42 Rumi Quotes on Love, Life, Friendship, Tears, Peace and Self-awareness

Be inspired and delighted by the beauty, depth and wisdom of these Rumi quotes that I carefully selected for you. Beautiful images included, as well as, a description of the meaning of each Rumi quote listed in this post.

Read beautiful Rumi quotes on Love, Life, Friendship, Tears, Peace and Self-awareness.


Introduction – Rumi quotes  

Rumi was a Persian poet and Sufi mystic born in 1207 AD. His poems and writings are very popular because of the beauty, depth and wisdom of them.

They are also popular because his teachings are meaningful, inspirational and applicable to our lives.

As you read Rumi quotes, ask yourself: What does this quote mean to me? How can I apply it to my life?

Also, if you like, read our interpretation of the meaning of Rumi quotes.

Rumi quotes on Love   

Rumi quotes on Love are deep, heart warming and beautiful. Rumi in his Love quotes describe multiple aspects of Love - while he takes us in a journey of wonder and self-reflection.

Finding Love quote 

Rumi in this love quote is teaching you that if you desire to find love, first you need to clear your inner barriers that keep love relationships elusive. You might be asking: What are those barriers? Where are those barriers?

The barriers within yourself are both conscious and subconscious. Your barriers might be mostly subconscious which means you are not aware of them.

The barriers that are in your way to attract love are non-beneficial programs, toxic emotions and fears.

Do you fear love ? Do you fear falling in love ? Do you fear rejection ? Did you get heartbroken ?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you would greatly benefit from recovering your strengths and let go of fears.

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Heart and Soul Love quote   

Rumi in this love quote is conveying the eternal and endless nature of love that is beyond time and space.

Separation is the illusion of physicality that we perceive with our eyes and other senses.

The love of your heart and soul transcends space. You might have had intuitive insights about what a loved one at the other side of the ocean was experiencing at a given moment. That is an example of the heart to heart love connection.

Be in Love quote     

Rumi in this love quote encourages you to be in love all the time, regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

He is taking about being present in every moment of now, accepting and allowing of what is.

  • Be in love with your life every detail of it.
  • Be unconditionally in love with yourself.
  • Be in love with your family.
  • Be gratefully in love with your home.
  • Be in love with dancing.
  • Be passionately in love with your job.
  • Be in love with cooking.
  • Be immensely in love with gazing to the beauty of the sky.
  • Be blissfully in love with Nature.
  • Be in love of the beauty of the Autumn leaves

In addition not only be in love with the enjoyable and pleasant experiences of life. Also be in love with your negative emotions and experiences. This seems very paradoxical and at first does not make sense.

To be in love with your negative or toxic emotions is to accept and allow them. The alternative is to resist and try to push away the unpleasant feelings. What you resist persist and what you allow to be disappears.

Therefore, next time you are angry, just allow the sensations of anger run through your body, sit with them, give them space and attention (love). When you do that it dissolves and dissipates. If you don’t, it gets locked in your body.

If you find yourself challenged with being in love with yourself and life in general, the reason is that you have toxic emotions stored in your body.

Clearing toxic emotions will free you to be in love with yourself, others and life. It is the key to happiness.

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Through Love quotes by Rumi    

In this love quotes, Rumi is taking about the transformative Power of Love. In other words, through Love anything is changeable.

Through love, magic and miracles occur. Through Love, rapid and even instant healing is possible. Love is magnificent.

There are no limits to what we can accomplish through love. However, since most of us are not ready to accept the Power of our own Love, we find these quotes mind blowing.

“ Love is the key to magic and miracles” 

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Love is our mother quote   

This is a mind blowing quote by Rumi in the micro to macro meanings.

In one hand, in this love quote, Rumi is referring to the humans and mammals process of conception, growth and birth of a baby human or animal.

As an individual human being, we are created and born from Love.

Love is our mother and motherhood is love.

On the other hand, Rumi in this love quote is also expressing that Love is source energy from which our Universe and planets were born.

Love is the energy of creation and manifestation.

Love and Enlightenment quote   

Rumi in this love quote is taking about love beyond a physical body. Letting go of life and taking a step without feet refers to the journey of our souls ascending to dimensions of light and love.

