Short Love Quotes – Explore the Magnificence of Love

15 Short Love Quotes by famous people with beautiful images. Enjoy multiple facets of the Magnificence of Love - from these short love quotes. 

In addition we present to you 29 Short Love Quotes for him or her - derived from famous love quotes.

Introduction – Short Love Quotes

  • Are you looking for Short Love Quotes for him - to touch his heart?
  • Are you searching for Short Love Quotes for her – to melt her heart?
  • Would you like to explore some of the multiple facets of Love?
  • Do you know someone that is grieving the loss of a loved one - and might benefit from eternal love quotes?
  • Are you interested in learning about the relationship between Love and both Internal and Physical Beauty?
  • Are you curious about the relationship between Love and physical manifestations?
  • Would you like to know what might be preventing you doing more of what you love?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then this post is for you. You will find answers within these short love quotes. In addition, you might like to read the descriptions to explore in more depth the meaning of these short quotes about love.

I carefully compiled for you 15 Short Love Quotes by famous philosophers, poets and authors. These are short quotes about love - yet they are deep and meaningful.

In addition, you will find in this post, 29 Short Love Quotes for him and/or for her. These were derived from 3 Famous Short Love Quotes for couples.

Short love quotes for couples

This short love quote by William Blake is a beautiful love quote for him or her. It is a beautiful short love quote for couples.

Look into the eyes of your husband or wife, drop into your heart and state this love quote: “I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love”.

When you do that you are expressing true love from your soul to his/her soul. The eyes are the windows of your soul. For this reason, it is best to state this quote looking into each other eyes.

Divine love is true love. Divine love is unconditional love. Your true essence is divine love. Recognize divinity through each other eyes.

This short love quote by W. Blake is also a deep love quote and a true love quote.

Short love quotes for him and her - Divine Love

" You and me are one in Divine Love"

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Other short love quotes for couples - that are derived from William Blake divine love quote that you might like are:

  1. The sparks of your eyes remind me of the divinity of our love
  2. You and me are one in divine love
  3. We are each other mirrors in divine love
  4. Our love is divine and pure
  5. Our love is a divine communion of our bodies, minds and spirits

"Our love is a divine communion of our bodies, minds and spirits"

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Short love quotes for him and for her -Sunshine

You can use this short love quote to express to your romantic partner your appreciation for their love. You are expressing that you value their love as much as a flower values sunshine.

You can use variations of Max Muller short love quote for her or for him. You might like some of our variations of M. Muller quote about love presented below.

Short love quotes for him
  1. You are my sunshine and I am your flower
  2. Your love is like sunshine to me
  3. I want to be bathed in your love forever
  4. As the light of sunshine, your love brightens up my day
  5. Your love magnifies the light of my love
  6. Like the Sun caressing a flower, you caress me with your love
  7. Like a flower that blossom with sunshine, I blossom in beauty with your love

"Like the Sun caressing a flower, you caress me with your Love"

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Short love quotes for her

The following short love quotes for her are variations of Max Muller's Sunshine love quote. 

  1. Your love and your smile brightens up my day
  2. I want to bathe in your love everyday
  3. Your tender love is like the early morning rays of the Sun: Soft yet bright
  4. Your love is like sunshine that illuminates my day
  5. I am a man that cannot live without your love

Your Love and your Smile brightens up my day

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Needing Love quote

Needing Love quote

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love”    Max Muller​​​​

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The above Max Muller quote is a short love quote for him or her, as well as, it is a needing love quote. He is stating “a man cannot live without love” which means a man needs love.

Let us now ponder about the meaning of Max Muller love quote beyond the romantic perspective. Let us talk about the concept of needing love.

By design, we humans come into this world as babies needing love and care from our parents or caregivers.

As babies we cannot live without love. As adults we still need love and mostly we need it from ourselves. We need to increase self-awareness of our true essence of love. We need to develop self-love.

At some point in our journey of self-awareness and self-discovery, needing love is replaced by joyful knowing of being infinite love.

We get to the knowing of joyful giving and receiving abundance of love. It is not from a place of needing, it is from a place of the joy of sharing love. It is from a place of knowing that our true essence is divine infinite love.

Short love quotes for him or her – Eyes quotes

This short love quote by Miguel de Cervantes is expressing that the eyes are the windows of the soul. And since the nature of the soul is love, the sparks in your eyes communicates love. It is also a love quote about eyes.

Therefore, you can use this short love quote for him or her. You might prefer some variations of it, some suggestions are:

  1. I love gazing into your eyes
  2. The look in your eyes reminds me that I am loved
  3. When I see that look in your eyes I feel loved
  4. The look in your eyes tells me that you love me  
  5. I love the way you look at me
  6. The sparks in your eyes looking at me ignites love in my heart
  7. When I look into your eyes, I know I am loved
  8. When I gaze into your eyes, I feel all is well because you love me
  9. The look in your eyes reveals how much you love me
  10. No words are needed when you look at me this way
  11. If  I could capture your loving gaze in a bottle, I would.
  12. Nothing makes me feel happier than being bathed by your loving gaze

Short Love quote about Loving     

This short love quote by Thomas Fuller is expressing the fact that you are the generator of the feeling of love.

