Deep Questions, Life Hard Questions and Weird Questions- Love, Dream and Play

Are you ready for the challenge of asking and answering deep questions, personal questions, hard questions about life and some weird questions, as well. Dive deep within yourself and others. Have fun using the weird questions that spark imagination, as questions game.

Introduction- Deep questions

In today fast paced world and information overload we tend to focus on world-wide external events, fashion, trends and celebrities. In the meanwhile we miss out knowing and connecting at a deeper level with our life partners, boyfriend, girlfriend, family members, close friends and ourselves.

In this article, you will find deep questions that you can use to get to know better and to connect, at a deeper level, with the important people in your life. You can also use the questions to increase your self-awareness.

You will also find a set of deep and weird questions to spark imagination that are great as questions game. They are fun and mind stretching at the same time.

Deep Questions to ask about personal values

Values are everything that someone personally deems important or valuable. For a more complete definition of values and the type of values, you might like to check out what are values?

Asking someone deep personal questions about his/her values shows that you care.

Why to ask your partner deep personal questions about values?

If you are married or in a long-term relationship, do you know the personal values of your partner or spouse? Do you have clarity on which values do you share with your romantic life partner? How well do you know your partner? Do you support each other values?

For couples, gaining clarity on each other values and supporting each other values will improve their love relationship or marriage.

Personal values can changes overtime. Therefore, it is a good idea for couples to get the updates from each other about their personal values.

Why to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend deep questions about values?

If you do not know yet what are the values of your girlfriend or boyfriend, it is a good time to ask each other these deep questions about values.

Before you commit to a long-term relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend, gain clarity about each other values. Then plan strategies to support each other values in ways that is win-win for both of you. This will increase the happiness of your love relationship.

Why is a good idea to ask your crush deep questions about personal values?

If you have a crush on somebody and you are just beginning to get to know him or her, include values in the list of questions to ask your crush. When you ask your crush deep questions about his or her personal values, you can discover shared values that help you strengthen connection to your crush.

On the other side of the spectrum, you might discover that your crush does not share any values with you. This will indicate you that your crush is not a good candidate for a long-term romantic relationship.

In any case your crush will feel acknowledged and feel good, by you being interested on knowing what is important to him or her.

Can I use this set of deep questions as get to know me questions?

The answer is a resound yes. The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Love yourself and know yourself.

This set of deep questions about values can also be used as journaling prompts to increase self-awareness. In other words they work great as get to know me questions.

You can either answer the questions in a journal by yourself or team up with your partner or a close friend. Then take turns in the roles of asking and answering the questions.

If you team up, still take notes and dated them. It is helpful to review the notes from time to time to review your values and to be aware of changes of your values with time.

List of Deep Questions about personal values

  1. What qualities or personality traits do you value in a friend and why?
  2. What qualities do you think are important for couples to embody for an ideal relationship or happy relationship?
  3. From your list of important qualities for an ideal happy relationship, which ones do you believe you exhibit?
  4. Why qualities or personality traits would you like to develop more and why?
  5. What qualities do you look for and value in your significant other (present or future romantic partner)?
  6. What personality traits or behaviors are deal-breakers in a date or romantic relationship?
  7. What values you learned from your parents and family that have stayed with you?
  8. What values that you can think of, would be different for you, have you been born in a different country to a different family? Note: This one is fun and mind stretching; it makes us realize to what extent family, society, religion, media, peers and environment have influenced our values. You can vary the question by naming a specific country or different time in history.
  9. What qualities do you look for or would you like to see for leaders, with decision-making power, in governments, organizations and institutions that affect your country and even the entire planet?
  10. What qualities do you value in your boss or manager?
  11. If you are a manager, what qualities of an ideal boss and leader, do you embody?