Flying toward a secret sky refers to the adventurous journey of our souls into unknown territories as the Universe expands through endless and eternal love.

Love causes a hundred veils to fall each moment refers to the awakening of our souls to the knowing of oneness and simultaneity of infinite parallel realities, dimensions, realms and vortices. It is Enlightenment.

To reach Enlightenment is to be fearless. We definitely would let go of fear of the unknown. How else would we have the courage to fly toward a secret sky? Being fearless is Love.

This is another mind blowing quote by Rumi. It is not only a quote about love but also it is a quote about Enlightenment and Oneness.

If you like to learn about what is beyond the veils in other dimensions and realms, you will love Julius course titled: Adventures through Dimensions, Realms and Vortices.

The more we know about what is beyond the veils of our present sensory perception, the more fearless we become. Check out the description of this mind blowing course: Adventures through Dimensions, Realms and Vortices.

Love and Pain quotes by Rumi  

Rumi in this love quote is teaching us to learn from pain and transform it to love and wisdom. Pain is our greatest ally when we have the self awareness to recognize it as a messenger and teacher.

Keeping your heart open through everything means to pay attention to your emotions and feelings. Emotions are felt in your body. Therefore, stay present and aware of the sensations of your body.

An emotional pain or toxic emotion gives you the message that your perspectives are not in complete alignment with your higher truth of love.

Physical pain and illness are messages from our bodies telling us that we are taxing them with stored toxic emotions and/or unhealthy lifestyle.

Most people have gone through life experiences that triggered painful toxic emotions such as shame, guilt, regret, betrayal, rejection, anger…

Unfortunately many of us instead of learning from the messages of our painful toxic emotions, we numb ourselves in an attempt to run away from pain.

However running away from pain never works, we need to listen to pain as Rumi said in his quote.

Once we listen to pain, we can start harnessing the lessons from the painful life experiences. This is part of the process to transform painful toxic emotions to love and wisdom.

The question is how to do that? It can be challenging to discover the lessons or gifts from painful life experiences.

However there is a protocol aided by personalized Antidote codes that makes the process exponentially easier and faster.

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Love and Words quotes by Rumi 

Love is a high frequency vibration that feels wonderful. It does not need words to express it; therefore it transcends all languages.

Languages are the communication vehicles used presently in this planet. In reality, as the level of social consciousness of humanity increases, - there will be a point in which we can all communicate telepathically through frequencies.

Rumi is defining in this words quote, the Law of attraction love principle. He is saying that the words do not constitute the attractor factor in a romantic soulmate relationship, but rather is an inner bond.

In terms of the Law of attraction for love, the inner bond is a vibrational frequency resonance that attracts a couple to each other.

This relationships quote or words quote by Rumi is also a Law of Attraction for love quote.

Do what you Love quotes by Rumi    

This is a meaningful, do what you love quote by Rumi. It is likely that what you really love doing is not in alignment with what your culture and society deems as successful career.

You might have bought into limiting beliefs that in order to earn a living you have to choose conventional careers and jobs. You might have the limiting belief that you can’t make money doing what you love.

Rumi in this love quote is encouraging you to allow yourself to be gently pulled in the direction of what you really love. Choose your career based on what you really love to do.  It will never take you out of your correct path.

This do what you love quote by Rumi is teaching you to get inspired by the beauty of what you love and then doing it.

  • Which beautiful ways to add value to others inspire you?
  • Do you get inspired to create a clean environment?
  • Do you love to express yourself through some form of art?
  • Does the beauty of improving other people life inspire you?

Let the beauty of what you love and what you care for inspire you to take action and make it your doing.

Rumi quotes on Love and Life      

Rumi in this love and life quote is taking about the force or Power of Love that gives you life.

The light that is within you is love and it is the life-force energy that gives you life.

In this love and life quote, Rumi is advising us to live life by allowing ourselves to move toward what we truly love.

What you truly love feels good in your heart. Therefore follow the guidance of your heart in your life choices.

Life choices include the news you listen to, the friends you surround yourself with, the music you listen to, the articles you read, the videos you watch, your career etc.

In other words, follow your joy. Your heart is quietly speaking to you. Do you take the time to move away from external distractions and listen to your heart daily?

