Learn How to Manifest Money. 11 Law of Attraction Techniques for Manifesting Money

How to manifest money. Secrets of manifesting money

Discover and learn how to manifest money. Finally end your money struggles by aligning your vibes for money attraction.

In this comprehensive article revealed  – how to apply powerfully 11 key Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting money.

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Introduction- How to manifest money?

Since the book “The Secret” was published in 2006, the universal law of attraction has received a lot of attention. Millions of people have tried to apply what they learn in the movie or the book “The Secret”, as well as, from many other sources. Many millions of people have wondered: How to manifest money? How to manifest abundance? How to apply the law of attraction for financial freedom? What are the LOA techniques for manifesting money?

Many millions of people have tried several law of attraction techniques for manifesting money. Some of them mastered the law of attraction process; while most people were met by frustration. They have wondered: Why it does not work for me? or Does the law of attraction really work for manifesting money? How to manifest money without struggles?

If you are one of the many people who are frustrated with the Law of Attraction for manifesting money. Or you just asking how to manifest money with more ease. – Then I believe you will find this article valuable for you.

Before getting into the specifics of Law of Attraction for manifesting money, let us in the following segment give a short overview of How does the Law of Attraction work.

How does the Law of Attraction work? 

 You probably heard the quote “Ask and is it given”. As human beings, we communicate with each other mainly by spoken and written word and sometimes we forget that the language of the Universe is frequency. In other words it is vibrational frequency. Universe responds to our vibrational broadcast, this is one of the keys of the universal Law of Attraction.

This time-space physical reality is a hologram. We, as spiritual beings decided to have a physical human experience and projected ourselves into this holographic Universe. We have forgotten that we are the projectors of the hologram we are in.

We are creating, manifesting, projecting our physical realities through the vibrational frequency we are generating and broadcasting out through our aura, also called our Frequency bands. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

How to use the Law of Attraction for manifesting money?

The Universe we live in is like a mirror, projecting us back, without any judgment of good or bad; opportunities, people, circumstances that match the vibrational frequency that we are broadcasting.

Therefore, the key of how to manifest money lies in generating the vibrational frequency of having abundance of money.

We use the Law of Attraction for manifesting money by adjusting our vibrational frequency until the mirror projects back the physical reality of wealth we desire to live in. More details, in the following sections.

Does the Law of Attraction really work for manifesting money? 

The Law of Attraction does work and it is always on, we are attracting physical manifestations (including money and our financial situation) of the same frequency that we are generating and broadcasting.

In other words, the concise answer to How to manifest money with the Law of Attraction is : Align your vibrations for manifesting money to the frequency that match your desired money goals.

The big challenge is that a high percentage of our frequency generation occurs, for most of us, outside of our awareness. We are doing it 24/7 mostly automatically, subconsciously. Most of us are manifesting money or lack of it non-consciously.

Now, to use the Law of Attraction for manifesting money consciously, you need to align yourself to generate and broadcast the frequency of financial abundance that you desire. Before answering how to do that, we need to talk about the different components of your broadcast.

Your vibrational broadcast is the result of two main components. The first component is the quality of the thoughts and emotions that you choose consciously and intentionally. The second component, made up of subconscious beliefs or programs, toxic emotions and fears, goes on 24/7 automatically, mostly outside your awareness.

In order to align yourself to higher frequencies of vibrational broadcast that are a match to higher levels of abundance and flow of money, you need to work on both of these components. The more you do that, the easier it becomes manifesting money.

At this point you might be asking, how can I work on these 2 components? Let us talk first about how you can work on the first component of consciously choosing thoughts and emotions aligned with manifesting higher flow of money to your bank accounts.

To help you to do that, I have described 11 LOA techniques for manifesting money in the next section of this article.

Eleven (11) Law of Attraction techniques for manifesting money 

If you are asking: “How do I attract the abundance and prosperity I desire?” or  “How to manifest money?”. The short answer is that to manifest money you need to adjust your vibrational frequency.  Of course, this short answer is not useful by itself.

Therefore, following I am describing 11 actionable LOA techniques for manifesting money – to help you to be in the vibrational frequency of the money abundance and prosperity you desire to manifest.

Choose and write down your next step up, desired income and savings level.

