Key to happiness and ways to be happier

Key to happiness and ways to be happier. Find happiness in your life

Happiness! So elusive, yet it is what each human being is searching for. Our wants, our goals, our actions are driven by the underlying desire to find happiness. Have you ever asked yourself: How do I find happiness? What is the key to happiness? Is happiness a choice?

Before getting deeper into this subject, let us first define happiness.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of high frequency emotions running through our entire being (soul, mind, body, field). Some examples of high frequency emotions are love, joy, peace, calm, contentment, bliss, elation, enthusiasm etc. The high frequency emotions are often referred as positive emotions or feel good emotions or pleasant emotions.

There is a direct correlation between the frequency of the emotion and the level of happiness. For that reason, to find happiness, you need to raise your frequency. This is the secret to happiness.

What does happiness feel like?

Happiness feels like a deep sense of wellbeing. It feels like expansion and freedom. In the moments of happiness our minds are only processing uplifting thoughts and high frequency emotions.

When we are in a state of happiness we feel great and we savor the moment of Now. In the moments of happiness there is no room for fear, or worry, or anger or any other negative emotions.

Why happiness starts from within?

Most human beings have fallen into the trap of trying to find happiness on the external world. We often time think: I will be happy when I finish school, I will be happy when I get a raise, I will be happy when I buy my dream home, I will be happy when I pay out my debt, I will be happy when I find my perfect romantic partner, I will be happy when I become CEO, I will be happy when I buy my dream car etc.

All these external achievements and/or fulfillment of our goals are great and bring us some temporary happiness. However, there are several issues with the dependence of external circumstances and/or other people to bring us happiness:

  • It is temporary and it wears out quickly. We might be very excited and happy that we just received a raise in salary and reached the top position of CEO in the corporate ladder. Few weeks later, after the celebration is over, you might be thinking “Well, now what, I reached the top position after so many years, so what. Why am I still feeling unfulfilled?”
  • Per the Law of Attraction, to manifest the money, success, wealth and relationships that we desire to bring us some happiness, we need to generate internally a high frequency emotional state. In other words, we need to be consistently happy in our being and then all the external manifestations that we desire will follow. Happiness starts from within.

Mastering this principle is to know, how to use the Law of Attraction. It is what many of us are missing, we postpone feeling happy for the future and we make it depend of getting something external. Instead what we need to do is to find daily, as many reasons as possible, to feel happy.

What is authentic happiness?

Authentic happiness is a high vibrational emotional state that does not depend on external circumstances or other people. Therefore, authentic happiness is also called inner happiness. It is the knowing of how to stay in the vibrational states of love, peace and joy, regardless of what is playing out in our external world.

The paradox is that when we master being authentically happy and we are happy no matter what, the Universe sends us more manifestations to be happy for. When we no longer need external circumstances to change for us to be happy, external circumstances in all areas of our life get better and better with ease.

Where does happiness come from?

Happiness is a high frequency emotional state that is generated internally. Our brain accepts or rejects thoughts based on our beliefs. The thoughts, often time, are the repetition of our stories based on past or worries about future.

After our brain accepts a thought, an emotion is attached to it. It happens so automatically (subconsciously) that we are rarely paying attention of what we are thinking about, and what emotional state we are generating from the inside out. If the emotion generated has a high frequency, it translates into a feeling of happiness and a feeling of wellbeing in our body.

Is happiness a choice?

When thoughts and emotions are on going outside of our awareness, it appears as if we are powerless to life. We often time feel victims of circumstances and life. In this case we are just reacting, Life is happening to us, instead of, Life is responding to us.

There is another way; it is the alternative option of designing and manifesting the Life that we desire. It is the realization that indeed happiness is a choice. When we embrace this perspective, and make it a priority to heal our emotional wounds and to focus on generating happiness internally, it is Life changing.

Now, you might be asking: How do I find and generate happiness from within? How do I raise my frequency? What are some ways to be happier?

How to find inner happiness? What are some ways to be happier?

