29 True Love Quotes Revealing the True Meaning of Pure True Love

True Love quotes

Enjoy 29 True Love quotes with images. Find out why True Love is Pure Love.

Discover what different sages, mystics, philosophers and authors said about True Love. Reflect on the deep messages of the quotes on True Love of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Rumi, Gandhi and others.


What is True Love?

True Love is Unconditional love. It is free from judgments, conditions and requirements. Therefore, True Love is the total acceptance and embracement of self and others.

True Love is expressed through the qualities of kindness, understanding and compassion.

True Love is Pure Love because it is not contaminated with any shadows of the altered ego. It is Joyful because is Pure Love, free from fears and judgments.

Dive deeper into the fascinating meaning of the purity of True Love through the following quotes on True Love.

“ True Love is Pure Love, free from fears and judgments "

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Jesus Christ on True Love quotes

True love quotes – Love your enemies… quote by Jesus Christ
Love your enemies quote by Jesus Christ

This quote comes from Matthew 5:44 verse of the Bible; the complete verse is as follow:

“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” ~Jesus Christ

Jesus in this quote is taking about true love or unconditional love. Kindness, compassion and understanding of your enemies is the ultimate challenge of practicing true love. It is a high consciousness state of pure true love.

With the example of the sun, Jesus illustrates what true love is. The sun always rises and sends its life giving and sustaining light and love to all beings on earth. The sun does not discriminate between good and bad people, the sun loves each of us unconditionally.

“True Love is love without limits, without conditions or requirements.”

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True Love quotes – Love one another… quote by Jesus Christ
Love one another quote by Jesus

This True Love quote by Jesus comes from John 15:12 of the Bible:

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” ~Jesus Christ

Jesus modelled True Love by loving everybody he would encounter unconditionally. In this true love quote, Jesus is encouraging us to love each other with true love, to love without judgment of each other.

True love quotes – Love your neighbour… quote by Jesus Christ 
Love your neighbour as yourself quote_Jesus Christ

This True Love quote comes from Galatians 5:14 verse of the Bible. Jesus asked us to love our neighbours and ourselves with unconditional true love.

True love quotes – Outdo yourselves in honoring… quote by Jesus Christ
Outdo yourself quote by Jesus
Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Outdo yourselves in honoring one another ~Jesus Christ

This True Love quote comes from Romans 12:10 verse of the Bible.

In this verse, Jesus is teaching about an essential aspect of true love, which is honoring one another.

To honor one another is to acknowledge without judgment each other uniqueness and differences.

To honor is to deeply respect each other for who they are and who we are, regardless of differences. This include, among others, respecting and honoring all cultures, all races and all religions.

Buddha on True Love quotes

True Love quotes – True love is born… quote by Buddha
True Love is...quote by Buddha

True Love is unconditional love. In others words, it is to love even those people that are seemingly unlovable.

To be able to love the unlovable, we need to understand that those that hurt others, it is because themselves are internally deeply hurting.

They are hurting so much that they have become completely unconscious. They have shut down their hearts. They have fallen to the lowest level of consciousness.

True Love quotes- To understand... quote by Buddha
To understand quote by Buddha

In this True Love quote, Buddha is teaching us to understand and forgive those that have hurt us.

To do that it requires understanding and compassion toward our wrongdoers.

To be in True love, we need to Clear all Toxic Emotions such as anger, bitterness and hatred we feel towards those that have hurt us.

Toxic emotions do havoc in our bodies plus, by Law of Attraction, they keep attracting unwanted situations.

This explains why some people keep attracting the same type of abusive partners, again and again. To get out of attracting any unwanted repeated situation, they need to clear their toxic emotions.

If you are holding onto any toxic emotions toward others or yourself, you would greatly benefit from Clearing your toxic emotions.

A powerful resource to do that is the program called The Antidote. It comes with personalized Antidote frequency codes that are very powerful and effective.

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True Love quotes – If you truly loved… quote by Buddha
If you truly loved quote by Buddha

Buddha, in this True Love quote, is teaching us that those human beings that truly love themselves can never hurt others.

In other words, the reason of wars and cruelty towards others is a deep lack of self-love.

The meaning of this true love quote might seem paradoxical sometimes. For example, narcissists might appear to be self loving. But truly they lack self-love and self-esteem, as much as the co-dependants.

True Love quotes – Silence the anger… quote by Buddha
Silence the anger quote by Buddha

In this True Love quote, Buddha is teaching us be in understanding and compassion toward those that are angry.

By staying centred in true love and sending intentions of peace and calmness to someone who is angry, we can help silence the storm of anger.

True Love quotes – Hatred ceases… quote by Buddha
Hatred ceases quote by Buddha

Family feuds that go on through generations is an example that the only way to stop hatred is through true love.