Choose a dollar amount that your mind can accept as believable, as a money goal. This is the first step of the process of manifesting money.

 Stretch your money goals above your present income and savings level, but still keep it believable for you. Remember that you can incrementally step up your money goals.

In the area of manifesting money, you can incrementally raise your abundance vibration to match higher and higher levels of income and savings.

Become crystal clear of the “WHYS”.

This is step 2 on how to manifest money : Write down why do you desire this higher level of income and savings that you specified in step 1. You need to word your “whys” in terms of uplifting and positive phrases.

The most important aspect of the whys, are the uplifting positive emotions the additional money is going to provide for you. This will indicate to you, what is the internal state (feeling) that you need to hold yourself in, to attract more money, in terms of the Universal language of frequency.

The key of this Law of Attraction technique for manifesting money is wording your “WHYS” in terms of the great feelings of positive emotions.

A word of caution, do not word your “whys” in terms of negative feelings, or anything that you want to move away from. Instead word your “whys” in terms of the great feelings of the experiences that manifesting money is going to facilitate for you.

Examples of how NOT to word the “whys” (in reds are examples of words to avoid).  I desire an xxxx $/month of income for the following reasons:

  • To pay off my debt in 6 months
  • To not have to fear and worry about paying my bills
  • To get rid of the anxiety I feel each time I look at my bank account
  • To get rid of my old car and the worries of when is going to break down
  • To move out of this crappy apartment I am in now
  • To not have to live in lack and worry about the future
  • To not have boring vacations staying at home every year

Examples of how to word the “whys” I desire an xxxx $/month of income for the following reasons:

  • To have in my savings account, X dollars or better, in 1 year. I desire this to feel peaceful, secure and abundant.
  • To know and feel that; I always have more than enough money, to pay with gratitude, for all the comforts that my wonderful and modern age life provides me.
  • To be in aw, joy and gratitude of how abundant I am, each time I look at my bank account statements.
  • To buy a car. I desire this to feel safe, peaceful and happy driving my car.
  • To rent/buy a beautiful and comfortable apartment. I desire this to feel happy, peaceful and grateful of how blessed I am living in this beautiful apartment.
  • To live with the knowing that I am abundant and I can always create more than enough. This gives me a feeling of freedom and expansiveness.
  • To travel to the most exotic and beautiful places on earth. Travelling gives me a feeling of enthusiasm, joy, adventure, freedom and expansiveness.
Visualize enjoying the life that money would facilitate.

Vividly imagine full on enjoying the items that you would buy once you reach your money goal that you set in step 1. In this LOA technique for manifesting money engage full on imagination and visualization.

The key in this step of how to manifest money is to feel with intensity positive emotions while you are visualizing.

FEEL, with as much intensity as you can conjure, the joy, the peace, the gratitude, the freedom, the wellbeing, the excitement, the expansiveness of having the items and having the experiences that you listed in 2b. In your visualization engage as many senses as possible.

In this way, you will be generating the vibrational frequency of the money that you desire to attract. Therefore, you will be communicating with the Universe with its language. This is the basis of deliberate creation, also referred as conscious creation. In this case deliberate creation for manifesting money.

Listen to the messages of your negative emotions.

Emotions are the guiding system to show you whether or not you are aligned with your Higher Truth of your innate Abundance. Negative or toxic emotions indicate dis-alignment.

Do not judge yourself and do not judge your negative or toxic emotions. On the contrary, be grateful for their message. The negative emotions are showing you that you are not aligned with the truth of your inherent abundance.

Therefore, each time that you are triggered with worry, stress or anxiety about your finances, notice the sensations in your body. Be lovingly present with the sensations until the worry, stress and anxiety dissipate. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, scan your body and focus on the sensations of the body.

Once you feel calmer, ask yourself: How can I perceive/interpret my present financial situation with more optimism? How can I feel abundant and blessed right now? You can choose to close your eyes and imagine anything that makes you feel joyful and abundant.

If you are still finding yourself worrying, you can choose the technique of journaling the worst-case scenario of your money situation. Often time, by spelling out the worst-case scenario, it helps to realize that you will survive, that you will be ok no matter what. It helps to decrease the charge of the fears. Then you can focus on imagining joyful and abundant scenarios.

