What is manifestation? 7 manifestation blockers of your dreams and a supercharger

Do you know that you are continuously manifesting your life in autopilot? Do you know that you can take conscious command of your manifestation process to create the life you desire? This article is intended to give you understanding of what manifestation is, manifestation techniques and practical tips to help you to become a master in manifestation.

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What to do when heartbroken? How to heal from a breakup?

Many songs, poems and books have been dedicated to the significance of being heartbroken. It is a human experience that we all go through. It is one of the most challenging emotional pain experiences. It can also be one of the most expansive growth experiences.

If you are heartbroken, please remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I dedicate this article to that beautiful light that is within you.

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Importance of forgiveness- Are you forgiven?- How to get forgiveness?

In this article you will be inspired by the importance of forgiveness as your path to happiness. You will discover if you are forgiven, who have you not forgiven, why is so hard to forgive, why forgiveness is for you, how to get forgiveness plus much more.

14 key questions on this essential topic of forgiveness are covered. For ease of navigation, Table of Content included below:

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12 Law of Attraction weight loss secrets: #1 Align LOA with motivations to lose weight

I reveal in this article, 12 actionable Law of Attraction weight loss secrets. I start by showing you how to word your motivations to lose weight to have the LOA working for you. Losing weight is a goal that so many of us pursue for years, even decades. I certainly did and I learned a lot.

You will discover in these LOA weight loss secrets, why you keep gaining weight, how to stop sabotaging your weight loss, what is body weight set point, how to stay motivated to lose weight and much more. My intention is that you find, in this article, the insights and solutions you need to achieve and maintain with ease your body weight goals.

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Definitions, types and examples of beliefs

Beliefs are everything we hold in our field as truth. These beliefs are our programming that creates our reality. The issue is that most of us are unaware of a high percentage of our beliefs.

In a previous article about how to manifest money, I described ways to identify and upgrade your beliefs. In this article, I will dive deeper into the different types of beliefs. I will also present you some examples. My intention is to help you to identify which beliefs might be holding you back from manifesting the life of your dreams.

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