"Your heart is quietly speaking to you"

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Travel nourishes the adventurous and playful nature of your soul. Travel brings power into your life because it gives you glimpses into your true nature of freedom.

Travel brings love back into your life because it helps you to be more accepting and understanding of the diversity of people and cultures.

Travel helps you to develop love for all humanity. This is of paramount importance for global peace and harmony across all nations.

This quote by Rumi is not only a love and life quote but also an inspirational travel quote.

“Travel nourishes the adventurous and playful nature of your soul”   

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Rumi quotes on Life   

Rumi quotes on Life give us a broader and deeper perspective and understanding of Life.

Reflect on the meaning of these quotes on your Life. Ask yourself: How can I apply the messages of these quotes to improve my Life?

Perception of Life quote by Rumi

This Rumi quote on life comes from the following poem:

“The world exists as you perceive it.
It is not what you see.. but how you see it.
It is not what you hear.. but how you hear it.
It is not what you feel.. but how you feel it.”

In this poem or set of life quotes, Rumi is teaching us that our perceptions and interpretations of our sensory inputs give existence to our life and world.

It is a teaching of great wisdom and practical applications. The reason is that we can choose our perceptions and interpretations of the information we receive through our senses.

It is about choosing to see the glass half full instead of half empty. It is about choosing to focus in all the ways you are blessed in life – instead of focusing on what you lack.

How do you hear and feel when somebody criticize you? Do you hear it and feel it as a hurtful critique? In this perception you react and feel one or more toxic emotions such as anger or shame.

 Or, do you hear it and feel it with the understanding and perception that the other person is projecting on you their own self-judgement? In this perception you stay centred in a space of peace and understanding.

Choose consciously your perceptions in alignment with peace, understanding, compassion, love and joy.

In other words, choose deliberately your perceptions in alignment with what feels good to you.

Make it a practice to consistently challenge yourself to choose thoughts and perceptions that make you feel good. Depending on your situation, this can be very challenging but the rewards are immense.

Rumi quotes – All Life Supports You      

  • All life orchestrates in my favour. 
  • All life supports the manifestation of my desires in harmony with all.

The above two sentences are examples of beliefs that are empowering and beneficial.

This Rumi quote on life is teaching you to embody this belief about life playing out in your favour. Embodying a belief is to make it a knowing and living it.

You might be saying: “Presently life is not playing out in my favour, should I pretend?”

This is where changing your perception of what is playing out in front of you comes in. If you focus your attention on aspects of your life that are playing out in your favour, those aspects will grow.

It is a Law of Attraction principle: What you focus on, it grows. Therefore it is for your benefit to consciously choose to focus on gratitude and present blessings.

I know it is very challenging because our Altered Ego is programmed to focus on what we lack and what might go wrong. Therefore we keep attracting lack and unwanted events.

We are also subconsciously programmed to pay attention to what might go wrong as a survival program.

If you are challenged to “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour”, then you would benefit greatly from the teachings and practices given on the course titled: Reprogram The Altered Ego.

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Let Life Live Through You  quote   

As humans, many of us, have fear of change and fear of the unknown. Many of us, rather stay in an unhappy situation than make changes.

Often time, we rather endure a precarious life circumstance than to face the unknowns of a new life. For example, we might rather stay in a toxic relationship than make changes.

Rumi, in this quote on life, is encouraging us to live life in the flow. This means being in tune with our inner guidance and embrace changes accordingly. Listen to your joy not to your fears.

Rumi is also advising you to let go of fear and worries of changes. Instead trust and know that life and the Universe support your wellness.

Remember that what you believe and know, it becomes. Therefore for your benefit embrace the knowing that life always supports your wellness and happiness.

Believe, accept, feel and know that the Universe always supports your goals in life.

Life Manifest from the unseen world  quote 

In this set of quotes about life delivered by Rumi in the form of a poem, he is teaching us about the source of life and our world.

Rumi is saying that the raw material for the physical manifestations of life is an infinitely abundant source of energy.

Life physical manifestations are slow down forms of source energy. The physical manifestations are temporary and subject to the concept of time.

On the other hand, source energy is eternal, infinite, continuously expanding and beyond time.

The good news is that within you there is an infinite reservoir of source energy. From your internal source, you are manifesting consciously or subconsciously your life.