Since your inner happiness is directly correlated with the frequency of your emotional state, the way to inner happiness, which includes inner joy and inner peace, is to raise your frequency.

From my point of view, there are 4 main categories of practices to engage on to be happier. In reality, happiness is the nature of your Eternal self. Therefore your quest for inner happiness is an exciting journey of remembering your True nature. The four (4) main categories of ways to be happier are:

I- Engage in practices to break free from the shackles and limitations of past traumas.

II- Surround yourself with people, environments and information of high frequency state.

III- Practice consistently activities that raise your vibrational frequency.

IV- Engage in practices that increase your self-awareness.

Let us know elaborate the four main categories of how to find inner happiness:

Category I- Break free from the shackles and limitations of past traumas.

When we experience a life event with high emotional charge, either positive or negative, that event is filed in our subconscious mind as important. Not only the memory of the event is filed, but also the experienced emotions and the perspectives or beliefs we deduced from the event.

If a life event is traumatic, our field is fractured plus we are imprinted with non-beneficial beliefs and toxic emotions. Past traumas created a distortion in our field, from our true core essence of pure love. Therefore, past traumas keep us shackled and limited until we discover we have the power to free ourselves.

What are traumatic life experiences?

Traumatic life experiences are those events that triggered in us toxic emotions (negative emotions) of high intensity. These types of events uploaded to our subconscious mind, non-beneficial beliefs together with toxic emotions. In addition to the toxic emotions and non-beneficial beliefs, traumatic events fractured our field.

You might be thinking: “I never experienced any traumatic life events”. Therefore, you might be asking: “How come am I not consistently happy?” In this case you are probably equating trauma to events such as abuse, major accidents and major catastrophic events. However, sometimes as child or as adults, we have been intensely triggered by seemingly mild events. It depends of our interpretation of the event, perspectives and reactiveness.

A similar life event might have been traumatic to person A while it was not to person B. Some examples of life events that are traumatic for some people and not for others are: losing a job, failing a test, losing money, breakdown of a relationship, child getting loss in a mall, child not getting desert for not finishing the main dish etc.

Why past traumas rob you from present happiness?

All traumatic experiences are stored energetically in our field and subconscious, even when we do not have conscious memory of them. The soup of our vibrational broadcast contains the frequencies of these stored memories. Therefore, our capacity of being in the high vibrational frequency state of happiness is greatly diminished. We stay entangled with the pain, limitations and fears created in the past until we do the work to break free.

How to break free from the negative effects of past traumas?

To break free from the negative effects of your past traumas and unlock your true nature of happiness, you need to engage in practices to heal and transform the following 3 categories of energies:

  • Toxic emotions: Also referred to as negative emotions or bad emotions or painful emotions or unpleasant emotions or emotional blocks or emotional baggage.
  • Non-beneficial beliefs: Also referred as false beliefs or counterfeit beliefs or limiting beliefs or negative beliefs or disempowering beliefs.
  • Core fractures: Also referred as soul dissociated fragments, or loss of wholeness, or soul loss.

What are toxic emotions (negative emotions)?

Toxic emotions are low vibrational frequency emotions that are triggered in response to traumatic life events and then get locked in our field. Examples of toxic emotions are anger, betrayal, bitterness, resentment, guilt, shame, hate, jealousy, blame, self-loathing, regret etc.

Ancient practices like Qigong have documented the fact that the low vibration emotions constitute, in our body energy flow system, emotional blockages that hinder our physical health.

The toxic emotions, energetically, are like poison for our bodies. Once uploaded, they slowly disease our physical bodies and accelerate aging.

In addition, per the Law of Attraction, when we carry in our field low vibrational emotions, it makes us a magnet to people and situations that play out unpleasant scenarios that trigger us, again and again, with toxic emotions.

If you want to find your inner happiness and joy, it is important that you actively seek out and practice a technique, or healing modality, or process to clear toxic emotions.