Deliberately generate (feel) high frequency emotions.

This Law of Attraction technique for manifesting money requires your determination to consciously choose thoughts that are positive and uplifting. This does not mean to resist or try to push away the negative emotions. On the contrary, as described in LOA technique for manifesting money # 4, listen and allow yourself to feel the negative emotions and then switch to uplifting thoughts and emotions.

In order to help yourself to feel positive emotions, make it a daily LOA practice to find, as many as possible, uplifting aspects of your present life and circumstances. Write them down and generate the feeling of gratitude and/or any other uplifting emotions such as joy, peace, love, bliss, enthusiasm, contentment, delight etc.

Include in your daily list everything that you can be grateful for, please do not limit yourself to the financial aspect. Your list can include items such as: your pet did something cute, your child smiled at you, a workout that felt good, a warm bath, a friend that invited you for a coffee, the trees in your neighborhood, the comforts and perks of your modern life (running water, electricity, internet) etc.

Remember also to include in the list, gratitude toward yourself. Acknowledge, love yourself and celebrate yourself. Be your own cheerleader in your journey of becoming a master of  manifesting money.

In parallel to the practice of feeling gratitude, deliberately choose thoughts that help you feel abundant. At this point you might be saying: This is ridiculous, how can I feel abundant when I have no money to pay my rent?

I understand that when you have no money to pay rent, is extremely challenging to feel abundant.

However, for manifesting money in the external world, you need to generate the vibration of being financially abundant in your inner world. To help yourself to do that, you need to shift your perspective.

One LOA practice for manifesting money to shift your perspective and help yourself to feel abundant is: Remember how many people on earth do not have the modern comforts that you enjoy.

Imagine if you could invite into your house a child from Africa who has never seen a refrigerator, a stove, a computer, running water; this child would perceive your house as a palace, this child would be amazed of how wealthy you are. This is a LOA contrast practice to help you generate vibration of abundance, appreciation and gratitude for what you already have.

Therefore a key aspect of how to manifest money is: Feel wealthy and abundant now regardless of where you are at presently in your physical finances, and you will turn on your money attraction power.

For more tips about how to generate the feeling of abundance, you might like to read: Vibrations of lack

Manifesting money is very hard when you hold vibrations of lack. The good news is that manifesting money is easy when you hold vibrations of abundance.

Let go of the judgment about your present financial situation.

This LOA technique for manifesting money is closely related to the previous Law of Attraction techniques # 4 and # 5, related to emotions. The reason is that when you judge your money situation as bad, you generate vibrations of lack and feel negative emotions.

Be aware that each time you judge your present financial situation as bad; you are generating the vibration of lack and therefore asking the Universe to bring you more lack of money.

You probably already heard the statement “What you resist, persist” and the statement “ When you push against something you do not want, you are re-energizing it”. By judging your present financial situation as bad, you are applying resistance, you are pushing against it and therefore you are solidifying it more.

Therefore another key aspect of how to manifest money is to let go of the judgment of your present finances and allow yourself to feel abundant right now. To help yourself to do that:

  • Accept your present money situation, as a life experience that is allowing you to enjoy the achievement, the excitement, and the satisfaction of moving upward in the financial abundance spiral.
  • Allow yourself the thrill of savoring each step on the way up of your money manifestation journey.

Think about how many people born in very affluent families end up feeling bored, taking for granted all the wealth they have and feeling depressed (Of course is not always the case but, it does happen).

Be very patience, loving and kind toward yourself.

You are developing new skills, new habits, and new perspectives. Sometimes you will find yourself not being able to follow these outlined steps for manifesting money. For example you might find yourself judging your present financial situation and then feeling frustrated and judging yourself for slipping back into vibration of lack.

In that case, re-group yourself and ask: What action can I take to do something kind and uplifting for myself? Have a conversation with yourself (using the mirror is a great option for this) and acknowledge and be grateful for the steps you are taking. For example tell yourself “You are a beautiful, courageous soul that is finding its way back to your true nature of infinite abundance”.

If it feels awkward to be talking to yourself, then imagine there is two parts of yourself: Your wiser self/higher self /angelic self and your human self; then have your Higher self comfort, love and guide your human self.

