraction for weight loss working for you, it is essential that you word your motivations to lose weight in terms of all the wonderful positive consequences of being slender and in terms of all the great positive emotions of enjoying your slim body.

Examples of how NOT to word your motivations to lose weight (in red are examples of words to avoid)

My motivations to lose weight are:

  • To stop feeling tired
  • To stop feeling clumsy
  • To stop feeling inadequate
  • To stop feeling un-attractive
  • To stop feeling uncomfortable when travelling on airplanes
  • To get rid of feeling shame of my body
  • To get rid of the feeling of guilt when I overeat
  • To avoid feeling inadequate when people look at me
  • To get rid of the feeling of being powerless
Examples of how to word your motivations to lose weight

My motivations that are driving me to have a slender healthy body:

  • To play sports with my children, I desire this to feel the joy of ease of movement and the joy of sharing this activity with my children.
  • To attend the ballroom dancing classes with my spouse, I desire this to feel the bliss of dancing again and the joy of connection with my partner through dancing
  • To enjoy travel with ease and comfort
  • To wear again my beautiful blue dress and feel attractive, I desire this to feel confident and vibrant.
  • To be proud of my body, I desire this to feel love and gratitude toward myself
  • To know that I am manifesting a slender body with ease and joy, I desire this to feel empowered.
  • To run on the beach, I desire this to feel delight of the ease of movement

# 2 Visualize enjoying your vibrant slender body

Law of Attraction for weight loss states to feel as if you were already slender. This is challenging and you might be asking how on earth to feel slender and vibrant when I am physically heavy now. The good news is that your subconscious mind does not differentiate if your feeling is generated through visualization or physical action. In other words, you can use visualization (also called Imagineering) to generate the vibrational frequency of being in a slender healthy body and feeling in a state of blissful wellbeing

How to do the visualizations for weight loss?

For your visualizations, find a quiet place, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, relax your body and then imagine and feel with all your senses being slender and enjoying doing and being everything that you listed as your motivations to lose weight and gain a slender healthy body. In your visualizations, the most important element is to feel as intensely as possible the positive emotions (joy, bliss, delight, gratitude, love, ease, confidence etc.) that you listed in step 1.

As more ideas of positive authentic motivations to lose weight come to your mind, keep adding and updating your list in your weight loss journal. As a general guideline, do your visualizations 2 times a day for 5-10 minutes approximately. If you feel inspired, please feel free to do your visualizations more frequently and/or for longer periods.

Take notice of the feelings and sensations of your body while you are visualizing. You might find yourself reacting with resistance to some of the visualizations. Journaling your experience by keeping a weight loss journal is a great practice, see Law of Attraction weight loss secret # 12

Why am I sabotaging my weight loss visualization efforts?

Continue your visualizations using the imagery in your eyes mind that allows you to feel positive emotions void of resistance. Your slender body scenarios that trigger resistance will give you clues of underlining hidden fears in your subconscious mind that are pushing you in the direction of weight gain and sabotaging your weight loss. You will know that you are in resistance if it does not feel good to do the visualizations of being slender.

You might notice that you are sabotaging your efforts to do the visualizations, as if parts of you are in opposition of your losing weight. It feels as if parts of you are blowing out the fire of your motivations to lose weight. If that is the case and/or you simply notice resistance to some or to all your visualizations, see it as an opportunity to gain understanding of the underlying causes of your weight gain. It is only indication that you need to align your subconscious mind with the desired body weight of your conscious mind.

Highly charged life experiences (traumas) of your ancestors or your own might have programmed your subconscious brain with fears about being slim and/or fears of lack of food. In the segment of this article about Law of Attraction weight loss secret # 10, titled “Reset Your Body Weight Set Point”, this subject of how to heal and overcome the fears that are driving your mind to keep a high body weight set point is covered in detailed.

#3 Accept and love yourself and your body

Be very loving toward yourself and your body. In this context, we are defining love as unconditional acceptance and allowing, void of any judgment. Love yourself unconditionally regardless of your body size or shape and regardless of how much you eat or don’ eat.

Remind yourself that your Higher-self always love you unconditionally.

One of your motivations to lose weight might be your need to be loved. You might have the belief that once you reach your weight loss goal, you will be more lovable. This is a counterfeit belief because the higher truth is that Source and your Higher self always loves you unconditionally, independent of what you achieve or do not achieve, independent of what you eat or don’t eat, independent of how much you eat or do not eat, and most certainly independent of your body weight and shape.

Accept and love yourself as Source does with unconditional love. When you do that, you are raising your vibrational frequency. As a result, you will find that you will just gravitate with more ease to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices that support a natural weight loss.

Practice being kind and loving toward yourself

Recognize and accept that you are immensely worthy of love, joy, vibrant physical wellness and all the goodness that life has to offer. Recognize and accept that you are immensely lovable. Recognize and accept that immense unconditional love have to start from you to you, before you can invite it from others.

Practice loving yourself, do something kind toward yourself everyday. For example get a massage, walk in nature, meditate, do your visualizations, go to yoga or dancing class, do a creative activity that you enjoy.

In addition practice asking yourself: What would somebody who loves self unconditionally do? For each decision ask yourself this question. I heard this phrase from Teal Swam in her you tube video of Self-love. It is simple yet very powerful question.