When you are engaged in loving, you are generating the emotion of love in your heart. Then love flows from your heart throughout your body and into your aura.

The flow of love emanating from your heart - feels good and pleasurable.

On the other hand, when you are being beloved, unless you openly receive and give, then you do not feel it. Actually what you are feeling is your own response of feeling loved or feeling blessed by others.

This is the same principle as happiness: Nothing and nobody can give you happiness but yourself. Other people and things can inspire you and ultimately you are the generator of love and happiness.

When you are in love - you are feeling your own love that you are projecting onto your loved one.

Short love quotes by Shakespeare - Relationship quotes

This love quote is practical for relationships. Seek out romantic and friendship relationships where there is mutual and balanced giving and receiving of love.

Do your romantic partner and friends appreciate and value what you do for them? Do they take you for granted?

If you are attracting relationships that are taking you for granted and do not value you, it means that you are not valuing yourself enough. In that case you would benefit from freeing yourself from low self-esteem.

Juliet tells Romeo “You kiss by the book”. She is telling him that he is following instructions on how to kiss.

It is common for us to be concerned of our kissing performance- especially in our first kiss. In that case, we might seek out instructions and kissing techniques. That is kissing by the book.

The alternative is just to let ourselves lose in the feeling and passion of the kiss without any concern of doing it the “right” way. Let go of any kissing performance anxiety.

  • Do you worry about him/her not liking your kissing?
  • Do you suffer from any kissing performance anxiety?
  • Do you have fears of being rejected based on your kissing performance?
  • Do you kiss by the book?

Let go of any kissing performance anxiety. There is no "right" or "wrong" way. 

Short love quotes  - Love and beauty quotes

Physical beauty is subjective to our individual and group perceptions. For that reason there is a great diversity of preferences in the forms and styles of art that we love.

The more we can perceive beauty in all creation and all forms and styles of art, the more we can feel the love of life.

This short love quote by Saint Augustine states that there is a direct correlation between love and beauty.

When love grows, all the beautiful heart love based qualities such as kindness, compassion, peace and joy grow. Therefore, it is clear that spiritual beauty grows with love.

What about physical beauty? How does love correlate with physical beauty? Physical beauty has a component of subjectivity that is a function of personal and cultural preferences and perceptions. If we set aside the subjective aspect, physical beauty is directly correlated to health.

Our physical bodies thrive in the high frequency vibration of love. Our physical bodies love the frequency of love. In other words, the more consistently we generate the frequency of Love, the healthier and more beautiful our bodies become.

Healthier bodies translate in physical beauty and physical wellbeing. Therefore love is not only the beauty of the soul, as Saint Augustine love quote states. Love also manifest as beauty of the body.

“ The frequency of love generated by your heart rejuvenates and regenerates your body”

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Your soul true essence is pure love. Your body rejuvenates and regenerates when consistently is bathed in the frequencies of love generated by your heart.

In other words, the secret to both internal and external beauty is generating consistently positive emotions of high vibrational frequency. It sounds simple but is not easy.

If you, as most people nowadays, is challenged to generate and feel consistently positive love-based emotions is due to stored negative toxic emotions.

Therefore the answer to internal and external beauty is to Clear Toxic Emotions - such as Guilt, Shame, Regret - that lower your vibrational frequency. It is also the answer to feel happier and healthier.

Get rid of toxic emotions of guilt, shame, regret, anger, rejection, betrayal etc. Toxic emotions are heavy burdens for your heart and your body.

To clear toxic emotions, I use “The Antidote”. It is a life-changing program that works with personalized Antidote frequency codes.

If you like to check out details about this powerful Clearing Toxic Emotions program go to: The Antidote.

Short love quote about Love energy of manifestation

Robert Browning states in this short love quote that love is the energy of creation and manifestation. Therefore "Love is the energy of life".

Love is the essence of our soul and being. Love is the magnificent energy of infinite abundance and manifestation.

He is taking about love as the energy, or raw material, for manifestations.

In this short love quote, R. Browning is conveying very concisely that Love is the rocket fuel for our physical manifestations. In other words Love is a key ingredient of the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

Why is that? The reason is that the raw materials for physical manifestations are the energies of thought combined with emotion.

Love and love based emotions, such as peace, and joy, are usually called positive emotions or pleasant emotions.

Love based emotions are high frequency vibrations that attract and manifest pleasant or positive physical manifestations in life.

If you like to learn how to leverage the high frequency of Love to manifest your desires, a powerful course for that is Manifest Pure Thought.