Treat yourself as you would treat a beloved child that is learning to walk. In other words, let it be ok when you fall and applaud yourself for standing up again and being perseverant.

In addition, an important component of loving yourself is to make sure you have forgiven yourself for all past mistakes around money and wealth.

Forgiveness of yourself consist of letting go of all regrets, shame and guilt around all your actions or inactions related to finances. Guilt, shame and regret are self-direct toxic emotions

Are you holding any shame of debt? or Do you have any regrets or guilt related to past financial decisions?

If you answered yes, then you need to clear the toxic emotions of guilt, shame and regret related to finances. The reason is that these low frequency toxic emotions are colouring your vibrational frequency broadcast about money.

Consequently, per LOA for manifesting money, the Universe will continue to bring to you money situations to re-experience guilt, shame and regret. To stop this painful repeating pattern around money, clear the toxic emotions.

The modality I use to clear my toxic emotions is called The Antidote. I love that it comes with personalized Antidote Codes that are custom made. It is a deep and effective process of clearing toxic emotions attached to finances, relationships, health etc. Check out this life changing program at: The Antidote.

The Antidote program is a very valuable tool not only to clear toxic emotions sabotaging your manifesting money – but also to improve all areas of your life.

Embrace an attitude of playfulness. 

In this process of learning how to manifest money, embrace an attitude of childlike play. Journal and celebrate even small manifestations of money; see it as precursors to more abundance.

Many people are asking how to manifest money in order to feel happier. The paradox is that if they can feel happy now, manifesting money becomes easier.

This LOA technique for manifesting money is an extension of Law of Attraction technique # 5 of Deliberately generating high frequency emotions

Reach into your true nature of inner happiness. One way to do that is to embrace an attitude of playfulness.

Ask yourself empowering questions.

This LOA technique for manifesting money is about using the power of questions to help yourself to focus on uplifting thoughts of abundance, happiness and resourcefulness.

Some examples of empowering questions are:

  • How can I provide more value to the people I serve or organization I am working for?
  • What can I tell myself or do to feel more abundant, peaceful and happy now?
  • How can I leverage my gifts and talents?
  • What can I create that would solve a problem for others?

Make it a daily routine to ask yourself empowering questions, even if you do not get any answers; with repetition of this introspective practice, you will at some point get answers. Journal this questions and the answers that come up. Also, do this process with a friend or family member that you trust for this type of activity.

Selectively choose the information that you feed to yourself

Be very selective about the information you feed to your subconscious mind through TV, movies, newspaper, Internet etc. Avoid news because the media mostly bring the details about what is going wrong on this planet; this triggers in us vibrations of fear, worry; which contributes to attract situations to be worried about (including lack of money).

When a tragic event takes place somewhere on this planet, you will hear about it anyway. In that case, send your intentions of love and light to the region and to the people involved, but do not read or watch the news about it.

Listen, watch shows and programs that helps you to feel more optimistic, more peaceful and more joyful. You might consider to join a summit where high vibrational teachers share, for free, meditations, processes and teachings that are up-lifting.

Do activities and surround yourself with environments that raise your frequency.

You might be thinking: I want to know how to manifest money. How are my activities and environment influence my money manifestation?

The key to how to manifest money with the Law of Attraction are your vibes. In other words, your vibrational frequency. When you raise your frequency, manifesting money becomes ease. Therefore support yourself with activities and environments that help you to raise your frequency.

Nature has a high frequency that helps to raise your vibrational frequency. Seek out outdoor activities in nature whenever you can: Gardening, walking in parks, hiking mountains, swimming in lakes, rivers, ocean; skiing etc.

In regards to indoors environment, Feng Shui is a great choice to raise the frequency of your home. Feng Shui is an ancient eastern practice used by Emperors.

A very easy done for you Feng Shui application of raising the energy levels of your home is the Holographic Feng Shui application. Check out this amazing option of upgrading the energies of your home to support you to manifest the life that you desire: Feng Shui 2018

I am a big fan of Holographic Feng Shui offered by Life Harmonized. The changes of energy are palpable. Check out the before and after measurements of energy and report examples of several homes – that you can find in the middle of the page describing the program: Feng Shui 2018

In addition of being in nature, do activities that feel good and you like to do such as taking a bath with essentials oil, yoga, meditation, taking dancing classes, painting, playing a musical instrument, listening to music that helps you feel peaceful, meditation etc.