What to do when you get into beat yourself up mode?

If you find yourself feeling guilty or feeling shame or condemning yourself for whatever trigger (for example overeating), pause. Sit down, close your eyes and feel the sensations of your body with curiosity and non-judgment. Then, after a few minutes, imagine from a higher perspective, your higher self observing you with kindness, love and understanding and telling you: You are lovable no matter what, You deserve love, You are worthy of love always no matter what. You are learning and growing. Then repeat these phrases, preferable out loud, using “I” and then using “Your name”.

If you find resistance in loving yourself and your body unconditionally and/or if you find yourself getting into the self beat up mode, then it is an indication that you need to work on clearing toxic emotions such as guilt, shame, self-blame, regret, self-rejection and self-loathing. Accepting and loving yourself and your body wherever you are at now, facilitates greatly your weight loss journey.

# 4 Let go of judgment of your body and yourself

In the Law of Attraction weight loss secret # 3, we discussed the importance of loving yourself and your body unconditionally. Now we are taking about letting go of judgment, which is the essence of unconditional love. In addition, letting go of judgment of your body and yourself, is key to align the Law of Attraction weight loss in the direction of manifesting your desired body weight and shape.

Are you sabotaging your weight loss with your resistance?

According to the Law of Attraction, what you resist, it persist. In other words, what you focus on, it grows. Let us discuss how this Law of Attraction fact might be sabotaging your weight loss:

Each time you focus on your present body and you judged it as fat with an emotionally feeling of rejection, you send out the vibrational frequency of fat to your subconscious mind and re-energize your present physicality. Each time you eat until your stomach is super-full and judge yourself with any toxic emotion (anger, regret, guilt, blame, shame, rejection etc.), you send out the vibrational frequency of super-full stomach to your subconscious mind and re-energize the behavioral habit of overeating.

Our subconscious mind language is vibrational frequency. The more intense is your judgment, the more intensely you feel the toxic emotions, resulting in a higher intensity message to your mind that keeping a fat body and filling up the stomach to maximum are important.

For those of you that are familiar with Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction weight loss teachings, they use the terminology of “Upstream” to refer to your thoughts, emotions and actions that are pushing against what you do not want. The pushing against is resistance and per the Law of Attraction what you resist, it persist. In the above examples, you are pushing against being fat with the emotion of rejection and you are pushing against overeating with one of more of the toxic emotions. Per Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction terminology, you are in upstream mode re-creating what you do not want.

Are you sabotaging your weight loss with toxic emotions?

Therefore, it is key, that you release judgment of your present body shape and weight and of your eating habits. Letting go of judgment means that your relationship with your body and with food is void of any toxic negative emotions. It is essential that you accept yourself and your body, just as you are. Paradoxically, the acceptance and being at peace with your present body weight will open the space for a healthier, slimmer body.

Now that you know that toxic emotions stored in your field can sabotage your weight loss, please do not judge yourself when you catch yourself having a negative (toxic) emotion. When you judged yourself for having a negative emotion you are resisting it, and what you resist, it persists. In this case you would perpetuate toxic negative emotions by attracting situations and re-creating a body that trigger in you negative emotions that makes you feel bad.

At this point, you might be asking: How to get out of such a vicious cycle? The answer lies in healing negatively charged events that started the vicious cycle. This includes transmuting and clearing the toxic emotions. My favorite modality is Dawn Clark Antidote Clearing Toxic Emotions protocol. This is a 7 step process that goes beyond forgiveness and transmutes your emotional pain into love, peace and joy. It includes an Antidote Personalized Codes, which are created specifically for you.

# 5 Free yourself from the effects of judgments of others

In the Law of Attraction weight loss secret # 4, we talk about letting go of your own judgment about your body and eating habits. The second part of this equation is freeing yourself from the effects of other people opinions and judgments. This includes freeing yourself from the society standards, trends and fashions of what a perfect body shape and weight supposed to be.

Stop trying to fit in an idealized body image promoted by the media. In Abraham Hicks weight loss teachings, they recommend to stop comparing yourself with others. Imagine if you would be living in an island, surrounded by loving pets but no other humans, no media, no weight scales and no mirrors, you would eat to feel vibrant and you would eat to be in physical wellness.

Get in touch with your authentic motivations to lose weight

It is interesting how the images of a perfect body shape and weight has changed throughout history and have varied among cultures. There were periods in our history when being overweight was considered desirable, beautiful and a privilege of the wealthy high-class people. There were periods in our history when voluptuous women were considered beautiful and were considered the image of perfect body shape and weight, as depicted by some painters like Rubens.

Having said that, I am by no means promoting obesity, because being overweight have negative effects on our health and vitality. The reason to bring up the fact that perfect body image have varied throughout time, is to ask you to relax about your looks and instead focus feeling good in your body. And most importantly and above all, get in touch with your authentic motivations to lose weight that originates from your inner-self.

Your authentic motivations to lose weight originated from within, from the wisdom of your heart, will never be from a place of fear, worry, rejection of self, comparison with others or any other low vibration thoughts. Instead your authentic motivations to gain a slender body are fueled with feel good positive emotions and the simple desire of being in a vibrant, agile and healthy body, void of any concern of other people opinions or judgments.