For the rest of this set of deep questions, please rate from 1 to 10 the degree of value:

1= Lowest     3= Low      5= Medium     7= High     10= Highest

  1. How important is for you to keep your body in perfect health?
  2. How important is for you to take the best possible care of your body through healthy lifestyle in order to support optimum health?
  3. How important is for you to nourish your body with healthy foods? Are your food choice habits congruent with your values?
  4. How would you rate your present eating and food choice habits?
  5. How much do you value fitness and is your physical activity or workout regimen reflecting it?
  6. How would you rate your present fitness supporting habits?
  7. How important is for you that the activities of human beings to be in alignment of restoring and preserving clean environment for present and future generations?
  8. How would you rate your present lifestyle, products and food choices being in alignment of restoring and preserving health and harmony of mother earth and all nature?
  9. How much do you value spiritual growth and personal development?
  10. How would you rate your present focus and commitment to spiritual growth and personal development?
  11. How much do you value your connection with your soul and your higher-self?
  12. How would you rate the alignment of your goals in life with your values?

Deep Questions about Dreams in Life

Often time we get caught in the busyness of life and we forget to dream. Or we might think that daydreaming is just futile and a waste of time.

This is a misunderstanding because getting clear in our dreams is the first step in having our dreams come true. Getting clear about our dream life or ideal life is also the first step of the manifestation process.

Why to ask your partner deep personal questions about dreams?

When couples share their life dreams, they can work together to design a shared dream life that suits both parties vision of dream life. Then they can set goals and work in unison to journey toward having their dreams come true.

When couples get clear on each other dreams and design a vision of their shared dream life, their love relationship is strengthened.

Why to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend deep questions about dreams?

If you are considering the possibility of getting into a long-term relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend is a great idea to learn about each other dreams or ideal life. Then design a shared dream life that is inspiring and fulfilling for both of you.

Why is a good idea to ask your crush deep questions about personal dreams?

The sooner you get to know deep personal dreams and goals of your crush, the better it is.

The reason is that you will know how much do you have in common with your crush in these deep aspects. Therefore you will know whether or not your crush is a good long-term potential future romantic partner.

In addition your crush will be pleased that you care enough about him or her to ask such a personal deep questions.

Does this set of deep questions about dreams work as get to know me questions?

Absolutely, one of best gifts that you can give to yourself is to get clear in your dreams.

To do that you can use this set of deep questions about the vision of your ideal life as journaling prompts or get to know me questions.

Knowing our dreams is an important component of self-knowledge.

For a more detailed description of the process of self-questioning, go to: How to practice self-questioning? Examples of journaling prompts (get to know me questions)

Does this set of deep questions about dreams spark imagination?

Yes, the idea is to stretch our minds by exercising our imagination. The mindset for designing dreams is “Anything is possible”, no limits, no restrictions and no lack.

List of Deep Questions about Dreams or vision of ideal life

The following list of questions is to prompt the person you are asking these deep questions to describe as many scenes as she/he can conjure of her/his dream life movie.

Ask her/him to describe the feelings, the sounds and the smells. The person answering the questions can choose to close her/his eyes to facilitate the imagination of dream life process.

Encourage the person answering the questions to use imagination, to dream big with a mindset of anything is possible.

Ask the person to imagine being completely void of any lack of confidence or low self-esteem. Ask him or her to imagine being fearless.

  1. What is the movie of your ideal life looks like and feel like in the area of health and fitness?
  2. What sports or physical activities are you enjoying in your ideal life?
  3. How does your body looks like and feels like in your ideal life?
  4. What is the movie of your dream life looks like and feels like in the area of your romantic relationship?
  5. What are the different fun and uplifting activities that you sharing and enjoying with your romantic partner in your ideal life movie?
  6. What is the movie of your dream life looks like and feels like in the area of relationship with immediate family (spouse and children) and extended family? Describe different scenes of your ideal life movie interacting and sharing activities with your family.
  7. What is the movie of your ideal life looks like and feels like in the area of your career? What are you doing in your dream career and how do you feel?
  8. What is the movie of your dream life looks like and feels like in the area of money? What is your ideal life yearly income?
  9. What is the movie of your dream life house looks like and feels like? Do you live in an urban or rural area? What are the surroundings of your ideal house?
  10. What are you doing in terms of personal growth and/or spiritual growth in your ideal life and how does it feel?
  11. What is the movie of your dream life looks like and feels like in the area of contribution to others (community, society and the planet)?
  12. How does the movie of your dream life look like and feel like in the area of fun, travelling and recreation?