The above 11 practices (first component) are law of attraction techniques for manifesting money that helps you to consciously and intentionally choose and generate the vibrational frequency of the abundance and prosperity you desire to manifest.

This second component, which operates mostly outside your conscious awareness, is a function of the subconscious programs or beliefs about money, wealth, abundance that you have inherited plus what you have picked up throughout your own life experiences. These beliefs translate into your default vibrational frequency of wealth; therefore greatly influencing your money manifestation.

What are beliefs? How does the system of thoughts and beliefs work together?

Beliefs are concepts, definitions, perspectives about ourselves, society, religion, money, health, relationships and every aspect of life, that we accept to be truth. For each category we have a set or system of beliefs.

Our truth is the product of the system of beliefs that we are broadcasting from our core, a symphony of frequencies that are shaping our physical reality (including our income and savings).

Some teachers use the word “Knowing” for a belief that has been accepted to be 100 % truth. At this point, we are embodying the vibrational signature of that belief.

Our auras are bathing in a sea of unlimited thoughts; in other words; unlimited possibilities and potential. Our subconscious minds filter out the thoughts that are not aligned with our beliefs, and it accept and process the thoughts that are a match to our beliefs.

The thoughts, processed by our brains, compounded with our emotions generate a frequency that travels out through our aura (also called Frequency bands). Then, this vibrational frequency that we generate, materialize people, opportunities and situations that are aligned with our beliefs; further cementing our existing beliefs as truth.

Our existing physical reality is a demonstration of our system of accepted thoughts and beliefs. If our physical reality is showing us debt and financial scarcity, it is a clear indication that we are consistently and subconsciously accepting thoughts of financial lack.

These thoughts are the result of our beliefs of lack and limitations. This illustrates the power of our beliefs in molding our physical reality.

The system of beliefs about wealth and money that we hold are key players in how we manifest money.

How beliefs get uploaded to our system? Personal money story

We already talked about how once we accepted a belief, it gets strengthen and cemented. Now is time to talk about how new beliefs are uploaded to our system.

In addition to the beliefs we are born with (generational beliefs), as children we pick up beliefs from our parents, family, teachers and society.

As children we are like sponges picking up beneficial and non-beneficial beliefs that are strengthen by repetition. For example, if we as children heard again and again, the phrase “We can’t afford it”, we would have uploaded this belief of lack of money.

In addition, at any age, life events that are accompanied by high emotional charge result in beliefs being uploaded, together with the emotional charge that contributes to cement those beliefs.

In addition, when the high emotional charge is negative, field is fractured and we become fearful.

Personal story of uploading non-beneficial beliefs and fears of losing money

To give an example of a life event; in second grade my father handed me money in cash to cover the school tuition for my sister and myself. In recess I was supposed to go to administration and make the payment; instead I forgot and I left the money in my school desk.

The day went on and I had completely forgotten about the tuition money; at the end of the day when I was packing my books to run to the bus, I realized that I forgot to make the payment. Quickly and nervously I searched my desk and my school pack to find nothing. I run out to the bus still hopping that the envelope with the money would be hiding somewhere inside my books.

The bus drive was agonizing as I was searching for the money. I searched in every corner and pocket of my school pack and in every page of my books and notebooks, as if the envelope could have shrink and hide inside a book without being noticeable.

As I was arriving home, my heart was racing inside my chest from the thought of breaking up this news to my father. I was fearful of telling my father that I had lost the money. I broke up in tears and told my father that I had lost the tuition money.

My father became visible agitated and explained to me that this loss was a very significant financial backset for my parents. He informed me that they were giving up on other priorities to send us to the best school in the city because they highly valued education.

My father looked very worried and said that he had no idea how to come up with the payment now and he might have to move us to a lower cost school. My father slightly scolded me about the loss and said that I was not trust-worthy to handle money.

I continued crying for hours, the guilt I was feeling was overwhelming. That night, before going to bed, I prayed to God for the miracle of the money appearing in my classroom the next day. I arrived early to the classroom and searched every single desk and corner of the classroom without any success.