Be wary of other people opinions

Be wary of other people judgments, opinions and criticism about your body weight. The exception is when they are offering their support and love for you to overcome the challenges that are leading you to jeopardize your health by being overweight.

The paradox of the Law of Attraction for weight loss is that the more sensitive you are to others people judgment about your body image, the more friends and acquaintances you will attract, that are quick in formulating an unsolicited opinion. In this case, we are taking about unkind criticism about your body weight.

It is not uncommon at any age, and especially among teenagers, who are looking for acceptance and belonging, to spiral down and develop an eating disorder in an attempt to fit into the standards of their friends, peers and society. Teenagers are especially susceptible to this occurrence. They might be in a perfect healthy body weight and as a result of comparing themselves with others and/or being criticized, they start dieting and sometimes they end up developing an eating disorder.

They find that no matter what body weight they reach, there will always be somebody that offers a critic; however the harshest criticism comes from their own selves. The solution is to re-ignite their innate self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love.

Stand firmly in the knowing of your innate worth

You might be rather sensible to the opinions of others about your body weight. If that is the case, first you need to recognize that you can’t change others but you can change your perception of others opinions. In that way you free yourself from the effects of other people judgments. For that you need to align with your authentic self, with your higher eternal self. Your eternal self knows you are light having a physical experience, knows you are magnificent, knows you are worthy of all goodness in life, knows you are love and you are lovable.

Now you might be asking: Why did I forget my magnificence? How do I align myself with my higher eternal self? You forgot your magnificence and your innate worth as the result of you taking the courageous journey of the human experience. It is part of the physical journey of being human, you and/or your ancestors experienced multiple traumatic life events that fractured you. In that fracturing you dissociated from the knowing of your infinite worth, from the knowing of your inner power, from the knowing of your innate safety and from the knowing of your authentic self.

Lack of self-worth, feelings of void, feelings of inadequacy and fears that resulted from fracturing of your field are common causes of excessive weight gain. To heal the fracturing and recover your core strengths and knowing of your worth, I recommend you to follow Dawn Clark program called Repairing Core Fractures.

# 6 Stop focusing on losing weight

This Law of Attraction weight loss secret seems contra intuitive, at first. However, because focusing on losing weight usually brings up resistance, you end up with the same body weight or even gaining weight. Let us cover in more detail how your focusing on losing weight sabotage your weight loss:

a)When you frequently focus your attention on losing weight, your subconscious mind interpretation is: “ We need to keep gaining weight in order to be able to keep losing weight”. Your subconscious mind primary function is survival and to keep you safe. It is working to keep a certain body weight for your safety and survival; this is called body weight set point.

b)For most people, that want to lose weight, are feeling the wanting in rejection of their present body. In other words, the thoughts about losing weight are accompanied by judgments (resistance). For example: I look terrible, I need to lose weight. I hate my body and I desperately need to lose weight. People are looking at me funny, they must be thinking that I am fat and I have to lose weight.

This is resistance and judgmental focus on being over-weight. This type of focus re-create, again and again, being overweight. Furthermore, because the Law of Attraction works based on “What you resist not only persist, but it will grow in size”, you might end up gaining weight. Please see a more detailed explanation in Law of Attraction secret # 4

c)The phrases weight lost, to lose weight contain the words “to lose” and lost. Our subconscious mind has a negative connotation with these words simply because in most instances “to lose” and “lost” are used in the context of an unwanted event and/or the need to find or to recover or to gain back what we lost. For example: I lost a lot of money and I need to gain it back. I lost my keys and I need to find them. My pet died and it is a great lose.

Therefore your subconscious mind response to the language of “ I am losing weight” or “I lost weight”, is “I need to find the lost weight” and/or “I need to gain back the weight I lost”. Consequently, it is very helpful in your journey of slimming down to use alternative expressions such as: to release weight or to slim down.

Now you might be asking: How to lose weight without focusing on it? Instead of focusing on losing weight focus on the following:

  • Gaining a slender vibrant body
  • Visualizing your vibrant slender body. Please see LOA weight loss secret # 2
  • Accepting and loving yourself and your body. Please see LOA weight loss secret # 3
  • Eating mindfully. Please see LOA weight loss secret # 7

# 7 Eat mindfully

Mindfulness is a practice of being present with your thoughts, emotions and body sensations, without any judgment. It is a practice to increase self-awareness; in this case applied to eating.

What is mindful eating?

To eat mindfully is a process of gaining self-awareness of your thoughts, emotions and body sensations as it relates to your food choices. As you become in tune with your emotions and with your body, it allows you to make choices about your eating habits that are aligned with your experiencing positive emotions. In the following paragraphs, I am sharing with you some steps to follow for mindful eating:

Decide to eat to feel good holistically

Make a decision to do your best to only eat and drink food and liquid that makes you feel good holistically. This means that makes you feel good not only to your taste buds while you eat, but also continue to feel good at the end of the meal and in general it contributes to a state of physical well-being throughout the day. In addition, feeling good holistically also means that you feel good about your food choices (quality and quantity).

Take advantage of the gifts of nature. For example, turmeric is a root that support your health and might help you to reach and maintain your desired weight.