I have used, throughout the years, many energy-healing techniques and modalities to clear/release toxic/negative emotions. In my experience, by far the most effective, easy, comprehensive, deep and powerful process that I know is the Clearing Toxic Emotions with the Antidote process developed by Dawn Clark. The Antidote process, not only, clears the toxic emotions, but also it transmutes the low vibrational emotions into high frequency emotions. The Antidote process goes beyond ForgivenessThat is key for your inner happiness and joy.

Why non-beneficial (counterfeit/limiting) beliefs sabotage your happiness?

Beliefs are your brain filter system that accept or reject thoughts, only accepting thoughts that are aligned with your beliefs. Limiting or counterfeit beliefs corrupt your system, like viruses in a computer.

Your beliefs are your truth and the Universe mirrors back that truth with physical manifestations that reinforces your beliefs.

All beliefs of being powerless, small, un-deserving and unworthy are counterfeit beliefs that erode your self-concept, self-worth, self-love and self-acceptance. Many of these non-beneficial (counterfeit) beliefs are outside your awareness (non-conscious) and are sabotaging your happiness. To be happy, you need to learn to love, accept and value yourself

As you upgrade counterfeit beliefs to the empowering beliefs aligned to the Higher Truth, the way Source sees you; your levels of inner happiness increases.

Examples of empowering beliefs are: I am lovable, I am worthy of love and joy, I am Divine love, I am a magnificent being, I am the creator of my reality, I am light having a physical experience, I am worthy of health and wealth, I am perfection of creation just the way I am. These empowering beliefs are higher Truths: You really are worthy of immense happiness.

Belief is a crucial subject of life, after all beliefs create our reality. If you wish to learn more about this subject, you might like to read article exclusively dedicated to beliefs titled “Definitions, types and examples of beliefs”. You might also be interested in article titled “Raise your money manifestation power. Learn how to manifest money” that includes tips to identify and upgrade limiting beliefs (the focus is on money, but it is applicable to others areas as well).

What are core fractures?

It is the formation of cracks in our energy field as a result of traumatic events. It is also referred as soul dissociated fragments or missing pieces or soul loss. It is also referred as shattered heart. Core fractures result in fears, doubts, uncertainty, lack of confidence and lack of willpower. In addition core fractures can result in phobias and PTSD.

Core fractures result in undesirable repeating patterns of events in our lives that cause struggle, pain and suffering. In the best case of less severe core fracturing, we are not in pain and suffering but we find ourselves not being able to create the finances, the health and loving relationships that we desire.

When we heal and repair our core fractures, we recover lost strengths, we become more confident, more fearless and peaceful. We gain an inner strength and trust in ourselves. We gain a feeling of being safe and supported in this world. We gain a feeling of being whole. The healing and repairing of core fractures opens up the space for happiness.

Repairing Core Fractures also makes us a vibrational match to attract the finances, health and loving relationships that we desire.

Traditionally recovering missing pieces of soul loss has been done through a shaman and you can still find people that can take you through a process of shamanic journey.

I personally use the Repairing Core Fractures technology developed by Dawn Clark. This technology provides a personalized frequency codes that allows you to repair your fractures with ease. It is an amazing technology that repairs your field. It recover the strengths that you lost during traumatic events. It transmutes fears.

I have personally and successfully used Repairing Core Fractures technology to recover strengths, to heal heartbreaks and to transmute my fears of rejection, fears of losing money, lack of self-worth, low self-esteem,  performance anxiety (stage fright), as well as  subconscious fear of losing weight.

I am amazed and grateful by the ease, effectiveness and power of these personalized Repairing Core Fractures frequency codes and protocol.

Would you like to discover how to Repair your Core Fractures  and become fearless?

Category II- Surround yourself with high vibrational frequencies

In our journey of raising our vibrational frequency, it is important to surround our-selves, as much as possible, with high vibrational frequency people, environments and information. In this way we are supporting our journey and making it easier to consistently feel happy.