Do you love your life? Do you love all the people and circumstances that you are manifesting in your life?

If your answer is no, then you are manifesting your life mainly subconsciously. In other words, subconscious imprints of fears and worries are sabotaging your manifestations.

In this case, you will greatly benefit from the teachings and practices given in the course titled: Manifest Pure Thought.

This advance course delivered by my teacher Julius will guide you to get past your sabotaging subconscious imprints. It provides many aha moments.

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Following is the complete poem of this set of quotes on Life:

“Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.
The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same.
Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade,
But do not be disheartened,
The source they come from is eternal, growing,
Branching out, giving new life and new joy.
Why do you weep?
The source is within you
And this whole world is springing up from it.” Rumi

Body is a garment to experience Life quote 

The body is the vehicle of our souls that we created to experience physical world or what we call life.

Rumi, in this body and life quote, is expressing that our bodies are just customs, garments or vehicles that our souls are wearing.

When our souls leave behind a body is - what we call death. Our bodies, like garments, are temporary.  However our souls are eternal and are always safe.

In this life quote, Rumi is encouraging us to identify and to align with our souls instead of just focusing in our bodies.

Your true essence is the light and love of your soul. Your body is a magnificent, beautiful and complex vehicle for your soul.

Know that your true eternal essence is your soul. At the same time be in gratitude and love with your body that is allowing you to experience physical life.

Rumi quotes – Feel Life     

Our souls choose to incarnate on this physical dimension, in a physical body to experience the deliciousness of physical sensations.

Therefore “Get out there and feel life” as Rumi is expressing in this life quote.

Rumi is encouraging you pay attention and savour the sensations and feelings that come up with different sensory inputs. Some examples are:

  • Smell the roses and notice your sensations and feelings through your body.
  • Taste different foods slowly and consciously.
  • Feel the water running on your body while you shower.
  • Get an aromatherapy massage to smell the aromas and to feel the touch.
  • Contemplate and feel nature.
  • Listen and feel a piece of music that delights you.
  • Attend a laughing yoga class

Also seek out new activities and adventurous to increase the pallet of sensations and feelings that life provides. Feel life as Rumi said.

Love, laugh, cry, live... Feel life as Rumi said.

Rumi - Half of Life quote  

In this quote on life, Rumi is describing two common reasons, we humans miss out on happiness in life.

The first reason, he is taking about is: Fear of judgement and therefore worrying about pleasing others at the expense of our own happiness.

The syndrome of worrying about what others might think or say about us – prevents the expression of our beautiful authentic self.

The second reason, Rumi is mentioning in this life quote is: Taking others people words personally and therefore being triggered with anxiety.

Or even worse, surrounding ourselves with toxic people, that brings out anxieties.

In the last sentence of this life quote, Rumi encourage us to take command of our lives, express our authentic self, be love and surround ourselves with love.

Rumi quotes on Friendship      

Great friends support and lift up each other, during challenging times. You can use these quotes on friendship by Rumi, as words of encouragement, when a friend needs your support.

Rumi -Very old friends quote      

In this quote on friendship, Rumi is taking about friendship beyond this lifetime.

Rumi is referring to hearts or souls that meet again and again as friends throughout many lifetimes.

Have you experienced meeting someone for the first time and having the feeling that you already know them?

If that is the case then you probably had know each other as friends or romantic partners in other lifetimes.

When you are sad quote by Rumi       

This is a great quote to send to a friend that is feeling sad or lonely. Friends remind each other the astonishing light shining from within.

True friends encourage and up-lift each other by acknowledging each other light.

Rumi quotes – O friend      

Friendship is about mutual support and acknowledgment of each other value.

This quote on friendship is a great way to acknowledge the inner value of a friend.

Therefore next time a friend of yours needs a boost of confidence or self-esteem send them this quote.

With this quote we can help a friend to remember that there is a light of greatness within them that is shinning through their eyes.

Rumi – Listen to me quote     

This quote is great to encourage friends to focus on the blessings and beauty that surrounds them.

Next time a friend of yours is feeling sad, send them this quote to encourage them to turn their attention to appreciating how life is already blessing them.

Rumi quotes on Tears    

Beautiful quotes by Rumi on tears and sorrow. Never again hold back your tears because tears are sign of Power.