Ask yourself empowering questions about food choices

Before you put any food or drink (except water) to your mouth, ask yourself:

  • Will this food/drink contribute to my health and physical well-being?
  • Will this food/drink contribute to my feeling good about my food/drink choices, after I finish eating?
  • Would somebody who loves self ingest this food/drink?
  • How eating this food/drink made me feel the previous time I eat/drank it? Alternatively, or in addition, you might choose to plan out your food choices, the previous evening based on choices that make you feel good. Experiment to find what works best for you.
Set the intention of eating for wellness plus bless your food

Before each meal of snack, close your eyes and set the intention that the food you are about to eat get processed by your magnificent body are in alignment of vibrant health, vitality, physical well-being and aliveness. Then feel appreciation and gratitude for the food that you are getting ready to eat and for your body. In Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction weight loss teachings, they use the phrase “bless your food”, which is another way of saying to feel appreciation for your food.

Eat slowly while savoring your food and staying in tune with your body

Eat slowly. Pay attention and take notice of the texture, smell, taste and any other sensations in your mouth and body while you eat. Wonder about the myriad of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients that your food contains and imagine the cells of your body being happy. While you eat, tune in with your body and specially your stomach to feel if you had enough. Allow yourself to leave food on the plate, if you have reached a comfortable fullness of your stomach.

Make incremental changes toward healthier food choices

If you are not already eating a diet of mostly whole non-processed foods with plenty of greens and vegetables, start adding them to your meals. You can train slowly your taste buds to appreciate and notice the different flavors. Experiment with different healthy food choices and find out what foods best suit your body in regards to vitality. Please notice it is not about depriving yourself from all the foods that you like, it is more about making incremental changes toward healthier choices for your physical well-being, which will result in natural weight loss.

Be aware (mindful) of your food choices to avoid any regret

Whenever you decide to eat a food that you like very much but it might not be in the category of “healthy”, decide that you will savor it very slowly, you will enjoy it and you will not feel any regret afterwards. For example, occasionally you might eat a piece of pie that brings you happy childhood memories. In that case, allow and amplify the feel good happy emotions, by eating very slowly and very mindfully.

Document your experiences with mindful eating in a weight loss journal

Journal about how does the different foods and combination of foods make you feel in terms of vitality and feeling of well-being. This will help you to learn about which foods best suit your body. In addition, it will serve as self-validation of the improvements of well-being you experience as you make more and more healthier food choices in quantity and quality. Include in your journaling words of appreciation toward yourself.

Feel proud of yourself and celebrate, with gratitude toward yourself, every improvement in your eating habits and food choices. To self-validate and celebrate yourself are important to keep you motivated to lose weight and most importantly to keep you motivated to develop long term healthy eating habits. Celebrate yourself for any incremental improvement toward eating more mindfully and write them down on your weight loss journal.

Be very kind and patient toward yourself. If you catch yourself with any self-judgment for perceived failure of not following up with the practice of mindful eating and/or if you catch yourself having thoughts of regret of what you ate of how much you ate, pause and tell yourself: It is ok, I am learning. I am getting better at mindful eating, I am getting more in tune with my body, I am getting more in tune with my emotions. Write down phrases of encouragement in your mindful eating journal or weight loss journal.

# 8 Find ways to be happier now

Happiness is a state of high vibrational frequency and it feels great. Very often, we postpone feeling happy to a future time when we reach certain goal. For example: I will be happy when I achieve 20 pounds of weight reduction, I will be happy when I can wear my size 8 skinny jeans.

However the paradox with the Law of Attraction for weight loss, is that if you consistently feel happy regardless of your present body weight, it will be much easier to achieve your desired weight reduction. Therefore, throughout the day, pause multiple times and ask yourself: How am I feeling? What can I do or think now to feel happier? For more information about different practices that can help you to be happier, please see the article title “Key to happiness and ways to be happier”

# 9 Transmute and clear negative toxic emotions

This Law of Attraction weight loss secret is about transmuting and clearing negative toxic emotions to overcome overeating habits of emotional eating, including overcoming binge eating. To gain a deep understanding, let us start by defining trauma.

What is trauma? Has everybody experienced trauma?

Traumas are life events in which we experienced intense negative emotions that are stored in our field. Some life events such as war, any kind of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual), accidents, loss of a loved one and bankruptcy are easy to recognize as traumas.

However, whether or not a life event is processed and stored as trauma in our field, it is very dependable of how each person interprets and process the event. For example, in a social gathering somebody delivers a joke at the expense of blonde women, there are three blonde women in the gathering, one of them interprets the event as a big insult and experiences intense anger and resentment, while the other two blonde women are not triggered at all. In this example the blonde lady who was triggered and experienced toxic emotions of anger and resentment suffered a trauma and she stored the toxic emotions associated with this memory in her field

Another example is two siblings one year apart that grew up with parents that argued in from of them in their early childhood years. One of the siblings interpreted their parents arguing as being his fault for being a burden to his parents and uploaded to this field toxic emotion of guilt, while the other sibling was unaffected. In other words, seemingly minor life events like listening to parents arguing with each other can be traumatic for some children and not for others.

Everybody on this planet has experienced some trauma to different degrees or severities.


Why trauma can result in overeating behaviors?