Given the circumstances, my father reaction was mild and very understandable. However; the emotions of anger, regret, shame and guilt toward myself had a high charge and they were uploaded to my field together with the following non-beneficial beliefs :

  1. I am not capable of managing money
  2. I am not trust worthy to handle money
  3. Money slips away from me
  4. It is painful to handle money
  5. I do not deserve to receive and have money
  6. It is not safe to have money

The above is an example of how, an event with a high negative emotional charge, imprint us with new non-beneficial beliefs and fears related to money.

I must mention as well, that my DNA was coded with generational beliefs about loosing money, loosing wealth and prosperity. Both of my parents witnessed how my grandparents were expropriated from most of their valuables and properties; when the governmental regimen changed to communist. As a result, the life of my parents changed dramatically, they went from a wealthy lifestyle to lack.

In addition, I witnessed my father loosing money multiple times; including when as a result of a business partner betrayal, my father lost money and lost decades of his work and fruits of his creativity.

I think that the reason I attracted, somebody who stole the tuition money in second grade, is that I was sending out unconsciously, the vibrational equivalency of beliefs encoded in my DNA, such as: “Others can just come and steal my money and valuables”

I was born with beliefs of loss encoded in my genes. On top of that, the event in second grade, uploaded core beliefs about my lack of capability, deservedness and worthiness of receiving, having and managing money.

With all these non-beneficial beliefs and fears vibrating in my field and broadcasting out; I manifested throughout decades, the repeating pattern of losing money in multiple ways. I also manifested repeatedly scenarios of losing money and then feeling the same emotions of guilt, anger, regret that I felt in second grade when I lost the tuition money.

For decades, each time I lost money I went through states of worry, anxiety, deep fears and sometimes despair. I had thoughts and nightmares of being homeless. Each time the non-beneficial beliefs were reinforced and the fracturing of my field was increased.

When I started paying attention to my nighttime dreams, I noticed that my dreams were frequently about lack and loosing money.

As I worked on Repairing my core fractures – using Dawn Clark program, all my nightmares and fears of losing money went away.

If you are interested in letting go of fears and associated non-beneficial beliefs, check out Repairing Core Fractures program.

You might be interested in checking out scientific research about how Memories can be passed down through generations.

How do we know that we have any core limiting beliefs about money?

If you have not been able to manifest the level of income, savings and wealth in general that you desire; you can be sure you do have core-limiting beliefs, in your field.

The Universe is infinitely abundant and there are infinitely possibilities to manifest money. This goes beyond our mind comprehension. We often time think that, we are limited by our level of education, by the economy, by time etc. Yes, we are and the only reason we are is because we have accepted those limitations as beliefs.

We all heard of some millionaires and even billionaires that did not accept economy or level of education as limitations and manifested large amount of money during recessions and/or without college education.

How do we know which core beliefs are limiting our money manifestation power

Most of our core limiting beliefs about money can be categorized in:

Beliefs about our capability of attracting, earning, receiving, manifesting, winning, handling, managing money. This category includes our beliefs about being capable of generating the specific precursors to money. Example: Attracting xx number of clients, writing and publishing a best-seller book, attract resources of people and investors, attract the job that we desire, monetize our talents and gifts etc.

Beliefs in this category are frequently uploaded when we interpret having failed in some way. For example, in first grade I failed to meet my father’s expectation about school grades; and I uploaded the belief “ I can’t achieve even when I work hard”, “ I am a failure”. Then, as an adult, I limited my professional growth and income due to lack of confidence of my capabilities.

Beliefs about deservedness and worthiness. If you have not manifested the level of financial wealth that you desire, it is very likely that you hold some beliefs of not deserving it and/or not being worthy of it.

Sometimes, we are not aware of these beliefs. We say: “Of course I deserve it and I am worthy of it, I am a good person”, or some statement on this line of thoughts.

In regards to worthiness, from Source and Universal perspective, we are magnificent beings worthy of everything that we desire with no limitations, regardless of what we have done or not done and regardless of who we think we are, from the limited human perspective.

Beliefs about our physical or emotional safety being compromised by receiving, having, handling, managing money and wealth.