At least one of the families has to take the initiative of forgiving through the power of true love.

It is challenging and takes a lot of courage. However it is the only way to stop the painful cycle of hatred and revenge.

True Love quotes – Love the whole world… quote by Buddha
Love the whole world quote by Buddha

The love of a mother toward their children is unconditional. It is precious.

Buddha, in this true love quote, is encouraging us to love the whole world unconditionally. In the same way a mother loves her beloved child

To do that, we need to know that everybody true essence is love. It might be deeply buried under many layers of hatred and cruelty but is there.

Exercise true love by daily setting the intention that all human beings, without exceptions, return to their true essence of pure love.

True Love quotes – Radiate boundless love… quote by Buddha
Radiate boundless love quote by Buddha

The message of this True Love quote is to be in a high consciousness state of pure love.

True love is powerful and boundless. Once you embody true love, you emanate and radiate out the frequency of love toward the entire world.

You become a source of inspiration for others to embrace their true essence of love. You become a catalyst for heaven on earth.

Krishna quote on True Love

True Love quotes – He who has no… quote by Krishna
He who has no attachments quote by Krishna

Krishna teaches, through this quote, that true love is pure and divine. True love is to love the entire world without conditions, judgments, expectations or attachments.

“True Love is love without judgments, without conditions or requirements”

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Gandhi quotes on True Love

True Love quotes – A coward is… quote by Gandhi
A coward is quote by Gandhi

Gandhi in this quote is taking about true love. The reason is that true love is to love even the unlovable. And to love the unlovable courage is required.

In other words, the journey of forgiving our wrongdoers is a journey of true love and great courage.

It is also the journey of freedom, liberation from the heaviness of toxic emotions and unwanted repeating patterns.

True Love quotes – Our innermost prayer… quote by Gandhi
Our innermost prayer quote by Gandhi

This true love quote comes from the following paragraph of Gandhi writings:

“I came to the conclusion long ago that all religions were true and also that all had some error in them, and while I hold by my own religion, I should hold other religions as dear as Hinduism. So we can only pray, if we were Hindus, not that a Christian should become a Hindu; but our innermost prayer should be that a Hindu should become a better Hindu, a Muslim a better Muslim, and a Christian a better Christian.”~M. Gandhi

Gandhi is illustrating true love: To love the entire world, to hold dear all religions and to pray that all humanity become better (regardless of their religious affiliation).

Gandhi is not judging or criticizing any religion or any fundamental beliefs. He does not say that his religion is better than others. He holds dear all religions and all humanity. He prays for the best for all. That is True Love.

Rumi quotes on True Love

True Love quotes – Out beyond ideas… quote by Rumi
Out beyond ideas quote by Rumi

The field that is beyond judgment of wrongdoing and right-doing is True Love

“True Love is beyond right and wrong”

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True Love quotes – Love without limits quote by Rumi
The garden of love quote by Rumi

In this true love quote, Rumi is stating that true love is beyond the duality and judgement of this physical world.

  • True Love is beyond good and bad.
  • True Love is beyond light and dark.
  • True Love is eternal, endless and infinite.
  • True love is love without limits, without conditions or requirements.

“True love is beyond good and bad”

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True Love quotes – And still the Sun… quote by Rumi
And still after all this time quote by Rumi

The love of the Sun toward earth and human beings is a great example of True Love. It gives its light and love without expectations or attachments. It gives to all human beings without judgment of good people and bad people.

The Sun gifts to all humanity its light and love. It brightens up our days. It sustains life. Thank you Sun.

As I am writing, tears of gratitude toward the Sun covered my eyes.

True Love quotes – Love embraces all quote by Rumi
Love embraces all quote by Rumi

True Love embraces all without judgments and without requirements. There are no conditions to be met, no achievements to reach to receive True Love.

True Love does not discriminate anybody based on type of beliefs, or religion, or race, or gender or anything whatsoever.

Very few human beings presently on earth know True Love toward self and others. On the other hand, the Sun, the Starts, the Trees, animals and Nature in general do know True Love.

Next time you feel alone and thirsty for true love, connect with Nature or the Sun or the Trees or a favourite animal. They would never judge you; they accept you just as you are.

“True Love is all encompassing, all embracing and accepting.”

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Confucius True Love quotes

True Love quotes – I want you… quote by Confucius
I want you to be quote by Confucius

This is a beautiful quote of True love for him or her. When you can express your partner or a loved one this love quote by Confucius and really mean it from your heart, you are expressing true love.

With this true love quote, you would be telling your loved ones that you love, accept and value them in the totally of who they are. In this way you would encourage them to be authentic. You would be making them feel safe and to be emotionally open with you.