Deep questions about life. Hard questions that make you think

Who are these deep questions and hard questions about life for?

These deep questions are great to share with the important people in your life: spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, family members and friends.

Any of these questions by itself is a topic for deep meaningful conversations that opens the door for getting to know better the significant people in your life.

It must be mentioned, that these deep questions about life requires that the people involved in the conversation to be open-minded and non-judgmental.

It is important to allow and respect each other perspectives and beliefs about life.

There is no right or wrong answer, just allow, respect and be curious about the diversity and richness of different perspectives about life. Never try to impose your perspectives and beliefs on others.

Use these questions to strengthen your relationship in mutual understanding and acceptance of each other beliefs.

Unless your intuition guides you to the contrary, these deep questions about life are probably not advisable to ask your crush or someone you just met.

Do these deep questions about life work as get to know me questions?

Yes, these deep and hard questions about life work very well as get to know me questions. These questions make you think, they make you feel and bring out the wisdom within yourself.

You might be surprised of your own answers when you allow the answers to come out from the depths of your heart.

As get to know me questions, it is best to write down the questions and answers in a notebook or personal journal. It is a great practice of self-questioning, self-reflection and self-awareness.

List of 21 Deep Questions about Life. Included some Hard Questions that make you think

  1. In your belief, what is the purpose of life?
  2. What are your perspectives on having a personal purpose in life?
  3. What are your most happy memories of your childhood?
  4. What are your most happy memories of your adult life so far?
  5. What activities do you love doing?
  6. What did you love doing when you were a child?
  7. Can you share with me of what moves you emotionally? What stir up your heart? How often are you moved to tears?
  8. What life experiences you have lived through that have made you wiser or stronger or more compassionate or provided you with some life lessons?
  9. Do you have any regrets about things done or not done? Have you forgiven yourself for all perceived “mistakes” of the past?
  10. Who are the top 5 people that you most admire from the present or past and why?
  11. What are the qualities or personality traits that you admire about them?
  12. Do you embody any of the qualities that you admire on others?
  13. What are your fundamental beliefs in regards of a higher power or higher intelligence or Source or God?
  14. To what extent do you think your culture, country and family of origin influenced your beliefs about Source or God?
  15. Who are the most influential people in your life that have contributed to your perspectives and beliefs?
  16. What are your beliefs about the human potential?
  17. What are your beliefs about after life?
  18. In your view what changes in humanity would bring great benefits for the planet and for present and future generations?
  19. In your view how you are contributing or could be contributing to the changes that would benefit the planet and humanity?
  20. What legacy do you want to leave in this life? How would you like to be remembered?
  21. If you were told that you have only 3 months to live, what would you do to make the most out of the 3 months?

Imagination is more important than Knowledge Albert Einstein

Deep questions and weird questions to spark imagination and have you playing questions game

What are the benefits of answering these weird questions?

You might think these questions are too weird and outlandish and too far off of our reality. You probably right; however these questions are beneficial because they spark imagination. At the same time they are fun to use as questions game.

As children we have great imagination. However as we grew up, our imaginations were shut down because as society we believe that we need to focus on the “real” world.

On the other hand, we know that imagination is the source of innovation and creativity. Imagination is the tool of genius people.

To harness the power of imagination we need to get into the mindset of “Anything is possible”, no limits and no restrictions of any kind.

This set of deep and weird questions is beneficial because they help us to exercise the muscle of our imagination and tap into some of its treasures. The other benefit of these weird questions is that creates rapport among the people that share the wonders of their imagination. In other words, it helps to improve relationships.

Who can we ask these deep and weird questions?

You can use these deep and weird questions with your boyfriend, your girlfriend, spouse, your children, family members and friends. The only requirement is to be willing to put aside the “real world” and use imagination. In other words, be willing to fantasize

These set of weird questions are ideal to use as game questions for multiple players. Weird questions that spark imagination are fun and work very well as game questions.

How to use these weird questions as game questions?