Rumi quotes – Sacredness in tears     

Tears are expressions of emotions. It can be tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of despair, tears of grieve, tears of anger, tears of bliss etc

No matter what emotions are behind our tears, - they are sacred because tears express emotions that are processed by our souls.

As Rumi said in this tears quote, tears are mark of power. The reason is that the more emotional and prone to be moved to tears a person is – the more allowance is giving to the expression of his soul.

The allowance of the expression of our souls translates into more self awareness of our authentic self. Knowing yourself facilitates you a more fulfilling life.

Unfortunately society has taught us to repress our emotions. Specially, boys are taught that tears are signs of weakness for men. This is so misleading.

It is time that children, both girls and boys, are taught that tears are signs of Power.

  • Do you hold back your emotions?
  • Do you fear to express your emotions?
  • Do you hold back your tears for fear of judgement of others?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above question, you will greatly benefit from the course from my teacher Julius titled: Feeling Your Emotions Safely.

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Rumi – A pearl in sorrow’s hand quote    

This sorrow and tears quote by Rumi is using the metaphor of a pearl formation – whereby an oyster out of an irritating sand of grain produces a beautiful pearl.

For us sorrow is an irritating or unpleasant emotion. Rumi in this quote is advising us to be kind toward the emotion of sorrow or sadness.

What does it mean to be kind with sorrow? It means to accept it, to feel it and to allow ourselves to cry.

It means not to repress sadness and not to numb or distract ourselves from sadness.

Therefore, next time you feel sadness, do the following:

  • Sit down and close your eyes
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Turn your attention to where in your body you feel the sadness
  • Ask your sadness if it has any messages for you
  • With your imagination and intention of love and kindness - wrap the area of your body where you feel sadness with a pink shining light.
  • Sit with the feeling of sadness until it dissolves
  • Allow yourself to cry if you feel like

From the messages of sadness and with love and kindness- pearls of wisdom can emerge from your sadness.

Rumi quotes on Self awareness     

Read these self-awareness quotes by Rumi and be inspired to embark on the journey of knowing yourself.

Rumi – Universe is within you quote  

This quote by Rumi points toward the importance of Self awareness. Since the entire Universe is within you, knowing yourself is to discover all the treasures of the Universe within your soul.

Rumi quotes – Go find yourself   

Rumi in this Self awareness quote is referring to the fact that you have a lot to explore and get to know about yourself.

You are a magnificent, complex and multidimensional being. Let go of playing small by finding yourself in the depths of your heart and soul.

Rumi – Know your own soul quote    

Rumi in this self awareness quote is saying that in the process of getting to know your soul, you discover fulfilment and happiness.

In addition, when you deeply know your soul, you discover Oneness. You know that everything is within you. What is to desire if you are everything?

Reconnect with your soul, - your authentic self - and discover joyful freedom.

If you desire to know your own soul, a powerful resource is a course titled: Reaching Greater Depths of Intimacy.

This course, by my teacher Julius, includes guidance, exercises and meditation to help you - reconnect with your soul. Check out the description of this life changing course at: Reaching Greater Depths of Intimacy

Rumi – Begin journey into yourself quote    

Rumi in this quote is encouraging you to take the journey of self awareness and self discovery to know your authentic self.

Rumi quotes – Do not feel lonely    

Many of us have forgotten that the entire universe is inside each of us. We believe in separation. Therefore we fear loneliness and sometimes feel lonely.

Through practices of self awareness we awaken to the knowing of our connection with all.

Once the illusion of separation dissolves, loneliness and fears of loneliness dissolves as well.

Entire Universe refers to Oneness, therefore this self awareness quote is also a Oneness quote.

“Whatever you’re looking for can only be found inside of you.”  Rumi

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Rumi - You have the answer quote   

Rumi in this quote is indicating the importance of knowing yourself. This is why we all benefit from self-awareness practices.

We are used to seek answers outside of ourselves. We forget that all the answers are within at the centre of our being.

Rumi quotes on Peace   

Peace on earth starts with peace within each of us. Therefore when you work on being and feeling more peaceful, you are not only benefiting yourself but the entire world.

Be inspired by these Rumi quotes to practice being more peaceful.