Unhealed traumas are stored in our field and contribute to our symphony of vibrational frequency that we are emitting. The negative toxic emotions, vibrating in our field, lower our vibrational frequency and consequently we have the tendency to be in low mood. In addition we are more susceptible to attract and be triggered by life circumstances that re-ignite the negative emotions.

When our vibrational frequency is low and we feel in low mood or in emotional pain, we will seek out something to bring up our mood. That “something” for some of us is food. In this case we seek out food as a means to feel better. This is called emotional eating or comfort eating, that results in consuming more food than what we need for a healthy nutrition and/or consuming low quality foods (junk food) that we find comforting.

What is emotional eating or comfort eating?

Emotional eating or comfort eating are eating behaviors in response of our impulse to seek out ways to achieve any of the following:

  • To mask or decrease our emotional pains
  • To uplift our low moods
  • To cope with stress

For this reason, despite our motivation to lose weight, we find ourselves reaching for food even when we are not hungry.

Evidently not everybody use food as a means to decrease emotional pain or to improve mood or to cope with stress; others might use cigarettes, drinking, video games, drugs, exercise etc. All compulsive behaviors of addiction to any substance or activity, or food, are engaged in an attempt to feel better by numbing the emotional pain.

Although food provides a short and temporary relieve, it does not resolve and heal the roots of the emotional pain. These behaviors are driven by an automatic response of our brain to remove pain. Binge eating behavior is an amplified form of emotional or comfort eating.

Why do I binge eat? Why can’t I stop overeating?

The other aspect of emotional eating or comfort eating is that it can spiral down into compulsive overeating (also called binge eating). It is a spiral down effect that explains why you binge eat and why your can’t stop overeating, that goes as follows:

  • You feel in low mood or emotional pain, you eat without being hungry to feel better, you initially feel better and then you crave for more.
  • You continue eating to get more feeling better, and then you get into self-blame mode that sets you back and amplifies emotional pain.
  • Now you reach out for more food to mask the emotional pain and eat until your stomach can’t take more.
  • This behavior is compulsive because you desperately seeking out to lift up your emotional state. It is also addictive because you do find temporary relief in food and that relief becomes a strong motivation to reach out for more food. At this point you feel like you can’t stop eating. This motivation becomes stronger than your motivation to lose weight.

At the end of a binge eating cycle you might end up with such an intense toxic emotions of shame and self-blame that falls into the category of trauma. Then you pile up more trauma on top of the already existing traumas stored in your field that makes you more susceptible to repeat binge eating cycles.

If you have spiral down to binge eating, probably it feels to you like you can’t stop overeating and it feels to you like you are condemn to binge eating. The good news is that there are ways to overcome binge eating and it does not have to be hard. I will provide some recommendations in the section of “How to stop binge eating?”

Why did I develop binge-eating behavior?

Binge eating is simply a behavior in response of your non-conscious part of your brain urging you to eat to uplift your mood.

The roots of binge eating or compulsive eating are the negative emotions uploaded in your field that are lowering your vibration. We said early that everybody has experienced traumas that uploaded negative emotions to different degrees. Therefore you might be asking how come not everybody is struggling with binge eating. Before answering this question, let me explain: “ Why do we develop binge eating disorder or any other compulsive behavior?”

The reason we develop any kind of compulsive behavior, for example binge eating, is that consciously we tend to run away from the feelings of the negative toxic emotions (emotional pain) stored in our field during traumas. This running away or suppressing of our feelings is taught by society. Since children we are taught that it is not ok to express our emotions and that our feelings are not valid.

Then as a result of consciously suppressing our emotions and feelings, the subconscious mind takes over and learns which activities and/or substances provide a relief or smoothing effect to help us feel better. As our subconscious mind learns that food (in the case of binge eating) is smoothing the emotional pain, it programs itself (brain wiring) an automatic response (an urge to eat) in response to the lowering of our mood or emotional state. Often time we don’t even notice the lowering of our emotional state because we have learned to detach from our emotions.

For some people the starting point or ignition point of the habit of binge eating is dieting. The part of the brain that is in charge of survival detects lack of food and compensates and swings to the other side of the pendulum by sending signals of urges to eat, which results in overeating and potentially spiraling down to binge eating.

Why some people end up binge eating while others do not?

Back to your question of “How come not everybody is struggling with binge eating”? The people who are not experiencing binge eating, despite having experienced some degree of trauma are those that fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Those who have learned how to heal any emotional wounds of traumas and they stay vigilant to keep their emotional body at a high vibrational frequency.
  • Those who express their emotions; in other words they allow their feelings. In addition they are consciously aware of their feelings and they are in tune with their emotions and bodies.
  • Those who smooth emotional pain with an alternative substance or activity.

Do not try to replace binging with another unhealthy compulsive behavior such as drinking. You can end up suffering from multiple compulsive behaviors without being able to stop binge eating.

How to stop binge eating? How to stop emotional eating?

The most effective and permanent solution to stop binge eating or emotional eating is to transmute and clear the negative toxic emotions uploaded to our field during past traumas. My favorite protocol and tool to achieve that is Dawn Clark program of Clearing Toxic Emotions with the Antidote. This program includes Antidote Personalized Codes created specifically for you.