For example, if in your family tree, at some point, there was a lot of wealth and a traumatic event occurred where your wealthy family were not only de-franchised from their properties and valuables, but some were killed. Then beliefs about having lot of money being dangerous were uploaded and passed down through generations to you.

Another example, if in your family tree, there was a family member that died very rich but lonely, sad and sick. Then you might carry in your DNA the belief that rich people die lonely, sad and sick. In this case, you have a belief that is repelling money and it is conflicting with your desire of having more money.

Beliefs about money and/or rich people being bad. This category of beliefs that results from judging money or having money as bad are very common, there have been embedded in our DNA for many generations.

For instance, some religions have advocated poverty as being virtuous. If you belief being poor makes you good person and being wealthy makes you bad person, you will repel money even if you are not consciously aware of it.

In addition, throughout history, due to humanity scarcity mentality and low consciousness; human beings have inflicted on each other huge amounts of pain and suffering through wars, slavery, exploitation of others, racing for money and wealth without respect and consideration of the fellow human beings and nature.

This life experiences of humanity have imprinted us with limiting beliefs that our running in our system and prevent us from reaching the money goals that we desire.

Some examples of this type of beliefs are: Money corrupts people, When wealthy people die, they go to hell; Money is the root of all evil.

If we belief, that money or wealth people are bad in any way, shape or form, then we are greatly undermining our efforts to attract money. The reason is that inherently we do not desire to be or receive something in our lives that we believe to be bad.

If you like to read a more in depth description about type of beliefs, check out the article title: Beliefs, definition, type and examples.

How do we know, which are the core beliefs about money, we are operating with?

 Most of us walk through life, unaware of our core beliefs that are placing a ceiling to our financial abundance. I certainly did for decades, until I learned how does the Law of attraction work and more importantly how to become aware of my beliefs and then upgrade them.

Our beliefs are like programs that act like a filter that determines which thoughts are accepted and processed by our brains. If we possess an abundance mentality, also referred as abundance mindset; then our brain accept thoughts of abundance, opportunities, optimism, self-confidence and process these thoughts with feel good emotions of enthusiasm, love, joy, peace etc.

An abundance mindset is a result of a system of empowering beliefs in the different categories of core beliefs that we listed above.

The thoughts our brain process are clues to the beliefs we hold. In addition by virtue of the Law of Attraction, our physical manifestations are also clues of our beliefs. These clues allow us to become aware of our limiting beliefs that are running the operating system of our subconscious mind.

Following are some techniques to help you to discover your core limiting beliefs about money:

Pay conscious attention to your thoughts and emotions. I understand that there is so much going on in our brains and in our lives, that most of us is not able to pay attention all day long. However, even if we dedicate few minutes few times a day to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions and jot them down, we will start to become aware of our patterns and underlying beliefs.

Write down your thoughts and emotions related to money, and your capability, deservedness and worthiness to generate it.

Write down your thoughts, emotions and reactions about subjects such as economy, opportunities to generate money, rich people, being wealthy, abundance, scarcity etc.

Think back to your childhood and write down the sentences related to wealth that you heard many times from parents and/or others. Some core limiting beliefs, often time, repeated by parents without realizing the consequences for their children are: We can’t afford it, Life is hard, Artists starve, You have to work hard to deserve, Money does not grow in trees, Money corrupts people, etc.

Make a list of your life events that were accompanied by negative emotional charge. Write down, how each life event made you feel and what it made you believe. Due to the emotional charge, whatever the life event made you believe; it was imprinted in your system. Make the list of the limiting beliefs you uploaded as a result of each of your life events.

Journal about your ancestors’ traumatic life experiences such as wars, economic depression, business loss etc. Ask yourselves which beliefs about money and wealth they were likely to upload and write them down. This will provide you information of limiting beliefs that you inherited.

If you followed the suggested exercises, you have a list of core beliefs that are limiting you in manifesting the level of financial abundance that you desire. Now you might be asking: How do I change these limiting beliefs? Which limiting beliefs, I start working with? Which of my beliefs are incongruent with manifesting money?

How do we upgrade our core beliefs to align ourselves with wealth and financial abundance?

 To determine which limiting beliefs you start working with, you ask yourself: What would I have to believe to achieve my financial goals? Which of my limiting beliefs are slowing down or impeding me in creating the financial abundance I desire?