This is an advance and unique course about manifestation. Check out the description of the content at: Manifest Pure Thought.

Short love quote about real friendship – True friends quote

We all have heard this short love quote about real friendship, in different forms.

This friends quote is a timeless quote. It was written by Euripides in Ancient Greece and it is still very applicable to modern times.

Relationships and friendship are tested during challenging times. We really get to know our true friends in times of trouble.

Can you show your love and support to friends when they most need it? Do you cultivate true friendship?

Do you have true friends that you can count on them and vice versa they can count on you? That is real friendship.

Short love quote - Timeless love quote

Emily Dickinson is this short love quote is stating - that when you are generating the frequency of love, you transcend time. To love is so joyful and delightful that you stay present in the moment of Now.

Emily states that love is startling; in other words love is full of surprises and excitement.

In this short love quote, the author is also describing timeless love.

When you love you are not bored and you disconnect from time.

Short love quotes – Eternal love quotes

Emily Dickinson in this short love quote is stating that even when a loved one leaves this physical world, their true essence of love continues to exist eternally.

This eternal love quote reminds us that our loved ones are unable to die, only their physical bodies die. Their souls, which are light and love are immortal (endless).

Our love to them and their love to us transcend death of the physical body. It is endless love. It is eternal love.

Therefore this love quote by E. Dickinson is also an endless love quote and eternal love quote.

In addition, it is a grief quote or more exactly a getting beyond grief quote. The reason is that knowing that “our loved ones are unable to die, for love is immortality” help us to heal grief.

In his short love quote, Khalil Gibran states that love surrounds every being and embraces all that shall be.

Love emanates from the core essence of our hearts, surrounds us and expands into the infinite.

Gibran in this love short quote is describing that love is infinite and eternal. He is stating that love is omnipresent.

Therefore this love quote is also an eternal love quote and an infinite or endless love quote.

Short love quotes on doing what you Love

This short love quote by Saint Augustine summarizes this concept of doing what you love.

All these famous philosophers, saints, poets, authors have been teaching for thousands years the same concept of doing what you love. Yet, nowadays a high percentage of people are doing jobs that they do not like. They are doing jobs just for the money. Fortunately, this is changing.

As people are freeing themselves from the shackles of fears, limiting beliefs of subconscious programs, the number of people doing what they love is increasing. More people doing what they love translate in a happier society.

Encourage your children to choose careers they love. Encourage them to find ways to add value to others by doing something they love.

As for yourself, if your doing and performing in life is not aligned with what you love, make changes to do so.  You can start with baby steps moving in the direction of your authentic-self expressing what you love to do.

“When you do what you love, you are joyfully expressing your authentic-self

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Doing what you truly love is inspiring and fulfilling because it is in alignment with your authentic self.

Therefore, the first step is gaining clarity on what do you truly love independent of others opinions. Ask yourself, the following deep questions:

  • Do I know my authentic self?
  • Am I aligned with my authentic self?
  • Do I listen more to others opinions than to my own authentic self?
  • Do I perform in life running mostly on unconscious habits?
  • Or, do I perform in life expressing my authentic self?
  • Is my performance in life filled with obligations that feel heavy?
  • Or, am I performing in life expressing my authentic self and feeling inspired?
  • What fears are holding me back in expressing my authentic self and doing what I love?

When you do what you love, you are expressing your authentic self. Then you are in love with life. You wake up every morning with enthusiasm and go to bed every evening in a state of gratitude for life and peace in your heart.

Performance in life is about your doings. A key to happiness and fulfilment is aligning your performances or doings - with your authentic self.

A powerful and unique resource to help you to do that is the course titled “Knowing Yourself Through Performance”.

This course is from my teacher Julius and includes deep teachings and guidance on the following topics:

  • The path of living your authentic self
  • How to break unconscious habits?
  • How to help children make more fulfilling career choices?
  • From fear to love
  • Manifesting your dreams
  • How to move away from non-beneficial performances? ….. and much, much more.

Check out description of the content of this deep and insightful course at: Knowing Yourself Through Performance

There are many societal beliefs - that are embedded in us as subconscious programs that have existed for thousands of years  - about work and money needing to be hard.

Some examples of these limiting beliefs or programs are:

  • I need to work hard to earn an honest living.
  • I cannot make money doing what I love.
  • I need to make sacrifices to make money.
  • Jobs and work are never enjoyable.
  • Money is hard to get.
  • Money does not grow on trees.

Confucius in his do what you love quote is encouraging you to choose a job that you love and it will never feel as work.

Confucius was born 551 years BC in times were people had far less opportunities than any of us today. Despite of that, he was already recommending people to do what they love.

Nowadays, you have more opportunities to choose from to do what you love and make a comfortable living.

To do what you love is expressing your authentic self. It is expressing the desires of your soul.

If you are not making a comfortable living doing what you love, then you have conscious and subconscious programs and fears preventing you to do that.

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