In your heart feel into the meaning of this true love quote and then express it to your wife or husband. Invite your romantic partner to be and express his/her authentic self.

An amazing resource of teachings about how to connect with your partner at a deeper more fulfilling level is the course titled: Hidden Keys to A Loving Relationship.

This true love quote is also applicable with your children, parents, siblings, other family members and close friends.

As parents, it is important to be consistently exercising True Love toward our children. The reason is that lack of True Love might cause fear of love and lack of confidence.

True Love quotes – When you wish… quote by Confucius
When you wish quote by Confucius

Confucius, in this quote, is saying that True Love is to love others as we love ourselves.

I think that if we do not give to ourselves True Love, then we are unable to give it to others. 

Once we reach a high level of consciousness and love ourselves with True Love, Pure Love, - then we organically give True love to others and radiate Pure Love to the entire world.

Friedrich Nietzsche True Love quotes

True Love quotes – In True Love… quote by F. Nietzsche
In True Love quote by F. Nietzsche

The true essence of every being is Pure Love. In other words, it is the pure essence of True Love of our souls.

Our souls operate with the energy of Pure Love. On the other hand, our altered ego operates with the energy of fear.

Our journeys are about reprogramming the altered ego to transmute fears and to allow the essence of pure love of our souls to shine through.

A powerful resource with teachings of powerful daily practices is the course titled Reprogram The Altered Ego.

Check out the description of this profound course at: Reprogram The Altered Ego

True Love quotes – Whatever is done… quote by F. Nietzsche

Whatever is done for Love quote by F. Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche is this short love quote is taking about unconditional love or true love. Beyond good and evil means beyond judgment of right and wrong.

Examples of true love are parents always loving their children regardless and beyond their children good or bad behaviour.

Lord Byron True Love quote

True Love quotes – I love not… quote by Lord Byron
I love not Man quote by Lord Byron

This true love quote was extracted from the following paragraph of Lord Byron writings:

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.” ~Lord Byron

Nature never judges. Nature generously gives us true love, free from conditions or requirements.

We can all feel the true love of nature. It is a vibrational frequency that feels good and it is healing.

No wonder we all love being in nature. We energetically get recharged with the true love of nature.

William Shakespeare True Love quotes

True Love quotes – The course of true love… quote by W. Shakespeare
The course of True Love quote by W. Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is saying in this true love quote that love encounters challenges with ups and downs.

To ride the ups and downs with understanding of self and each other is True Love.

This is very applicable to close relationships such as romantic partners. The more you can stay away from judgement and embodying True Love, the easier is to navigate the ups and downs of relationships.

True love is to love unconditionally and that is very challenging for us as human beings. For that reason, an ideal relationship based on consistent True Love is rare.

Per Law of Attraction for love, you attract relationships that mirror back to you the qualities that you embody. Therefore be True Love and you will attract relationships of True Love.

True Love quotes – Love asks… quote by W. Shakespeare
Love asks me no quote by W. Shakespeare

True Love embraces all without judgments or requirements. Therefore true love gives endless support without questions.

It takes a very high consciousness level to know true love and radiate it to the entire world without judgments or expectations.

An example of True Love is the Sun giving us endless light and love without questioning us.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld True Love quotes

True Love quotes – True love is… quote by F. Rochefoucauld
True Love is like ghosts quote by F de La Rochefoucauld

True Love is a popular term because we all desire to be accepted and valued for who we are, just as we are. However relationships of mutual complete non-judgmental acceptance of each other are rare.

Francois de La Rochefoucaulf, in his true love quote, is saying that very few human beings have seen true love.

He is expressing that true love toward all human beings is very rare and elusive.

True Love quotes – As long as we love… quote by F. Rochefoucauld
As long as we love quote by F. de La Rochefoucauld

To forgive ourselves and others, - we need to let go of judgment of things done or not done. In other words, we need to clear toxic emotions such as anger, regret, guilt, shame etc.

To let go of judgments is to embody True Love. Therefore, as long as we embody true love, we can forgive.

We can move beyond forgiveness and heal all wounds with true love. Have you forgiven yourself and others?

Antoine De Saint-Exupery True Love quotes

True Love quotes – True Love is… quote by A. De Saint-Exupery
True Love is inexhaustible quote by A. De Saint-Exupery

This True Love quote is referring to the infinite abundance nature of True Love. Once we reach the very high level of consciousness of true love, we become vessels and radiators of the infinite source of pure love.

True Love quotes – True Love begins… quote by A. De Saint-Exupery
True Love begins quote by A. Saint-Exupery

When we embody True Love, we know our Nature of infinite abundance. Therefore we do not lack of anything and we give from our infinite source without attachments or expectations.

We give without expectations on getting something in return, as Antoine De Saint-Exupery expressed in this True Love quote.

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