As we break free from the past and raise our level of consciousness, we become less and less immune to our surroundings. At some point, we are able to sustain our high vibrational frequency regardless of our environment.

Surround yourself with people of high vibrational frequency

Seek out friends and communities of people that are kind, loving, collaborative and optimistic. Often time, these communities are working on raising their consciousness and/or engaging in activities to bring environmentally sustainable solutions and more abundance, love and peace. Their philosophy is to live in harmony with nature and all sentient beings and act aligned with the good of all.

If you have people in your life that are pessimistic and negative, do your best to keep the interactions to a minimum. Be compassionate with them, just understand that they have not waken up to the realization that there are hurting themselves and others with negativity and they have the power to change. Eventually, they might be inspired by your happiness to start consciously working on changing themselves.

Feed yourself with information of high vibrational frequency

Be very selective on the type of information you feed your senses and your mind. This includes movies, news, TV, radio, videos, social media, books etc. Ask yourself, are they uplifting? Do they bring me a smile? Do they inspire me in aw?

Unfortunately fear based news sell; for that reason our media is focus on that. Avoid it or keep your exposure to a minimum. When you do hear about some low consciousness acts that still going on, in this planet, send light and love to the regions and people affected.

Surround yourself with environments of high vibrational frequency

Seek out environments in nature such as parks, gardens, oceans, lakes, mountains etc. that you enjoy. Spend some time in contemplation of the beauty of those surroundings, pay attention to the sounds, the aromas, the colors (engage all your senses), breathe deeper and slower than normal but still comfortably. Then turn your attention to your internal state, you might choose to close your eyes to be able to concentrate in your internal state. Ask yourself, how are you feeling? Are you feeling calm, peaceful? Do not force yourself to feel in any particular way, just observe your internal state.

When you do not have the opportunity to be out in nature, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. Then use your imagination and in your eyes mind bring to your awareness a breathtaking landscape, contemplate the beauty, imaging the sounds and the aromas of the landscape. Notice the sensations in your body and your internal state. What emotions are rising within you?

Now you might be thinking I spend most of my time indoors. What about winter if I am not a winter sports fan? How can I bring indoors some high vibrational frequencies?

Fortunately there are ways to raise the vibrational frequency of our homes. I personally use for my home a Feng Shui hologram that have raised the energy level of my home by more than one million times. You might like to check out details about this Feng Shui hologram for properties.

In addition, to support an uplifting vibrational frequency I like to use VibesUp products that are coated with essential oils, gemstones and liquid crystals.

VibesUp offers a large variety of items, from EMF protection to personal care products. If you like to learn more, you can check out some discounted special packages from VibesUp.

Category III- Practice consistently activities that raise your vibrational frequency

Following, I will describe several practices that will help you to raise your vibrational frequency and therefore find more inner happiness. These are practices that have been extensively documented by ancient and modern spiritual practices, by the self-development industry and by psychology and neuroscience studies performed at Universities. You can find entire books dedicated to each of these practices and how helpful and effective they are on increasing the quality of our lives. These “ways to be happier” practices are treasures available to everybody.

Practice gratitude

Everyday with deliberate intention and attention find things to be grateful for. Focus your attention in what is right about yourself, your life and environment. Remember that what you focus on grows. Make it a playful activity to notice things that you like and things that you find beautiful, if you have children engage them as well. It is fun to do it with children; they help us to embrace playfulness.

Every day, before going to bed write down a few items that you are grateful for. Place your hand on your heart and feel appreciation and gratitude for items such as; the hug from your child, for the smile of a stranger, for the playful gesture of your pet, for the warm shower, for a beautiful sunset etc. When you do that, it might bring a smile to your face.

Also remember to include appreciation and gratitude toward yourself, such as, for working out, for eating healthy, for your focus and perseverance on finding ways to be happier everyday, for your courage and determination to increase your self-awareness and to raise your vibrational frequency etc. Gratitude and appreciation for yourself is an important component of self-love.

Appreciation and gratitude are high frequency emotions that make your life brighter.