It is a powerful program. As you work with your Antidote Personalized Codes, you will not only stop emotional eating but you will also receive benefits in other areas of your life. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

In addition the following process might help you to stop binge eating or emotional eating:

  • Whenever you feel the urge to eat outside of your normal nourishment meals, pause. (For your normal meals, follow the guidelines of mindful eating outlined in Law of Attraction weight loss secret # 7.)
  • After you paused, remind yourself that the urge comes from a signal that is programmed in your brain that is automatically fired under certain triggers (for example low mood).
  • Remind yourself that is just a part of the brain that is trying to get you to reach out for food to help you feel better.
  • Tell your brain, thanks for trying to help me but I do not need you now.
  • Remind yourself that your conscious mind has the power and freedom to calm and stop the urge to eat.
  • Then sit down, take few deep breaths and be with your emotions. Allow your feelings, pay attention to the sensations of your body. Just allow without any judgment your feelings to be, to pass through as sensations in your body.
  • Allow your emotions even if they feel unpleasant or uncomfortable or painful. When you allow your emotions, they dissipate. Just keep your attention on the sensations of your body.
  • When you have reached a feeling of calmness, you are done with that session. Congratulations, you have achieved with the intervention of your conscious mind to calm and stop the urge to eat.

As you engage in this process each time a binge urge is triggered, your brain programming for binging is weakened and with enough repetition the binging habit dissolves.

It must be mentioned that you need to be patient with this process. And above all, be loving and understanding toward yourself. If you are not able to stop binging with this process, please do not beat up yourself. Remind yourself that you are doing your best. Acknowledge and self-validate your efforts in your search for ways to overcome binge eating.

Also if you find this process very challenging, it means you need a more effective process such as Clearing Toxic Emotions with the Antidote. The Antidote Personalized Codes makes it easier and more effective to clear the toxic emotions that are triggering emotional eating.

In the next segment we are switching gears from emotional eating behavior of binging to gaining weight as a result of our high body weight set point

# 10 Reset Your Body Weight Set Point 

This Law of Attraction weight loss secret increases the vibrational frequency of your field by repairing and restoring your field that was fractured during traumatic events either experienced by you and/or inherited through your DNA.

In the section of this article of Law of Attraction weight loss secret # 9, we defined trauma as life events that uploaded negative emotions to your field. In addition a traumatic event can also fracture your field; more so if your safety or survival was compromised.

In the following paragraphs we will explain how the fracturing of your field might have translated into an increased Body Weight Set Point and how repairing your core fractures could be for you the most effective and long term LOA weight loss solution.

Why am I gaining weight?

If you find yourself that you have been motivated to lose weight: You have been exercising, you have tried numerous diets, you have tried the best weight loss supplements in the market, you follow a healthy diet and you still find yourself wondering “Why do I keep gaining weight?”

In this case, it is very likely, that the reason that you keep gaining weight is because your subconscious mind believes that you need that extra weight to assure your safety and survival and/or feel a void. This is referred as your Body Weight Set Point.

Safety and survive is priority number one for your mind. Therefore if traumatic life experiences, either yours or your ancestor’s dissociated you from the knowing that “It is safe to be slender”, “I can survival with a slender body” and uploaded a belief such as “ I need to keep a big storage of fat to survive”, then your mind will command your body to be efficient (low metabolic rate) and/or trigger more appetite.

If you have a high set-point of body weight you might be asking yourself: Why am I gaining weight even when I am eating less? The answer is that your body under the command of your subconscious mind programming will do everything to keep the set point.

What is your Body Weight Set Point?

The body weight set point is the number with a plus/minus band of Kilograms that your subconscious mind is programmed to keep and defend for your safety and survival. When your weight drops below the set point, your mind sends signals to your body to adjust and use all its resources and capabilities to return to the body weight set point. Your body being a magnificent and complex creation, has multiple levers such as appetite and metabolic rate to move in order to keep your body weight at the set point.

Why diets do not work for most people long term?

In this context diets are defined as restriction of calories intake. Diets do not work for most people long term because they do not re-set your body weight set point. Therefore if you eat less or burn more calories (exercise), the biochemistry of your body will adjust to lower your metabolic rate. This adjustment might result in an unexpected weight gain.

Of course there is a limit to the adjustment of the metabolic rate of your body. For that reason, if you go to an extreme diet you will lose some weight and your subconscious mind will interpret it as a famine and a thread to your safety or survival. As compensation, your mind will further increase your Body Weight Set Point to provide a safer body weight storage in preparation for a potential more severe next famine event. For that reason yo-yo dieting does not work and often time leads to progressive weight gain.

To learn more about this subject you might like to watch neuroscientist S. Aamodt Ted talk titled “Why dieting does not usually work?”

Why even the best weight loss supplement does not work long term?

Have you tried multiple weight loss supplements to find that helps for a few weeks or months and then they loose effectiveness? If yes, that is normal and it is the case for both over the counter weight loss supplements and prescription weight loss pills. Why? The answer is a High Body Weight Set Point.

A high body weight set point is also the reason that all those fat burning supplements and weight loss diet pills work only temporally for most people, if at all. Initially your body is surprised by the weight loss inducing chemicals in these weight loss supplements and you might get some temporary weight reduction. However, your subconscious mind goes in alarm when your weight has dropped below your set point. Then with the intelligence of your subconscious mind and body, they find ways to nullify the effects of the weight loss supplement you are taking.