To use these weird questions for a game, do the following:

  1. All players need paper and pen to make notes
  2. Minimum # of players is 3 and maximum about 6 players
  3. Have small strips of paper to write names on
  4. Choose a weird question and read out loud the question. Let us assume you start with question # 1.
  5. Have one of the players answer the question with as much detail as possible. Since the answer is from the imagination, it is best for the player answering the question to close his/her eyes. It is also recommended that the players listening close their eyes and do their best to create in their eyes mind a movie based on the narration.
  6. After a player finishes answering the weird question, everybody open their eyes and make notes of the experience.
  7. All players take turns to answer the same question while the others listen and do their best to create pictures or a movie from the narration.
  8. Once all players have answered question # 1, then everybody take out a strip of paper and write the name of the person they vote for as the best answer or favorite answer. Note: Don’t vote for yourself
  9. Each player folds the strip of paper with the name of the person they are voting for and all votes are collected.
  10. Choose a second question and repeat the process. The team of players might or might not decide to do all the questions. It is flexible; you decide which weird questions and how many weird questions you include in one game.
  11. Open up the folded strips of paper and check which player received the largest number of votes. Then you have a winner!

Some suggestions on what to take into account when choosing your favorite answer are:

  • Which answer was the most creative and imaginative?
  • Which answer gave the most vivid description?
  • Which answer described feelings and sensations?
  • Which answer was the closest to make you feel that you are watching a fantasy or fiction movie?

List of deep and weird questions to spark imagination and create a questions game

  1. If you would have a genie that would grant you 3 desires, what would you ask and why? There are no limits on what you can ask except for respecting and being in harmony with the free will of others.
  2. If you were given unlimited resources and money (hundredths of billions of dollars), what would you do with the money? What type of world would you create for yourself, your family and the planet?
  3. If you knew that anything is possible, that you are always safe and there is no failure, what changes would you make in your life?
  4. If you knew that anything is possible and that you have the power to change the world, what changes would you make that you would like to see for the good of humanity, both present and future generations?
  5. Which animal or plant would you choose to be for a few hours if you could transmute your body and then return to your human body and why? How would you feel? What would you do?
  6. If you could time travel back in history and then come back, which era or eras of the history would you choose to experience and why?
  7. If you could time travel back in history and choose to be any historic figure, who would you choose to be and why?
  8. If an infinite number of parallel realities exist simultaneously and you could quantum jump to an ideal world, what would you experience in that ideal parallel reality? How does the ideal world look like and feels like?
  9. If you could create a new planet and a new human race, what would you create? What type of creatures, animals and plants would you create? Would human beings look different or behave differently? Would human beings communicate differently? How would the cities look like? How much technology would you add? What type of educational system would you create? Describe in as much detail as you want.
  10. If you could tele-transport yourself to anywhere on this planet and the entire Universe, what would you explore? What would you see? What would you feel?

Closing paragraphs- Deep questions 

Asking deep questions about values and dreams to yourself and the significant people in your life is a great way to deepen your relationships. Deep questions will strengthen connection, increase emotional intimacy and improve your relationships.

Asking hard questions about life to yourself and other people you care about will deepen your relationships. In addition, it will expand perspectives about life for everybody involved in these conversations based on any of these deep and hard questions.

Playing questions game with the weird questions will spark imagination, increase creativity, build relationship rapport and increase the skill of visioneering while having fun.

All the questions from this article work very well as questions to ask others as well as get to know me questions to increase self-awareness. For additional “get to know me questions” go to:

Let me end this article by encouraging you to:

  • Ask deep questions
  • Deepen your relationship and emotional intimacy with yourself and loved ones
  • Become Fearless
  • Love yourself and others more deeply
  • Live enthusiastically
  • Love without fear
  • Imagine a better world for the entire planet

Additional resources

If you like to learn how to reach greater depths of intimacy with yourself, your romantic partner and all your significant relationships you might like to check out the description of a course titled Reaching Greater Depths of Intimacy. It is an extensive course covering subjects such as  soul to soul connections, physical intimacy in relationship, healing traumatic events, manifesting the right partner and much more.

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