Practice meditation

In very simple and basic terms, meditation consist on slowing down our breathing, feeling the sensations of our bodies and observing our thoughts without engaging with them (just letting them pass like clouds). There are many ways and variations in the practice of meditations. I encourage you to explore different guided meditations to find which ones are best suited for you.

There are wonderful spiritual teachers that offer guided meditations. You might consider joining a summit where spiritual teachers offer samples of their guided meditations and/or processes.

Meditation is a tool that helps us to get in touch with our inner self and help us to generate higher frequency emotions.

Once you become familiar with meditation, you can create your own style.

If meditating is too challenging for you or simple is not to your liking, then choose to engage in mind-body practices such as yoga, tai-chi etc. As minimum, pause several times during the day and take few deep breaths.

Practice benevolence

In our core, we are Divine Love and we are benevolent. When we consciously decide to practice benevolence, we are deciding on generating high frequency of emotions, such as generosity, understanding, compassion, kindness and love.

You might be thinking, “I do not have time and money, to practice kindness doing volunteer work and giving money to charities”. In reality practicing benevolence is simple, even if you do not have extra time and money. You can just decide to pay more attention with your interactions with others and deliberately generate the high frequency emotions toward others: practicing smiling more, practice noticing positive things about others and yourself.

A simple way to practice benevolence is to think about one or more family members and/or friends, visualize them being happy and healthy while you send them love and light. To send love and light, you generate in your heart an intention for them to be happy and, if you feel comfortable doing it, visualize a beautiful light bathing their bodies and auras.

You can also choose to send love and light to regions of the planet that are facing challenges or simply to the entire planet. Visualize all people on the planet living in peace, in abundance, in joy and in harmony with each other and nature.

With this technique of sending love to others while visualizing them, please make sure that you always see them in your eyes mind in a state of perfect health and fitness, peace, prosperity and well being. For example if you are sending love and light to a region on the planet where people are in war, starvation, pain and suffering; see beyond that, visualize the region in peace and prosperity.


Engage in a physical activity that you enjoy. Our bodies, by nature, thrive with movement. Physical activity stimulates the secretion of feel good bio-chemicals called endorphins and promotes physical health and wellbeing.

What type of physical activity do you enjoy? Do you like dancing? Walking in nature? Walking with your dogs? Playing tennis? Swimming?

Category IV- Engage in practices that increase your self-awareness

We all heard the phrases “Happiness comes from within” and “Happiness can be found within”, yet most of us is so disconnected from our inner-self. The busyness and external focus of our society have disconnected us from our essence.

Many of us go through life doing and wearing an identity that we adopted based on the list of should, have to and beliefs of the family, society and culture we were born in.

Somewhere along the way we buried our dreams, our desires, our preferences and our uniqueness. It is time for us to get in touch with ourselves. The process of connecting with our inner-self and discovering ourselves is an essential key to happiness. You might be asking “How do I discover who am I?”

How to discover your values and true desires?

Get to know your inner-self more and more by having conversations with yourself through journaling. What is important to you (values) and why? What inspires you and why? Describe the scenario of your ideal life in career, relationships, health and fitness, fun and travel, spirituality and anything else that you deem important. Also describe why you desire what you desire. What would be the feelings and emotions of your ideal life in each area?

When you are describing the “why” take the questioning, as far as you can, to reach the ultimate “why”. The questioning will help you to gain clarity of whether or not your desires, motivations and actions are moving you to higher levels of sustainable happiness.

Example of self-questioning

To illustrate, let us describe a hypothetical case:

  • I desire to buy a luxury house in a very high-end neighborhood and move there. Why?
  • I want to show my childhood friends that I am important. Why?
  • Being recognized and admired as a winner in life is very important to me. Why?
  • I was bullied as a child as a looser, and now I want to show them that I am a winner, by reaching a social and economical status far beyond them.
  • Would buying the house heal my childhood hurt and the toxic emotions of anger, resentment, shame, inferiority that I uploaded, when I was bullied? No.
  • Would buying the house move me to higher level of sustainable happiness? I would feel great when I get my house and publish the photos in face-book, my childhood friends would be green with envy.
  • How long feeling great would last? Few months, may be.
  • Would buying the house help me find happiness? Not really, it would give some temporary satisfaction, but the toxic emotions would continue to vibrate in my field, waiting to be re-ignited.
  • Getting the house would not heal the childhood wounds.
  • Getting the luxury house would add lot of stress and worry into my life because of the huge financial commitment.