Why Core Fractures can result in a High Body Weight Set Point?

There are traumas that fracture our field and program our subconscious mind with fears of being slim, fears of lack of food and fears of being attractive. In response to this type of traumas and to help us in our survival and safety, our minds increase our body weight set point.

Some examples of the reasons that our minds increase our Body Weight Set Point are:

  • To compensate for the void created with the loss of energy or loss of life-force that results from a fractured field
  • To create a protective body weight shield around us to act as a barrier from external threads
  • To create accumulation of body weight to guard against lack of food and/or lack of resources
  • To create a non-attractive body to avoid danger of sexual harassment or molestation

Are your ancestral fears of lack of food and fears of being slender sabotaging your weight loss?


How to reverse weight gain? How to change your Body Weight Set-point?

Are you already following a healthy life-style: healthy food choices, enough sleep and some exercise, yet you are struggling with excess weight?

If you keep gaining weight or you have not find a way to lose your extra pounds, then the answer is in your body weight set point. At a subconscious level you have fears about being slim and you believe that you need the extra weight. In response, your mind has adjusted your body weight set point to lessen your fears.

The fears about being slim are the result of traumas that fractured your field. Your fears of being slim translates into fears of losing weight. Your knowing that you can be safe, loved, healthy, wealthy and slim at the same time was lost during traumatic events experienced by you and/or your ancestors. You can gain back this knowing and your mind will lower your body weight set point.

The most effective and easy process that I know is Repairing Core Fractures that work with personalized codes and your intention for a slender, vibrant body as you engage with your codes. A very effective way to set the intention is by visualizing yourself enjoying your slender vibrant body and then engaging with your Repairing Core Fractures codes.

In this article, you can find more information on how to do visualizations for weight loss in LOA weight loss secret # 2.

In addition, the Repairing Core Fractures program will not only allow you to gain the slender body that you desire, but also you will own a powerful personalized tool that you can use to improve multiple aspects of your life.

# 11  Acknowledge and celebrate yourself

Do you fall in the category of people that only notice your mistakes or failures? Do you have the tendency to beat yourself up? Do you minimize your accomplishments?

Or do you fall in the category of people that see mistakes and failures as learning and growth opportunities? Do you self-validate all your positive actions and efforts?

Do you celebrate yourself? Do you appreciate yourself? Do you look in the mirror and say words of recognition and appreciation? Do you celebrate yourself for every accomplishment, no matter how small?

This 11th LOA weight loss secret is about consciously taking the attitude of the second category of people of acknowledging and celebrating yourself throughout your weight loss journey. Be your own cheerleader. Feel very proud of yourself.

This Law of Attraction weight loss secret is very important to help you to stay motivated to lose weight. In your weight loss journal highlight daily every baby step you took implementing these Law of Attraction weigh loss techniques. Toward the end of your daily journaling, look over all the highlights. Then smile and breathe in appreciation toward yourself. Finally close the daily journaling with some words of encouragement and gratitude toward yourself.

# 12 Keep a weight loss journal

Keeping a weight loss journal is our last but not least Law of Attraction weight loss secret. Keeping a weight loss journal is a tool that will help you to have a higher level of self-awareness of the exciting journey of transformation that you are taking to gain a vibrant slender body. Your higher level of self-awareness of your experiences as you implement the LOA weight loss secrets will make the process of releasing weight more effective plus it will help you to stay motivated to lose weight.

How to make a weight loss journal?

To make a weight loss journal buy a ruled notebook that you really like. There are no specifications for it, except that you treasure the notebook because it is the vehicle in which you will document your amazing journey of gaining a vibrant slender body.

In the first page of the notebook, you can write “My journey to my vibrant slender body” or “My journey to my slim down body”. In addition, if you can find a look alike picture that represents the slim down you, then paste it in the first page.

Then reserve the following 10-15 pages approximately, if you like to include pictures, or 3-4 pages if you not include pictures for the section of your journal called “My motivations to gain a vibrant slender body” or “My motivations to slim down” or “My motivations to reduce weight”. Do not use the title “My motivations to lose weight” (see LOA weight loss secret # 6).

Determine your list of motivations following the recommendations given in this article in LOA weight loss secret #1: Align your motivations to lose weight with the LOA. Then write this list of your motivations to slim down in this section of your journal at the beginning of your journey.

The rest of the pages of your notebook are for your daily weight loss journaling. The practice of handwriting versus typing for journaling has the benefit of engaging more your creativity and your feelings. However, if handwriting is a deal breaker for you to keep a weight loss journal, then do it in a word document or any digital notebook.

How do you keep a weight loss journal?

Often time a weight loss journal is used to record daily calorie intake, daily workouts and body weight. Law of Attraction weight loss journaling is not the typical weight loss diary of counting and recording calories, it is not a workout log and it is not a body weight tracker. To keep a weight loss journal, every day, date an empty page and write your experiences of the day, guided by the journaling prompts listed below.