Rumi – Peaceful is the one quote  

Rumi in this peace quote is telling us that if we are content with what we have, then we are in peace.

The paradox is that when we are content and grateful for what we have, we attract more blessings to our lives.

Therefore, one of the techniques of the Law of Attraction is to focus on the abundance that you already have.

On the other side of the coin, - when we focus on what we do not have and worry about it, - we lack peace and keep recreating what we are worrying about.

Rumi – Not worrying about what they think   

This a peace quote, as well as, a freedom quote and do not worry quote. Rumi is taking about not being triggered by other people judgments or criticism.

This quote is about being free of worry and fear of judgement. It is liberating and peaceful.

In order to get to this liberating space, the first step is to learn to love yourself completely. This means unconditional self-love, free of judgment.

Once you love yourself completely, you stop being triggered by others judgment.

If you like to learn how to love yourself completely, I recommend you a great course with self-love practices by my teacher Julius.

Check out the description of this happiness and freedom elevator course: When You Love Yourself Completely

Rumi quotes – Feel a peaceful joy    

Rumi in this peace quote is taking about our emotional guidance of our inner self.

When you feel a peaceful joy, it is an indication that the thoughts you are having are aligned with the truth of your true self.

On the other hand, when you feel an unpleasant or toxic emotion, the thoughts you are having are coming from your altered ego as opposed to your true self.

Usually those non-beneficial thoughts are the result of subconscious non-beneficial programs or non-beneficial beliefs.

Therefore, each time you experience an unpleasant emotion, ask yourself the following deep questions:

  • What thoughts am I having?
  • What beliefs are feeding those thoughts?
  • What alternate beliefs can I choose that would make me feel more at peace?

Rumi - Do not worry quote   

Not worrying translates into peace. Therefore when people misunderstand you, do not take it personally.

Remember what Rumi is saying in this peace quote. People hear your words with their ears and interpret your words through the filter of their beliefs and subconscious minds programs.

Be patient and understanding that other people minds programs might be different to yours.

With this understanding you can stay peaceful when others misunderstand you.

“People interpret your words through the filter of their subconscious mind programming.   Stay at peace by not taking other people words and reactions personally”

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Rumi quotes on Beauty    

These beauty quotes by Rumi will remind you of the beauty of Life and most importantly of your own beauty.

Rumi – Your own Beauty quote  

Rumi in this quote on beauty is taking about the inner beauty and worth of each soul.

He is encouraging us to let go of worry by remembering our own beauty and magnificence of golden wings. Golden wings of beauty and freedom!

Can you stop worrying and accept your beauty and greatness?

Following is the complete poem by Rumi about beauty and strength:

“Oh soul, you worry too much. 
You have seen your own strength.
 You have seen your own beauty.
 You have seen your golden wings.
 Why do you worry?” Rumi

" Remember your golden wings of beauty and freedom"

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Rumi quotes – Beauty of the heart   

Rumi in this quote on beauty is point out the eternal beautiful nature of our hearts.

Our bodies are temporary and they can decay and lose beauty. On the other hand, the beauty of our hearts is ever lasting.

" Your true essence is eternal beauty"

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Rumi – Colours of the world quote     

Look at the colours of the world and be in awe of the beauty of nature. Be in awe of the beauty of life. Be in wonder of the diversity and beauty of the colours the world.

Life with the magnificent and infinite colours of the world was born from Love. 

" Beauty was born from Love "

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Rumi quotes – Beauty you see in me   

Rumi in this quote on beauty is referring to the fact that the qualities that we admire in others – are qualities that we possess but have not expressed.

Therefore one useful exercise to increase your self-awareness of qualities that are hidden within you, is as follows:

  • Make a list of 10 to 15 people that you admire. You can choose people from history or from the present.
  • For each person you listed, describe why do you admire them
  • Then, for each person, list the qualities that you admire about him or her. For example: Courage, compassion, generosity, charismatic, authenticity, kindness etc
  • Check which qualities show up more than once.
  • Now you have a list of qualities that are latent in yourself. Reflect on them and see if you can identify instances when you already expressed any of those qualities.

In addition you can intentionally seek out opportunities to express these beautiful qualities.

Remember the people that you admire are mirrors reflecting back to you – your own beauty.

"Your inner beauty is waiting to be expressed"

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