What is the purpose of self-questioning journaling?

The self-questioning journaling will help you discover the nature of your motivations that is underling the desire. Are fears, or toxic emotions or counterfeit beliefs or lack of self-worth or vibrations of lack  fueling your motivation? If the answer is yes, it is an indication that the desire is self-defeating and even if is realized it will not provide you it is with authentic happiness.

On the other hand, if your desire is fueled by high vibrational emotions, empowering beliefs and vibrations of abundance; then the manifestation of your desire is aligned with your inner happiness.

Values, motivations and desires change with time; do this exercise with some frequency. For example, each time you update your goals, is a good time to review your desires, and if applicable, update them. Desires show you the direction you wish to travel in this life. Goals are specific results you are targeting to reach in a pre-determined time. Find your desires that are fueled by high vibrational emotions and then align your goals with your desires, this will help you to travel on the road of happiness.

In addition to journal about your desires and values; also journal about what you love and enjoy doing. You might be saying of course I know what I love and enjoy doing. However, due to numerous responsibilities we take on, often time, we disconnect and even forget of what we love and enjoy doing. We disconnect from our passions.

Some get to know me questions to journal about

Ask yourself:

  • What activities and experiences make me feel happy?
  • What creative activities I enjoy?
  • What activities I enjoyed when I was a child?
  • What are the places I love visiting and why?
  • What moves me? What warms my heart?
  • How can I incorporate more playfulness into my life?
  • How can I do more creative activities that I enjoy?
  • How can I incorporate more variety and new activities that I enjoy into my life?
  • How can I re-arrange my life to do more of what I love and enjoy and less of what I have to?
  • What changes could I incorporate to swing the have to activities more to the want to side?

For additional get to know me questions, go to:

Please do not get frustrated if your answers are “ I do not have time or I do not have money to do things I enjoy”. Prompt yourself, start with baby steps. For example if you love dancing, but do not have money for dancing classes, could you just play some music and let yourself loose and move your body however it feels like, or find an on line free dancing class or video.

If you love drawing, could you find one hour during the weekend to do that?

If you dislike your job, as immediate action, focus on any and every positive aspects that you can find about your job and feel appreciation for them. Also incorporate, to your work routine, some positive practices like few deep breaths every hour. Later on, after you become clear of your preferences for a job, explore the possibilities of changing jobs.

As you increase your self-awareness, it will help you to make conscious choices that are more aligned with your desires, values, passions and happiness. Self-awareness will help you find happiness from within. Self-awareness is a very important subject. After all, it is about knowing yourself. Therefore, I have dedicated a complete article to this subject titled ” Know thyself. Why self-awareness is important and how to increase it? “


The key to happiness is to raise your frequency. It does take commitment to work on raising your frequency and consciously choosing to be happier; however it gets easier and easier as you spiral up. This spiraling up toward higher and higher level of happiness gets greatly accelerated when you combine techniques to heal past traumas (category I) with daily habits and practices of ways to be happier (category II, III and IV).

Having said that, please do not feel overwhelmed by thoughts such as “Too many things to do”, “I do not have time”, “It requires too much effort and focus to find inner happiness”

Please go slowly but surely, just incorporate one or two practices at a time; then as the practices have become healthy habits that you do with ease, you can ask yourself what is the next happiness practice I can incorporate to my life.

Love yourself; discover the magnificence of who you truly are. Happiness is the natural state of your Eternal Self. Reclaim it and own it. You are worthy of immense happiness.

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