Ideally, it is best to jot down your experiences throughout the day; however, doing it in one sitting once a day works as well. You can use the journaling prompts as titles and sub-titles of the different segments of your daily weight loss journal. Alternatively to speed up your journaling, you can title the segments with concise wording, for example “Visualizations”. Then go through the journaling prompts about visualizations, choose the journaling questions applicable to you in that day and record your experiences

Questions or Journaling prompts for a LOA weight loss journal

The journaling prompts listed below are based on the Law of Attraction weight loss secrets of this article. Please choose daily the journaling prompts that are applicable to you, based on the LOA weight loss secrets that you worked on that day. In addition do not limit your answers to yes or no, instead describe your experience with some details:

Journaling prompts for LOA weight loss secret # 1– “My motivations to gain a vibrant slender body”

“How to word your motivations to lose weight to have the LOA for weight loss working for you?” was covered in one of the first segments of this article titled “Aligned your motivations to lose weight with the LOA”.

Please list your motivations in your journal at the beginning of your Law of Attraction weight loss journey. Then, when you are doing your daily journaling scan over your listed motivations. In addition, whenever more ideas of inspiring motivations to reduce weight come to your mind, add it to your list in your journal. If you like you can also add pictures that represents your inspiring motivations to gain a vibrant slender body.

Journaling prompts for LOA weight loss secret # 2: “Visualizations”
  • What imagery or scene I visualized today?
  • How did I feel during my visualizations today?
  • How does the intensity of today feelings compares with the feelings experienced during yesterday visualizations?
  • Did any resistance come up during the visualizations?
  • Why am I resisting an outcome that I consciously desire?
  • What fears might be preventing me from enjoying full on visualizing my being slender?
Journaling prompts for LOA weight loss secrets #3-6: “Accepting myself and my body no matter what”
  • What thoughts of acceptance, kindness, gratitude I had today toward my body?
  • What thoughts of acceptance, kindness, gratitude, encouragement, positive acknowledgment I had today toward myself?
  • What thoughts of criticism or judgment I had today toward my body and what emotions I felt?
  • What thoughts of criticism or judgment I had today toward myself and what emotions I felt?
  • Did I react with any toxic emotion in response to any eating behavior and how could I be kinder and more understanding toward myself?
  • What did I do today that is kind and loving toward myself and how did I feel?
  • Did I practice today filtering my decisions using the question “ What would someone who loves self do”?
  • Did I go today into the self-beat up mode? If yes, did I pause and observe myself from a higher perspective? (Review LOA weight loss secret # 3)
  • Did I feel today hurt by someone comments about my body or eating behavior? If yes, how can I stand firmly in the knowing of my innate worth? (Review LOA weight loss secret # 5)
Journaling prompts for LOA weight loss secret # 7: “Mindful eating”
  • What did I eat today and how did I feel today in regards to vitality and physical wellbeing?
  • Did I choose my food with awareness of making healthy choices?
  • Did I make a small incremental change toward healthier food choices?
  • How was today eating experience?
  • Did I savor the food?
  • Did I pay attention to my body sensations while eating?
  • Did I notice when my stomach was full?
Journaling prompts for LOA weight loss secret # 8 and 9: “Emotions”
  • What was my emotional mood throughout the day?
  • What uplifting activities I engage on today?
  • Did I use today food to uplift my mood? What will I do next time? (Review LOA weight loss secret # 9- How to stop emotional eating?)
  • Did I experience urge to eat? If yes, what did I do? I am happy, with the outcome? If not, what can I do differently next time?
Journaling prompts for LOA weight loss secret # 10: “Re-set Your Body Weight Set Point”
  • What fears might I be holding that the survival part of my mind is translating into need of extra weight?
  • Do I have any feelings of void? Could I be trying to feel that void with food?
  • Do I feel safe, comfortable and confident to be seen? Could I be using excess weight to hide?
  • Do I feel lack of love? Could I be using food as a substitute to love?

The above journaling prompts can be helpful for you to gain insights into your brain survival wiring to a high body weight set point. If you choose to do the Repairing Core Fractures program you will notice that fears of lack, feelings of void, feelings of being unsafe fade away. Then your body weight set point will decrease and therefore losing weight will follow with ease.

Journaling prompts for LOA weight loss secret # 11: “Acknowledge and celebrate”
  • Go through what you wrote down based on the above journaling prompts and highlight or check-mark every single accomplishment, no matter how small you perceive it to be. The daily small steps you take accrue toward your body weight goal.
  • What else am I grateful for toward myself?
  • What improvements do I notice in my implementation of the Law of Attraction weight loss techniques, compared with where I was one week ago and one month ago?

Closing paragraphs

I firmly believe that the Law of Attraction weight loss recommendations given in this article will empower you to achieve a long-term weight reduction. No more struggle, no more depriving diets. Your subconscious mind will be aligned and will naturally keep you slender.

The journey of implementing these Law of Attraction weight loss secrets will take some dedication and self-encouragement. I know you can do it. Keep your focus on your vibrant slender body that you are creating and on how wonderful it feels.

Applying the Law of Attraction for weight loss is the healthiest way to lose weight. You will re-mold your physical body into a vibrant slender body. Be proud of yourself every step of the journey.

The LOA weight loss journey goes beyond the slimming down of your body. It is a journey that raises your vibrational frequency while aligns you with your desired body weight. It is exciting! I am looking forward to hear about your experiences implementing these Law of Attraction weight loss secrets. I am looking forward to hear about your amazing results!

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