To change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs; there are some techniques such as:

Seek out supporting evidence for beneficial beliefs

With attention and focus, seek out, as much evidence as possible, to support the empowering belief you wish to upload. Do that repeatedly. For example: If you are 70 years old and you desire to start up a business and you have the belief “I am too old to start up a business”. Look up examples of people that created successful businesses at 70+ years old. Read about them and feel into the possibility of doing it as well.

Use affirmations along high vibrational frequency emotions

Use affirmations, sometimes also called declarations or mantras. Affirmations or declarations are the positive statements that when uploaded to your system it becomes an empowering belief. The idea is that by repeating an affirmation, it eventually becomes a truth to us; in other words, it becomes a statement that we belief and is part of our broadcast.

However, for most people affirmations by it-self do not work for the following reasons:

1)When there is a significant gap between your present belief and the new belief that you are working on to embrace, your mind rejects the affirmation that you are repeating.

For example, if you are generating a yearly income or $ 30,000 and use the affirmation “ I am capable to generate a 7 figure yearly income”; most likely your mind will bring up all the reasons why you can’t and past experiences to support that.

In this case it works better if you start with a target income that is more believable to you, for example a 6 figure yearly income. Also it helps if you journal while brainstorming answers to questions such as “What changes can I implement to increase my income?” “How can I generate a 6 figure yearly income?” “How can I add more value to my customers?”

2)The second reason why affirmations by it-self usually do not work is that: Most of our limiting beliefs were uploaded during traumatic life experiences by ourselves and/or our ancestors. The traumatic life experiences triggered low frequency negative emotions with a high negative charge that uploaded the limiting beliefs.

In order to re-write them by new wealth empowering beliefs, we need to generate a very high frequency positive emotion while we declare our desired positive belief.

Dawn Clark codes provided in her Jumpstart your Wealth gene program elevates our emotional charge to a very high frequency of pure Love. This powerful high frequency melts our brains resistance to accept the new belief plus loosen up and then replaces the limiting belief with the empowering belief.

As you work on replacing the core beliefs that have limited you in manifesting the money and wealth that you desire, your default vibrational frequency broadcast becomes more and more aligned with wealth.

In addition, you will notice that, as your empowering beliefs are increased, you will find easier to consciously choose thoughts and emotions that amplify your default wealth vibration.

 Per Law of Attraction, the Universe brings you opportunities and circumstances that match your vibrational frequency. Upgraded beliefs equals to upgraded vibrational frequency. For this reason, upgrading your beliefs is a very rewarding and exciting process.

Conclusion- Manifesting money

When our physical world is showing us lack of money, it is challenging for us to focus on thoughts of abundance and prosperity. Each time a bill comes in and each time we look at our credit card and bank accounts, the vibration of lack, overwhelm us.

Consequently, since the holographic Universe mirrors back to us physical scenarios that match the frequency of what we are broadcasting, we spiral down and we pile on more debt. How do we reverse this vicious cycle and start manifesting more money?

 The first challenge is that you need to generate (feel and radiate) the frequency of wealth from your inner core consistently before the wealth manifest externally. In other words, you need to be vibrationally wealthy, regardless of your bills and your bank account balance.

The second challenge are the non-beneficial beliefs that you are holding and playing a default vibrational frequency of scarcity.

The third challenge are the fracturing of our fields that takes place during traumatic events. The core fractures rob us from the strengths and action taking willpower to generate and manifest money with ease.

The good news is that there are tools and practices that help you upgrade your beliefs, repair your core fractures and therefore your vibrational frequency. Then you will spiral up, whereby your income and savings levels increases more and more. You become a master at the art of manifesting money.

You are, at your core, infinitely abundant, infinitely worthy of all the wealth that you desire. You just forgot. You just subconsciously bought into beliefs that have limited your wealth.

It is time for you to upgrade your wealth beliefs. When you do that, your default vibrational frequency is aligned with wealth and manifesting money with ease.

It is time for you to place yourself in the upward spiral of wealth. It is time for you to accept and embrace the higher truth of your inherent abundance and worth. It is time to raise your frequency.

From my heart to yours, I desire and intend for you a joyful journey in the upward spiral of wealth.

I would love to read your feedback.

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